Sittin In The Middle of the Week

Sittin in the middle of the
and wishing you
“wicked cool Wednesday”
The emails came in yesterday from many who responded and felt deeply on the thoughts written on yesterday’s blog…
Yes seems I was on a roll
thanks for all the mail,
I enjoy hearing for you here and there and everywhere!
And yes,
amid the outrage
that republican mayor up in NJ
 Gov. Chris Christie has strongly defended his decision to have flags flown at half-staff Saturday for Whitney Houston!
So there ya go,
the man is standing his ground and saying the flag will be lowered to honor on of New Jersey’s own, her contributions and cultural, musical influence and the impact she gave and that she never forgot where she came from.
I was thinking about those words today;
about the impact of music
the beauty of each note
the power behind each word
what we each do in our lives
with hopes with dreams
with each foot print we leave.
that ole’ reality crept in…
Speaking all over the place
Compassion Fatigue to those who bear witness to stories that are hard to imagine in a regular day;
hearing that they are weary,
that organizations don’t care the way they used to…
I then hear that
Compassion Fatigue is not as
“sought after”
as it once was
I become amazed.
For those doing the work say how they have waited for conferences
to address this very subject.
And I have to wonder.
Why isn’t the message getting out
to workers, to hospitals and hospices
that they have to take care of those doing such hard work;
that conferences and seminars addressing
Compassion Fatigue
are worthy of attendence for those doing the work that involves their brain, their bodies, their nervous systems
as they deal with human conditions, human sorrow and stories that would make you stay awake at night as you absorb them into your own meaning systems along with your own home?
Many of these professionals
take those traumas, those stories into their very souls
not one story
many … day in and day out
and become weary
become drained.
Who cares for the caregivers?
Compassion Fatigue is flourishing in our country
as the best
find no where to share their stories,
no energy for their own lives,
give their best to those they are paid to provide best care to.
So as I sit in the middle of the week;
I am working on the program that involves a keynote I am going to present to a healthcare organization
hopefully to restore
to those fine folks
that may be providing
YOUR care
And I can’t help but wonder,
when are organizations
going to take a moment to realize
the cost/benefit
of sending employees to seminars
to have retreats
and host conferences
surely outweigh
having professionals who are weary
walk wounded as a result of
caring deeply
And at times I join everyone
in thinking
“there’s gotta be something more”
Today is one of those days!
I’m ready for a little more “bliss”
 video by
Sugarland “something more”
At times I’m thinkin we all can relate to the words here…
we sure can appreciate when we feel that those we work for
would have our backs
would “stand by me/us”
So for today
my thoughts are short and
“keeping it real”
to let you know
that those out there doin the work
are listening and doing
not just one, but so many
they take it into their hearts, nervous systems,
see more than most will ever dream of…
need to stand up
and find ways to restore them
through education/conferences
that are focuses on restoring their passion and buoyancy!
Wishing you a day
zip in your dooo dah!
“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”  Dr. Seuss
Walk In Beauty,
yes, I know you know… (LOL)
author of
Healing Heartaches
“thanks for following”

21 comments on “Sittin In The Middle of the Week

  1. Well, I agree with what you wrote, but not with all of it. Regardless, it’s all good material. Thanks!

  2. Osh Kosh, oh how lovely to see you here! I will be speaking in tulsa OK on the 14th of March, arrving there on the 13th… Speaking to mental health and healthcare professionals on Compasson Fatigue…it is flourishing in our country and many will tell you they are weary after working so hard for so many giving their all, and their best…thank you for asking dearheart..Fill yourself up with Ms Patti, and sing… it's good for your heart and your soul…Hugs on the winds

  3. Can you publish your speaking engagements on here? (As in when coming to Oklahoma)???

  4. You are excellent therapy. From osh kosh

  5. hellooooo,I'm glad I am not the only one who has lost rack of what day it is..maybe you were just checking us out Doc to see who was REALLY paying attention… hmmm..Love FIRM, the early bird does get the worm… I have often wondered about compassion fatigue from the viewpoint of the "patient"..I have asked myself, do they truly care ? are they going through the motions ? .. I think there is a great need to care for those who provide the care.. I know how good it feels to vent feelings, share theburdens and you lighten the load..we all need " group therapy " once in a while. Today's blog set forth some serious food for thought for all the bigwigs behind the desks..( by the way, they would be well advised to attend your seminar ) , just saying.We all need someone to lean on.Wishing all a wonderful evening,rest up for Friday ! TGIF . ( I think ?? )hugging my angels, thanks for beinghere… ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  6. Hello anonymous and I'm so honored that you are here! I would love to return to wherever I was… and I will tell you, let your organizations know to get in touch with me… for it would be a great honor to come and keynote at the next conference or retreat! Blessings to you and yours, and remember "it is your mission to relax"!!! Be Well dearone

  7. Hi Dr. Showalter,I have had the privilege of hearing you speak. What a joy, and how we enjoyed you wisdom and guidance. It was the best seminar our group has ever attended. I hope you will return soon. No matter what topic, we will sign up. You are amazing! Thank you for your words on the Blog. I look forward to reading everyday.

  8. Hello Fluff/Sandy,thank you for being here, for your words and your work at Detroit Healthcare… I'd be honored to keynote there sometime… Be well!

  9. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words today. Sure been some busy days lately and I know that Compassion Fatigue is needed oh so much for so many who care for those in these tough times in tough situations. Sure would like to see you speak to the many here where I work and those that are the decision makers would see the need. It does get pretty difficult at times. Holding those up in prayer who are often mentioned here. I hope things are looking better.Wishing each of you a very happy and peaceful day and enjoying the Blessings given to us this fine day. Take care friends /Sandy♥

  10. WEll Cob/Mom/Dotsure had a time of it today didn't she???glad you are back and posting on here yep sho am!!!So happy to see everyone here, keep your thoughts comin, I do love to read them as does the world, we are now being read across the globe!Keepin it real seems to be what folks love… I am honored!

  11. I did not do that 3 times???//

  12. So sorry cant get used to this new thingy of posting blogs. I was going to sign my name as you know yours. ha

  13. So sorry cant get used to this new thingy of posting blogs. I was going to sign my name as you know yours. ha

  14. So sorry cant get used to this new thingy of posting blogs. I was going to sign my name as you know yours. ha

  15. Lets hear it for Irene, Eyescream, you scream we all scream. Gov. wake up and smell the roses. Lets get his phone number and let him know how we feel. Yes, we all loved Whitney, let her be in peace, she was not in peace here on earth and like she said she was doing what she wanted to do. Lets stand up for our Soldier and their families and let the good old Gov. know how we feel. I bet Irene could get his phone number. Sugarland sure was what we needed on a cold, rainy day here in SW. Va. You go girl. I hear so many people who are upset with their jobs that could use your Compassion Fatigue but would be afraid to mention it to their employees. So sad, there is no guarantee and benefeits in job security anymore. We must remember to vote and vote for the one who will help us in this time of need. Politicians are promising stuff they will never give to us poor people. Most of them are crooks, will I get sued for that?? Blame it on typing error. ha. Happy Day in Fl. and to all. God Bless USA.

  16. Thanks for your comment here this morning …. and yes, even the professionals are angry, hurt and exhausted… be well!

  17. Really? IT is thursday???? Oh my, I lost a day?Well there ya go..Once again, noted, corrected and wouldn't ya just know it… FIRM checked me.hahaand that's all you have to say about the last two days of all this print? LOLBe well and scream on EYESCREAM from I might add >>> NEW JERSEY<<<haha

  18. Yo ! Last time I looked, it wasTHURSDAY….. good blog this morning, doc. It's okay not to be specific on what day it is. The message and your words are what count. Yeah, who cares for the caregiver, who has compassion for the fatigued ? Good point.Gov. Chris Christie made his decision and that's his FINAL ANSWER, damn it…… Flags loweredHave a great day, keep smiling.Eyescream, here…………

  19. and people wonder why there is so much anger coming from people working…if the companies won’t take care of their own and people feel hung out on a limb, then despair sets in. Great words as always doc. As always.,..you keep is real.

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