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A Day Of Rememberances

A Saturday of
Celebrations of Life
day of
Celebrate them HOME
This morning
many will gather
here in Clearwater Florida
to honor and remember
celebrate the life
a beautiful woman;
Mary Labyak
the “grand dame”
When this picture was taken I remember Mary looking at it and saying,
“That’s a pretty good picture, of 2 ole’ Hospice broads isn’t it!”
And then she laughed that
marvelous laugh of hers!
And it was a Good day!
Mary set a standard back in the day;
she spent her life
working for Hospice
and its mission, values,
and circle of caring.
Oh I miss back then!
I’m certain that many will come from all over our country to pay their last tributes,
just as many will come to see and be seen as well.
Through the years, one cannot rise to such a level without becoming weary
and without having those who rise up against you, you will make your share of enemies
there will be those who hug you with a knife in their hand and a smile on their face at the same time;
even in hospice.
today they will gather,
they/we will remember;
a woman of greatness
who stood tall
spoke with a voice that could fill the room.
As mighty her humor and laugh
she could be as serious as a heart attack as she advocated as a Social Worker of the finest caliber.
They just don’t make em like
Mary Labyak anymore!
We have to remember the pioneers,
to say their names,
to honor their contributions
stand for all that has been done
to pave the way
to continue to set the bar and keep the vision

We will honor a woman who gave great service to the Hospice world
to people and their loved ones
in communites across the Nation;
for the greater good of our country and the world;
people needing help at the end of their lives
upon diagnosis of a life threatening illness.
A woman who stood toe to toe
with many;
and went to Capital Hill
and was relentless in helping to make those there understand the importance back in the day
of having hospice services covered under
Medicare and Medicaid
and took a STAND
to provide access to Hospice services.
Mary thank you for your care and your service.
You will be missed,
you have left a profound impact
leaving shoes that are large to be walked in!
It is to be a day of
painful loveliness for many
as she is remembered.
Now, although gone too soon,
Mary is over the rainbow, she is in spiritland,
the heavens have a powerful force to reckon with…
She is dancing on the galaxies to be certain,
it is her time now!
Dance on friend,
over the rainbow
with splendor
that remarkable laugh.
Many thoughts and prayers
Taft and Mary’s family
Taft Abras is a man I will always hold dear to my heart; alway will love in a place where there is no space or time, just as I loved Mary.
And up there in the state of
New Jersey,
hundreds if not thousands will gather at the church
where Whitney Houston
grew into the star that millions loved.
She will be remembered
she will be grieved
as people are still trying to wrap their hearts and heads around
the reality of her death.
T.V.’s are still at full tilt,
Nancy Grace is having a “hay day” with interviews and speculations
the media is a buzz.
the private funeral and service
will be broadcast live
on cable and the internet.
Seems to be odd that something private is being shown live
what do I know?
My deepest sympathies to
her daughter, her Mom, her beloved family as they struggle through today
and the many tomorows
that stretch ahead of them.
I hope and pray, they all have an “off” button on their televisions… a big body guard or three at their doors…
and a therapist that is NOT known to hollywood,
(I can recommend one for them)
It is a day of
Remembering I’m thinking.
with that said,
Let me end my thoughts with:
Let us also remember
IT is a Day
for the living
remembering to
live each day
with all you have!
It is a day
of great gratitude
for it is the only day we know.
Treat this day
with extreme kindness.
never know the path that another is walking;
not really.
We may say we “get it”
we “understand”
we’ve “been there”
truth be told,
YOU do not know,
YOU have not been in their precise and exact shoes…
YOUR feet don’t fit exactly in another’s shoes…
ONLY yours.
YOUR footprint is like your tongue,
it speaks and knows only
Walk YOUR walk
speak YOUR truth
practice kindness
practice unconditional positive regard
With that said…
Thank you to those who have served our great Nation
those who Are serving
We DO live in a great Nation,
if you don’t think so??
Well there are other places you can try…
But this is OUR country,
show your Pride
let’s stand together
for together we are stronger
than if we stand apart.
Just keepin it real friends,
“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.” Winnie the Pooh
Walk in Beauty,
Healing Heartaches,
(one beat at a time)


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