Fog, Flags and Friday

Friday lookin across the table with coffee,
the view is lovely and the coffee
it’s good too!
Fog, some spanish moss hanging from the trees make for a fine start to a
Yes, I’m pretty sure unless I hear otherwise from our “FIRM/Eyescream”
here on this page
that I am right
Did this week
do a “fly-by” for you?
Seems it went by quicker than I could post my LONGER than long post here on this page to me!
It’s been a week indeed;
one of high energy,
high and intense emotions
played out across
social media,
in hearts
on television
it is NOT over.
It’s been a week of
great sorrow for so many
including a kid of fame
who has and will be walking into millions and others will grab onto her like a blue crab in summer;
who will now have to pray someone of great strength will lead her, will comfort her
will really walk along side her.
We all can only hope for one like that in our lives
“keep it real”
which is sometimes painful as well as life saving
life laughing through tears.
We’ve also seen a week
soldiers dying
been reminded of those who come home with little or no parade
who lay it down every day and night to keep us free;
I remember how well
and when
Whitney Houston sang our
National Anthem
all she gave to that song
as she touched millions
with her heartfelt rendition.
I bet she brought soldiers
to their feet and hollering
that saw that performance
many stood and placed their hands
over their hearts
back then.
We love our Nation,
video by
all it represents
God Bless the United States
We have also heard of great outrage
this week
up there in
the state of New Jersey
as the flags are now at
and many are just not happy a bit
with the republican Governor
and “executive order of lowering the flag” and his decision.
I was thinking
if he wanted to lower a flag
for New Jersey’s own
to honor
a great songstress
he would have probably done
better to lower
state flag in her honor
and memory as we mourn
her sudden death.
To lower the flag of the United States
The flag is to be flown at half staff in mourning for designated, principal government leaders and upon presidential or gubernatorial order.”
It has been done as a symbol or respect, of mourning or distress for centuries in many countries.
“On occasion discretion can dictate the flying of the national flag at half-mast, not only on the Peace Tower, but on all federal facilities. Some examples include September 11, 2001, September 11, 2002, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Mayerthorpe Incident, the death of Pope John Paul II, the 2005 London bombings, the death of Ernest Smith, the state funerals of former U.S. presidentsRonald Reagan and Gerald Ford, and the death of Jack Layton
Wickopedia source
the flag has been lowered
that bell is rung
the verdict is in…
Many are not likely to forget
the Governor of New Jersey for a long time
I’m guessing
that many of Whitney Houston’s family
have not looked up or even noticed
But the T.V’s and internet were a buzz
I was just tickled to see that
Whoopi jumped up and had her a
thing or two to say
to those jumpin in with their assumptions
with their boosts of ratings attempts
on the death of Whitney…
I have loved Whoopi for ages
what I love the most
is her brilliance and her humor.
I get Whoopi,
she is “real”
but yet can be respectful
Whoopi set folks straight
let them know they need to just
with the madness and let the facts be the facts when the autopsy is complete!

video by


“keepin it real”
And to think Dr Drew wants an apology from Whoopi!
Good luck with that,
wonder where I apply to get Dr Drew’s job?
Humor friends,
you have to hold tight to humor
in stressful times,
in times of sorrow
or angst.
When you find your nerves getting a bit raw,
your anger about to flare,
your feelings a bit hurt
someone hitting that button of yours just to get a reaction…
Step back
take a breath
and notice your body.
It’s talking to you
Stand behind the person
and look over their shoulder to get a better view of what and where they are coming from
and then walk back to the front of them,
look them in the eye
remember the good in them
ask yourself really quickly
“will this matter in a day, in six months”
then start over
get your laughter on
re-set your conversaton
your thoughts
into ones that are the right ones
the feelings that make you
feel better.
When we can no longer change a situation, we are then challenged to change ourselves, and our thoughts to ones that are more like a fog that has cleared TO OFFER THE SUN.
fly your flag
Honor our Men, Women and service animals
who fight for our
as we approach
Presidents day
let the small stuff drift away
like the dust that gathers on tables
(it’s not hurting the table)
video by
Speaking of
Presidents’ sales
and Presidents’ Day;
and people being rather comical in what gets them “jacked up”…
Sandy came over last night with a new “pet peeve”…
I of course had to tell her
“uh, well , er, I haven’t noticed”…
as she went on her rant of commercials and the disrespect shown now on commercials and across our lands to our
United States Presidents being shown on commercials.
As I listented and grinned and laughed (clueless I might add)
she went on …
Seems that our
US Presidents
are now being shown in outlandish get-ups on the big screen
Ole’ Abe, George Washington
“dancing” and otherwise being shown doing all sorts of things
as the pitch is made
Presidents Day.
Now that I think about it;
I’ve seen on social media sites
our Presidents and their faces
being used in less than respectful ways; on jokes/cards
it does beg the question:
“where is the respect”?
Is there a trend here??
We see the folks on the side of the road dressed as the statue of Liberty now “hawking” tax services,
the very symbol of liberty,
now being used by companies to stuff people into
and stand on the street making fools of themselves
now I hear that ole’ George Washington is being
to “entice shoppers”
on a day to honor Presidents’ day?
I will admit
although I laughed myself silly
it does have a
“disrespect ring to it”
I’ve never seen
Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Kennedy,
used in such manners… so I’m wondering
why are we using our forefathers in such ways?
The government did bastardize Geronimo
in the use of his name not so long ago if memory serves me and associate with the worst terrorist of all time…
Some things truly do not make sense do they?
video by
Wonder if the forefathers
are loving being remembered
so respectfully?
So there ya go
another Friday
to get it and keep it
Saturday at 10 many will gather
Ruth Eckerd Hall here in Clearwater Florida
to remember
a Hospice Pioneer
pay their
Mary Laybak
It will be a morning of
painful loveliness
as they gather
to celebrate and mourn
a visionary, a “grand dame”,
an “old broad of the hospice world”
now one who is
“tripping the lights of heaven fantistically”
Dance on old friend
video by
Blessings on the gentle breezes
to all who enter here!
Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches
 check out the new blog page
and subscribe to it!
Cant’ wait to hear how you like it,
our warrior here is working like mad
to design and and doing a remarkable job on it!!!

7 comments on “Fog, Flags and Friday

  1. Hello tonight, home at last with the 2 boys no where near going to bed. Red Lobster???, what do you think 2, 10yr. olds order at Red Lobster. Kam #1 said I would like sweet ice tea and I also want a appetizer(like my Godmother) always orders. Wings of course. JW #1 starts out with a dr. pepper and will share wings. Of course some of that good old bread they serve. Me, I drink water. Now for the main course. #1 decides he wants crab legs, I reminded him that I did not crack them. He also wanted a salad with tom. lett. and ranch dressing on the side. #2 decided he would have Lobster tail and french fries. Me, I thought well think I will do that Lobster tail and a salad, baked tater. UUm good. Fun and laughter of two boys who truly like each other and laugh together, one trying to out do the other. Then it starts do you think we could just go over and see what is on at the movie? I said we can go look but I dont think we can go. Well that changed very fast, the scariest 3D movie I have ever seen. Ghost Rider 2, oh my what fun??? In the middle of the worst part they had to go get candy. Finally made it home and now the IPOD is going and probably OCarley. One of the best evenings I have had in a long time. What great kids and someday we will read about both of them. Blessings to all and may Whitney rest in peace. Lets all leave her alone. The Gov. has had his 15min. of fame, what a shame he is to our service men and women. God Bless the USA

  2. Glad Friday is soon to be gone and Sat quick to follow. Long weeks this month. Be well friends. Much to consider. Keepin ti real for sure. Thank You Doc.

  3. Well well WELL… (laughing till my sides ache here) hello FIRM/EYESCREAM and today Irene … we've fired her up… and we get to hear of her out and about jaunts to do for others… Now aren't you just the "bees knees" with your baddddd self!!! Bravo! and how I just laughed and laughed hearing it all, bet those seniors get a kick out of you, and give you some goodies and a HUG ROUND THE NECK…And if I remember correctly my dear one… it was YOU who said that there Governor should leave our flag alone up there in NJ.. still thinkin if he wants to lower a flag, should be the state's flag… Now you have gotten my attention today my screamin FIRM ONE, as you do each day…. and I have been blessed by your journey and honored to walk the path with you I might just add!@ Sandy, trauma at one of the finest who specialize in trauma today huh? I actually am wearing my DETROIT shirt today… Love Detroit I do, and had a lovely welcome back to Michigan, I hold you all UP always… Hope to get back to you soon, and so glad to hear the 4leggeds are getting loving homes out there thanks to the dedication of you and those you enjoy so … Blessings on the wind to all who gather here…I've heard that COB/DOT/MOM is entertaining a couple of 10 year olds tonight!!! Bet there will be one good time in VA with popcorn flying and pillow fights galore!hahaWelcome osh kosh happy to see another Ms Patti Labelle lover here…Be Well friends happy FRIDAY TO ALL

  4. Wow, lots to think about and lots of things happening this week and emoitions run high for so many. So glad the week if over and it is for sure enough FRIDAY Dr. Sherry!☺ Had to help with a trauma course at work this morning and can't believe my day is almost over here. Started early at 6:00 and I am sleepy now. Going to run home, change clothes and right back out the door to the shelter for the evening adoptions. That is the happy part of my week those 4 days I am there every week. We are already planning 3 adoptions tonight and one is a dog that has been with us for almmost 7 months. Has had issues and problems, had surgery twice and now has a fine home with a loving family to love and care for him. We are grateful for that for sure. There will be some tears we know but they are tears of joy for one of our dogs has found a home. Praying it is the best one and he does well. It is always so good to come here and read the encouraging, uplifting and interesting words and the comments from friends. Wishing each of you a wonderful evening and a Fantabuloustic weekend. You all take care and enjoy those Blessings of the day. /Sandy♥

  5. Okay, OK ! so I am late with the Friday comment. I have a reason.I drove to 2 bakeries this rainy morning to buy some special round marble rye bread and special apple fritters for the shut-in seniors of my community where I reside. I delivered a good portion to those in need or just to make them HAPPY, bring a smile to their face.With that said, I am happy my friend "sign me A" was first and mentioned me. I am also happy to see Dr. SES mentioning me occasionally. I get so tickled to read their typing of FIRM or EyeScream, etc. Lemme tell ya: the NJ Gov. only ordered those flags half staff for SATURDAY (as far as the details in the news states). My last residence in New Jersey was the next town from where Ms. Whitney will be buried tomorrow with her Dad. Sooooooo, on my next trip to see family in NJ, I will stop by and pay my respects, say a prayer for her life cut short tragically, for her extreme talent, beauty& voice. I WILL be watching the service tomorrow morning. Mary Labayk @ Ruth Eckert Hall: RIP a great tribute at your memorial. Dr. SES: you, ROCK, my friend. I love you and don't know where I would be without your interest in me these past 5 years ! Irene M

  6. Sign me A… oh my you are the "first" of the day, and how I love when you write long and lovely and how I really love it when you "stomp"!!! Take caer of YOU at the burger joint, and take best care of you… too funny that you beat FIRM to the keys today… Yes rent in our heads is a high rent district… be well blessings to you dearheart!

  7. hellooooooooo.good morning to all, and to my friend FIRM.. can't beliece I am the first one here today, are you sleeping in a bit for a change ?I hope you are doing something fun, with all your awesome energy…And my comment here will be brief..Doc is so right on with her words here, I especially like the idea to pick out the important stuff to really give space in your head, dust in the wind, really is all the other stuff… each day there are major crisis going on, many who will always find an avenue to show disrespect and their own ignorance..we cannot take it all personally.. too much in our own immediate lives to focus on, like caring and sharing with our loved ones and putting our energy into positive mode, turning on our sunshine and doing what we can to make the world a great place..Blessings to all, special thoughts of your friend Mary, as her service will surely be moving and emotional. Take care and have a safe and happy weekend.. me, off to the burger joint for a grueling few days…loving the morning rain..hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

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