It’s that day of …


to everyone out there
But someone
just tell me
how in the world…
the representative of
Valentine Day
*you know the day of romance*
can get us feeling the love
with images like this?
A chubby toddler with a bow and arrow
have been seared into our heads
to represent the
romantic, loving annual
February 14
for as long as I can remember!
An ohhh boy are flower shops
Hallmark having a hayday
ever since!
I’ve read the most hysterical
postings on facebook and twitter
to announce the coming
Valentines’ Day last week, this week
and last night
Some just too naughty to put here
one that stands out:
“Feb 14, final day to take DOWN those Christmas arrangements”!!!
~ ~ ~
The flower shops will be hopping,
those florists will have bandaids on all their poor dry and scraped hands from cleaning the thorns of the roses, having picked the pedals from the outside “packing pedals”
now the flowers will begin their delivery routes…
Everyone, I mean everyone wants those flowers delivered to where they work; they want the love to be seen by all!
Ah, I smell the love in the air,
don’t YOU?
Tonight the restaraunt scene will be awash with folks dressed to the nines
and couples will treat each other with that lovin feelin…
Love is in the air,
it warms my heart to visualize it.
I just want it to last….
maybe if we just sent that “toddler with the arrow and bow” out everyday…
if we held on to the feeling and the look of love that might be exchanged through the treatment and looks that will be exchanged or witnessed by others today;
the words that will be spoken,
the memories that will be evoked
If we send each other flowers everyday,
then they wouldn’t cost so much for this one day in time!
Oh but take a look at some of the flower shop websites at their most remarkable flower arrangements;
the colors, the brilliance.
Buy YOURSELF some flowers
once a week,
once a month,
Happy Valentine Day
dear hearts
Take best care of YOU,
of your heart…
Delivered “blogstyle”
From ancient times
right here right now;
I’m holding you in the light
of great sights, great smells
huge hugs.
Pop the cork on a spectacular day

Smell and enjoy



Walk in Beauty,

5 comments on “It’s that day of …

  1. You are so right, who thought up the chubby cupid as a symbol of love? Maybe someone that had shared one to may glasses of wine… LOLSo for today, May everyone have someone to love, someone that loves them unconditionally, and have known that special love. For those who have not. Give love freely and it will come back to you.Sign me, Feelin the LOVE.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. The smell of the roses flows off the page. Hope your day is super special. 😉

  3. Happy Hearts Day to everyone.Me and my party for ONE will carry on this day, remembering the past V-days with loves gone by, heart broken, Dad's Heart by-pass on V-day in 1996 and the death of my Uncle Vinnie in my arms waiting for 911 to arrive too late in 1986Yes, Dr. Sherry, let's buy flowers, eat chocolate, drink the bubbly and feel the love.HEARTS AFIRE…….. stayin' FIRM

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