Many May Get UPSET…

Just musings today
Many will get upset I’m sure on my thoughts of this day;
but as I read and listen
the reactions and feelings are across the board on the latest tragedy
the death
Whitney Houston.
Another gone too soon.
Some reacted that they were shocked
by her death;
from the stars in celebrity-land
to those regular folks like you and I.
I was rather shocked that anyone would be shocked;
after all, Whitney had gone from the great singing star to one falling from fame; with addictions
and one who had lost the purity of her magical pipes that astounded us
and had found the destruction of booze and prescription drugs
and failed Bobby relations
that she openly talked about on television and admitted that “he was my drug”.
A tragedy unfolded on television and in concerts.
He was reported to cry on the stage of his concert; to talk of his great love upon hearing of her death;
yet he was the one to introduce her to the world of devastation and mistreatment years ago; to feed her, to encourage her prescription drugs, crack, coke, and to mistreat her so badly.
He now has the audacity to elicit sympathy?
Interesting how people work isn’t it?
Am I sad that another has gone too soon?
You bet I am.
The #1 public health concern
Prescription Pills and what it is doing
to those in our country.
From teens who party with them
to adults who take them to self medicate
to treat pain that is physical
that is emotion and spiritual
to soldiers coming home after seeing and doing things that no one should ever have to see or do protecting us so that we are FREE
believe me
when I tell you still some
first responders to 9/11
can still see, taste, smell
the events after the terror on our soils
feel the arms and bodies of those in the military, the FBI, police, fire dept that they worked with and the families during those days
who just needed to keep on keeping on
who ultimately found their sanity through self medication.
People don’t intend to die from these drugs;
they have false belief systems that tell them after all if a doctor prescribes them; if the FDA rules them as safe;
surely I won’t die… that kind of thing happens to other people.
People can be having the time of their lives;
at a party, or taking a bath, or in their beds
and their bodies just forget to breathe or just surrender to
the combination of drugs
or alcohol
finally reaching a blood level
just shutting down
as a combination
that is incompatable with life itself.
Whitney could no longer sustain the tortures of what she had put in her body; of what others had put in her head and heart; her body just could not tolerate another breath.
Yes it is profoundly sad.
And it happens every day across the country;
and my heart aches
for those who die this way
those who are left behind to try to grasp the harsh reality and mourn the loss.
now we are hearing all about
more than that,
 folks are now saying how sick and tired they are of hearing about
and other
who die as a result of drugs, as a result of lavish lifestyles,
and who are talked about for days, for months
who then get the flowers, the rave accolades of fans, of their peers.
She is now in her home state;
We now here about the church where she sang and she worshipped and the reports once again are conflicting from
the upcoming memorial that will be held in New Jersey as it now gets compared in scale to what was done
Michael Jackson
and the folks that will turn out to remember Whitney to a PRIVATE service in the church.
YOU can bet that will inflame many
if it is not public
but held in a church rather than a big and open to celebrities for the world to view
event of grief shared.
New Jersey will remember one of their own;
and surely those who had turned their backs on Whitney Houston will be there to see and be seen and sing her praises.
It seems that is just how folks are.
I’m hearing of anger, of “why aren’t our soldiers being held UP in high esteem, why aren’t people crying about them as much as a celebrity,
why aren’t the people I love being talked about,
why is it that musicians get all the glory, all the talk and all the tears and flowers!!!”?
I listened to the young woman Kelly Price, who performed with Whitney on the last night of her life; who was nominated for Grammy’s herself
as a young Kelly talked about all that performers give of themselves and expose of themselves on the stage; and their pressures, their presence, their selfless giving.
Kelly spoke about how difficult their lives are, how they are on the road giving all that love out so freely, and the difficulty of their life and their “calling”.
I know she spoke from a place of “grief/shock/trauma”;
having just lost her hero, a woman of stature  with golden pipes particularly when she was the Whitney Houston the world had danced to; had cried to, had loved so.
make no mistake about it;
performers perform because they love what they do and they go where the biggest venues will have them, most not hanging around to thank or autograph for the fans who love them!
They are paid richly for their voices; they reap tremendous benefit from the entertainment they provide; in monetary gain, in adoration of their fans, in filling up concert halls, in record/CD sales…
They all do not “give their souls”, that is rather clear when you see how quickly they exit the stage … rather they “perform” because that is what a real performer does!
It is a rare and “real deal” performer who comes back for the encore, who stays to “touch and be with their fans”, who signs autographs and allows photographs, and who is “real”.
Oh yes, the drain of being on the road is difficult, but that is the chosen profession of celebrities, of singers, of speakers, of those who go on the road…
and it is a “cost/benefit”
type of profession
most LOVE the profession and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
But a “calling”?
I’m not so sure of that.
With “swagga” comes responsiblity
whether one likes to own that or not.
Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Waylon Jennings, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Porky N Bess, Janis Joplin, Tammi Terrell, Patsi Cline, Berry Oakley, James Brown, Duane Allman, Otis Redding, Gram Parsons, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Hank Williams, Jim Croce, Minnie Ripperton, Luther Vandeross,
and countless others
were greats and we still love to listen to all they gave to
to each of us as individuals
and to the world.
Take your bow now
Whitney … you now join with so many all gone to soon, by tragedy, by irresponsible choices, by accidents, by age, by Cancer…
We should
remember her friends
and play her music
now that her music is topping the charts once again in death
as it has not done in years.
But we have yet to hear
all that is to come
about a 48 year old
who filled us with the music;
And many are not liking it a bit,
that it is being talked about;
now that she has joined so many
in the choir in the next place.
Soar on with the angels Whitney Houston,
I bet the heavens are having one fantastic gathering and jam fest there
joined by regular folk who can strum/drum and blow
along with sing some songs like we have never ever heard here on earth.


We seem to forget
Although many are angry that celebrities get so many days, months of “press”
and of mention
of posts on social media sites
with links to their music
It is “their music”
that fills so many of us
it is “their music, their “swag”,
their very own way with words, with chords, with those octaves”
that hit us where we live
in times in our lives that we need and want something more,
something that soothes our souls
takes us to our knees at other times like nothing else can or ever will.
Music is a Universal heart beat of the soul, of the central nervous system, of the heart.
And it is those very people who can turn out a song, a melody
and make us feel as though it is being sung to just us;
whether in times of sheer bliss
times of profound heartache or angst there is a song that will fill us up and speak right to our hearts.
So now while folks are raising hell that once again a celebrity is getting air space, T.V. time,
social media a twitter and a flitter,
while our soldiers are not;
while their own loved ones are not getting what they feel should be the accolades of millions;
while starving children are not being cried over,
yet a celebrity is;
let’s not lose sight of
what is real
what is in view,
what is listened to …
I believe the view and the sound
is in the
From the worn instruments,
the flash of the lights
from the stages across the lands
right into our heart space
Music has soothed the soul
has allowed us to embrace each other,
has soothed our babies,
our grown selves,
our Elders,
has played Taps at the graves
has held us in grief
has allowed us to stand together
joined us in JOY
will always
be the heart that beats
as a drum
And with the music
we dance
in the rain, lose our fear of the thunder and lightning of lifes’ storms and celebrate the Creator/God/dess with each note.
Music and those who fill us UP,
have taken us places that sometimes words just cannot explain or go;
I’d rather give you a song than diamonds or gold
for it speaks a language that can be understood when nothing else can;
it often can teach
and we often will
learn and “re-learn”
celebrate life
with the music, the voices;
we stand alone,
we gather
we remember
go to concerts
and listen
scream like there is no tomorrow
knowing that whoever it is
up there on that stage;
they are singing that song
that song,

video by

many are not what they appear, many act out their love on stages, many will be talked about, will be fallen stars, will get wrapped up, jacked up and fall for things they should not…
And some we will adore,
some we will not like
then there will be those that we
we will grieve as though we have lost a family member when they die.
Music will and has always been
a connect that is universal and strong and speaks to the hearts, mind and spirit.
So, that is why
when one dies, you will hear about it for months, it will be across the news; dirt will be thrown and crap will grow old quickly
you will wonder:
“why isn’t my loved one being talked about”
“why isn’t anyone placing flowers in my front yard cos’ my pain is just as real as any celebrity and my loved one is just as important”.

you will be right,
YOU are just as important, and you need to talk about YOU and your loved ones, and get out there and turn up the volume on some music and get you some flowers
to enjoy.
it will allow you to live longer (research has proved that)
Get flowers for you and those you love while you are living, you will enjoy them more alive than when you die!

and finally,
I do believe that Patti Labelle is indeed the finest and the best there has ever been with pipes that can travel 5 octaves in a heart beat; she has been shunned and snubbed at those Grammy’s… and is a class act.
But Patti or any other of the class and stylish from country to rap
are “performers”… high paid tickets that we pay to hear/see and enjoy…
Yes, travel on the road can be rough, can be demanding, and can be times away from loved ones and the comforts of home.
it appears at 78 years old, ole’ Willie Nelson is still kickin it after all these years, still has pipes and a wicked guitar and is having a blast…
yes>>> it can be a rough road,
and rocky travel,
but oh my the rewards
of doin’ what you love
and reaping the rewards in record sales, in red carpet walks
and in the life
appear to pay off large for the many who are talented and gifted and adored by millions appear to work for many of the greats out there.

And with that said, and this is a lot said…
Enjoy the music, the life you live and
smell the roses
while being cautious of the thorns.
speaking of:

Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches


8 comments on “Many May Get UPSET…

  1. helloooooo.Thank you for an insightful and meaningful perspective today..once again, keeping it real and honest. I do believe that the family and loved ones who are grieving Whitney's death are entitled to respect and privacy, regardless of her fame.I agree that the value of music, whatever genre, is priceless. I cannot begin to imagine what a lonely, dark world we would have without music… definitely the international language.. May we all hear the sweet songs ofangel's to soothe us…Blessings to everyone, thanks for being here..off to dreamland, hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  2. I Nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Go to my page to see what to do. Congratulations. I love your blog. You always keep it real and I love that about it.

  3. She had a gift and spent her last years killing herself. So sad that people make stupid choices. So glad that the music they made will live on. People all become saints when they die, even at their own hands. I for one am over all the stars that drug and drink themselves into oblivion. It is indeed about choices.thanks doc for keepin it real.

  4. Dr. Ses, I cant believe the blog today. I have been stewing about the same thing and I could have written this blog but not as good as you have. I have had several discussions with friends about this lowering the flag. What is that governor thinking? I am really mad about this deal of the flag. Where are flags lowered for all of our soldiers, what a disgrace, they are giving their lives for our Country. Yes I loved Whitney but she was a drug, alcohol abuser most of her life. She did this to her self with the help of Bobby Brown and her friends. Dont blame it all on Bobby Brown, I dont like him but this is something she did herself. Her friends on National TV saying she was not high and she sang good in that club. What liars they were, anyone could see she was out in space, look at her face, hair and clothes. They were probably all hanger ons and did not help her because their good times would be cut off. Diane Sawyer ask her who was her worst enemy, she said I am. I chose to do what I do. Was she thinking about her daughter, no, only when she took her out partying. I could go on and on but enough from me and the media. I am so glad you wrote this because I am really p—ed off about the Governor. I wish we could protest and let him know our feelings. I will tell you one thing he better not ever run for president I for one will never even vote him in as a dog catcher. GOD BLESS THE USA AND GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

  5. This reader/commenter is NOT upset, but am a big fan of Whitney.Flags at half staff: sorry folks, that is just inappropriate. Honor her, remember her, pray for her, play her music, but let those flags alone. Her talent is being pushed in the dark with all the talk about her lifestyle, habits and abuse. My heart breaks for the daughter, who seems to be on the same road. Have a "nice" day, gotta run to stay FIRM !

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