Sunday Musings, and>>Prayers and Blessings

photo copyright SEShowalter
When spirit speaks to the soul
it takes your breath.
This is a picture of
flowers I received this past week;
they have filled me with joy,
with fragrance,
filled my heart mostly
is my most favorite combination
Happy Sunday,
I hope you too enjoy their
smell their fragrance
And now feel the spirit
todays short thought
and power of spirit connection
My dear friend Laura; a hospice employee of 18 years and I attended the memorial of
yesterday morning together.
As she was driving us there
(and oh she is such fun behind the wheel of her car as she just zooms down the roads like you’ve never seen *My Mario*)…
We shared memories of
Mary; back in the day.
Mary’s voice, her vision, HOSPICE at its finest! Back when the colors (branding of Hospice were blue)
I love the “blue” that used to be Hospice, it stood out, it “popped”!
We arrived at the beautiful
Ruth Eckerd Hall,
a place where the arts are held;
comedy, music, tragedy unfolds on the stages there.
We had been there just last month to see Willie Nelson,
I had been there two nights in row!
Patti Labelle and Willie Nelson
over the rainbow and I was right in the middle of it that week;
enjoying two greats on that stage.
Ruth Eckerd;
what a place; what a stage.
I now know a couple whose son has died at 17 and they are working on the annual jamfest in his memory with the proceeds to go for scholarships for music
with the support of
none other
Ruth Eckerd Hall.
yesterday here we were driving up
Ruth Eckerd Hall
to join with others
to celebrate the life
a visionary, an artist herself
and a grand dame
here’s where spirit comes in,
as we walked into the beautiful halls of
Ruth Eckerd here at
people were gathering,
people from all over the place …
what was astounding
and hit me where I lived
the huge
vase on the stage
beside a poster of
a picture of Mary;
the vase overflowing
with the most magnificent
Mountain lilies
and on a cloth draped table
a single candle burning.
Just stunning
as the hall filled with those there to pay their respects
and remember
a lovely and brilliant
Hospice Pioneer
I was riveted by those
Mountain Lilies.
I kept thinking of the complexity of lifes circles and cycles,
stages and phases
challenges, courage,
cycles, and shifts
I reflected on the many years,
the people,
the many paths travelled
as people found their seats,
as I looked at the program
I mused at
all the many years.
I believe there was a time that the Native American influence had crept into Mary’s heart
as she always spoke, thought and lived in circles
rather than the “linear way of thinking”
and at times it drove many insane in their conceptualizations and understandings.
Many commenting on her; describing those thoughts and papers with doodles and “circles” as they remembered her on the stage…
Interesting how that is.
YOU know it’s always interesting to observe and to watch when others speak, to discern those who speak from their hearts
and those who speak from their heads and from written scripts.
Yesterday was no exception.
Don Schumacher of the
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
gave a stunning tribute to Mary;
his words were filled with emotion, he spoke from his heart
his love apparent.
We had the wonderful opportunity of listening to a woman I hadn’t seen in many years by the name of
Patti Moore now of the
Watershed Group
speak through her pain of loss
and into a voice of great strength
about Mary.
As her voice seemed to crack with emotion… it was then I noticed and watched intently; I saw the essence of spirit; Mary’s spirit over Patti’s left shoulder… she was there to guide Patti through her pain of loss and into a place of strength on that stage!
She was their to offer and provide her strength of leadership; and to give her what she needed, and you could see it as Patti regained her composure her body shifted, her shoulders moved into one of strength, her head raised,
her voice got stronger
and she continued!
And upon a request of
she allowed us to see
Mary’s last interview
it was so very inspiring.
It was truly lovely and powerful,
and I was so delighted that I was able to share that with Patti later in the day…
It filled my heart to once again hear and see Mary
as she talked about the importance
“It begins with YOU”.
It seemed as though Mary was sharing her final thoughts with Patti then, was giving people a message that she hoped they would
act upon, that they would
“get it”,
and I couldn’t help but smile
I thought about speaking around the globe
about the importance of
to others in the work that is being done for others
It is critical that professionals
regardless of their professions
take best care of self
in order to do for others.
During this remembrance
a Hospice pioneer
I just about
well OK,
my feet brought me from my seat
Melinda Womack
sang for
Amazing Grace
(one of Mary’s favorites)
was sung with a passion
that filled
Ruth Eckerd
the souls of so many.
“She took us to church”
with her rendition
I am only sorry I didn’t think to record it on my phone
to share with all who are reading here.
Melinda, bless you darling,
for I am sure you had
Mary weeping tears of gratitude
we were filled up
by and with you.
As all left Ruth Eckerd Hall
there were stones
handed out
for those there,
wouldn’t ya just know it
I picked up a stone
it said
As we left the building,
many folks I hadn’t seen in a long time
said hello, hugged and shook hands.
I was glad to be remembered.
I embraced my old friend
Taft, letting him know of my love and gratitude for him.
Many then travelled to
the “big house” located on Roosevelt street;
the main campus of hospice
where a reception was held.
And oh goodness
Mountain lilies were just about to knock me over once again!
In little vases,
in big vases,
inside the lobby,
outside on rails.
Are you feeling me here?
I saw folks I haven’t seen since my leaving that hospice;
saw and hugged an old old friend Lou;
she is the woman who actually
Mary Labyak as the CEO
the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast!
We both agreed it is the end of an era…
Folks gathered, ate, visited…
It was a time of remembering, of sharing…
I looked around and remembered the many times of seeing Mary walk those paths…
I saw the many who were approaching Taft; hugging him as he stood with grace in his suit and shades. I just had a feeling he would like to be home, in comfortable jeans listening to some music and wrapped in the comfort of his memories.
The gardens of that hospice were designed and maintained from a place of great talent and love
by Taft; and they are spectacular.
It is Sunday
and now the services of remembrances are past
the church bells have rung
it is time for the prayers to continue for all here
and everywhere.
I look to YOU
to have a
magnificent day
of discovery
in all that is special
all that is sacred
that YOU are.
video by
I hope this will find you
standing in a day
Amazing Grace!

video by

Mahalia Jackson
“takin ya to church”
Blessings on the winds
to all
The music world and family of singer
Whitney Houston
Taft Abras, Mary Labyaks’ family , Lori, Cindi, Tom, Shasta, Bill Simpson and Family, Jenn, Steph, Dana, Kari, Sandy, Marty, Marsha, Wanda, Ellen, Cindee, Peggy, Joyce Cruz, a CANCER surivor working at Southwest Airlines *it was an honor to meet you dear one*,
Ike Davis, in New Mexico, an artisan who plays in the mud and creates beautiful tings out there, *www.negroartist.com*
what a joy you are to so many of
SOUTHWEST, thank you for visiting with me,
prayers of continued success and tobacco to your Pueblo uncle!
and for
Liz Brewster and Lee Brewsters’ dear friends
who are now fighting Cancer;
Christos Fandaros – 44 – Stage 4 lung cancer
Thomas Galvin – Lung Cancer
John Knudson – Prostate cancer

[Creator hold them and those that love them
in this horrible disease giving them strength]

Curtis, Susie Langham, Stasia and Billy Hall, Christina Chavez and Rick and Ryan, Pam Meyer, Whitney, Diane Bystista, Susan, Leann Vincent, Roxanne Duran, Carole Poppendeck, Mary Jo H-shortes, Bridget, Robert Tanner Mara Tanner, Yolanda L Acosta, Antonio F. Balderrama, Denise Flowers, Lisa Balance, Sherry Stedman, Rose, Marquette, Acosta, Ortega, The Pueblo Peoples,

All those I was honored to spend time with in
“Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Crossroads Hospice, El Paso, Santa Fe, Albuquerque”
Jeremy, Florence, Cal, Sarch, our friends of Portugal, Mike, AnnMary,Stephanie, Jimmy, Keli, Kasi, Katherine, Julie, Allan, Lynda,LeeAnn,
KS Comfort Keepers, Stephen Bright, Linda and staff Melody,Brenda A and children Sarah, David Rachel; Gloria, Pete, Fred, Max, JJ, Barb and Leo Henning, Rick Fechner, Ryan Baurain, Melissa Reid, “Probation Professional pals”, Jim Vander May (*who has been working in the Professional field for 45 years in Michigan*, Dale, Herschel, Bonnie, Louise, Holly, Jerry, Faith, Yvette, Happy, Audrey,

and Rod Markowski and family, Lynn, Ryan, Jordon, Darryl Markowski, I thank you for your service) Brian Markowski, Shannon Becker, Nick, Reagan, Dr Iris of Detroit Medical Center, (was lovely meeting you on the flight, please take best care of you) Sandy R. Carol, Stephanie, Marnie, Geri, Chris, Matt,
those in Oklahoma City, in Tulsa, In Ft Worth, Dallas, Ike, Isabel, Teresa, Janelle, Patricia, Susan, Karen, Laura in Yuba City CA,
Crossroads Hospice and those who care out there working and walking the walk, Perry, Clayton, George, Janet, and all in green!
Rick, Calley, Ron, Rebekeh, Brenda, Becca, Audrey, Gabe, Dena, BEth, Lill, Jay Hanson, Jennifer, Beth Jett, Huntsville AL, Sheri, Wendy Reese and family, The Boy Scouts of Dora AL, Cam, Sandy, Toby, Edith Vaughn and family,Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek (Landon Korabek on the other side now), Stephen Bright and family, Walter Littlemoon, Jane, Laura, Mitch, Jenn, Chris, Mary, Taft, Martha Deaver, Morris, Dahlee, Rose Brick, The Baitinger Family, The Yaslowitz Family, The St Petersbug PD, Congresswoman Gabbie and her family, Dahlee in NJ, Judy Kelley, beloved husband and family, Jennifer, (now being watched over by her beloved husband and child), Norma, EE, Little Cub to CJ and Angel eyes Jack, Daniel, Dave, Cindy and Steve, Marty, Sweet Pea and Pie Face, Florence, Jeremy, Dennis, Darrel, Greg, Leroy, Rebekka, Carly, John, Diana, Crystal, Karen, Janet, Callie, Lorie, Laura, Larry, Clive,

2 Wolves and Jinx in SD, (http://www.2wolvescreations.com/)
Kelly and family,Judy W and her 4 sons up there in New England, Cherokee Wick, Benni, Gayle, Jonathan, Great Aunt Effie’s family, Marilyn Warren, Ilene, Tweak and Chris, Jen and Bian, Ericka, Shannon, Hannah Sherabow, Pam C. and family, Susan S., Angela A., Nancy W, Sue G, Kelly and family,Mato Oyate Kola, Susan Brouse, Cindy and Stevie, Kim, Olatz, EVB, Guin, Yiva, Mary, Sandra and family, Christina Hellen, Dotti B., Susan and Greg, Amy, Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, Tink and Mitch, LITTLE Ben, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada, Sandy, BraveHeart, Rowena, Chris, Robyn Elizabeth, Jean, Duke,Rowena, Chris, Baby Robyn Elizabeth, Diane Smallze and family, Patti and family, The Korabek Family and friends, The Gasse Family and Friends,
Officer Crawford of St Petersburg, The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform… Those now walking The Thin Blue Line, (far to many joining that line recently across our Nation),
Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel (back from his 4th tour as a fighter pilot of the US MARINES inAfghanistan) and his parents Sandy and Stuart, Lavie Coltrane and her loving family, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton L, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Rev Bev, Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Dorothy, Angela, Kamryn Elijah, Ode, “Southwest VA”, Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Nancy, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our North American Black American Bears, The Windcross Convservacy and those beautiful Spanish Mustangs known as “pocket ponies”… the dolpins , always our most remarkable dolphins!!!
AND for:
Anne, Jim, JADE, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA, Judi, Ken, Matthew, Nick, Matt, Mark’s family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B, Isabelle, Kelsey, Sabrina , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa,Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna, Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights family, Edith Vaughn, Candy, Cynthia, Jenn, Eve, Edith, Jason, Karen, Linda, Joyce, Belinda, Jeanette, Jennifer, Patti, Sandy S, and …
(Feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our prayer bowl)
Prayers goin up for those
mourning Mary Labyak, one of many hospice pioneers
may they always remember her vision for hospice
and continue her work, by keeping it “real”;
for EE in Colorado who has been and is so very ill out there; she is soon on her way to Denver for that Kidney surgery and we will all send her healing energy for a positive outcome
and the Creators hands to lead her team of surgeons there
strength in speedy healing and recovery in her beautiful home with her son to care for and nurture her to wellness!
you are being thought of so very often

We all want
must stand and reach
go for IT
Perhaps today?

Walk in Beauty dear ones!

author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

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  2. Sign me A, yes you were up too late, and honored am I that you checked in and read before bed, what a moon to grace us with so many peaking through the holes that we call stars! blessings to you dearheart… EE still waiting to be well enough for the critical surgery in Denver out there I am told.FIRM? last? shiver me timbers here… I do believe I fainted LOLbut glad to know she did check in so we didn't have to issue an APB on her… Stand FIRM warrior, we all rely on you for your comments and your humor, along with periodic long comments!!! Must be you were tired as surely I thought you would have had more much more to say for Sunday!Blessings to each of you and those who read and dont write! of which I'm finding there are many!!! haha

  3. Whoa, I missed Sunday completely, just caught up on the comments, very good writing warriors and Doc, great words. Posting duplicates gave me a good laugh.All is well over here. Sign me A went to bed tooooooo late !Yikes, sweet dreams to you.Till later, I am just me, trying to stay FIRM

  4. hellooooo.it is already the wee hours of monday morning and I am just finally getting the chance to check in… such a beautiful ending to my crazy busy weekend..I passed by Ruth Ekerd on Sat. and could not help but notice traffic heading in.. looks like there was quite a gathering .. I am sure you were filled with spirit, not a doubt in my heart that your friend Mary was there to give all of you the strentgh , and to have her presence felt.. and through your words, I am moved . What an awesome woman she apparently was, to give such immense gifts of herself which will last through many lifetimes.In my "circle" of life I know many people whom have been served by Hospice and know the profound effect the staffs have had on so many lives. Often, the word "hospice" conjures the image of death and sadness, however, the peace and joy which is given is priceless. Thank you Doc, thank you Laura and Mary… and hats off to all Hospice angels." Everyday is a gift " is a motto we all should take to heart..The words you've shared with us today were so powerful..Another day of odd weather here, coming home tonight the moon was bright like the sun, air crisp and breezy… windows wide open and the aroma of nature was vivid.. there were only a few stars in my sight and I know they were our loved ones, gone too soon, glowing with love.Peace and serenity filled the air.I am off to bed before dawn arrives, but need to send my best wishes to all… EE : may you know how much we all are thinking of you and sending prayers to you. I t hink I've said this before but will say once more,Sunday's blog is so very special, the power of this warrior circle is vast and of great comfort to so many.Thank you Doc Sherry for all you share of yourself.. you reflect the true meaning of humanity and are valued very much.Blessings to all of you, may we surely hear the sweetest songs of our angels in our hearts.sign me, hugging my angels…gratitude runneth over ♥♥A.

  5. Osh Kosh, *you comment posted on the other blog site*.. you are so wonderful to post on both pages, LOVE U FOR IT!!! gotta give that other new razzle dazzle "swag" page some love tooo!!!wayyyy to goooo!!!!

  6. OHHHH MERCY… now I have Dot/COB/MOM and… ANDOSH KOSHwith computers posting three times and the page eating their posts and then playing havoc with them both… LOVE IT… STOMP my beautiful warriors…Just long as you "dont block the blessins' we all right" Get ready… Monday is comin… and I hear the snow is fallin up NORTH…Hugs on the breezes of FL. to all who gather here singing our our angels.

  7. Now it is on here twice–first time said didn't go through for some reason that I did not even know what it meant. Jeeeeezzzz. I guess I showed it!! Well, maybe somebody got a laugh out of my super intelligent computer skills. (I, on the other hand, am not laughing). Bless you!!!

  8. Leave this box here, don't know where my comment went this morning, have mercy Dr. Sherry, some of us don't like change. LOLEnjoyed your Sunday message. Looking forward to reading Mondays. Thanks–osh kosh

  9. Don't know where my comment got sent to this morning, but we will see where this one goes. Have mercy Dr. Sherry–some of us don't handle change very well, just let me type in this box that I got used to. LOL. I really enjoy your words of wisdom, and appreciate the work you do. I can't find my Patti picture on here, and just have to tell you every time that is is osh kosh. Lookin forward to your blog tomorrow.

  10. I did not send that blog 2 times. Blame it on the weather. hahahaha

  11. Helloooo, snow, snow here in SW Va. Snow is coming down sometimes gentle and sometimes very heavy. I have watched movies, slept and eat most of the day. I goofed about the 3D movie we went to see with my 2 boys, IT WAS GHOST RIDER, scary, awful, loud and the boys enjoyed it very much. Keep it real and blessings to all who keep us going on your page. Am I senile or have I skipped over Irene. Where are you? Blessings to all.

  12. Helloooo, snow, snow here in SW Va. Snow is coming down sometimes gentle and sometimes very heavy. I have watched movies, slept and eat most of the day. I goofed about the 3D movie we went to see with my 2 boys, IT WAS GHOST RIDER, scary, awful, loud and the boys enjoyed it very much. Keep it real and blessings to all who keep us going on your page. Am I senile or have I skipped over Irene. Where are you? Blessings to all.

  13. Blessings to you anoymous and welcome to this page of gentle warriors… please feel free to share your thoughts here often and much.. If you would like to add a name to the prayer bowl, let me know!

  14. So many names in the prayer bowl. So kind of you to speak their names each and every week. You Dr Showalter are so caring, so loving and have such a huge heart. I am inspired daily by your thoughts. Thank you for creating such a lovely place to look forward to visiting.

  15. Greetings Fluff/Sandy, best to you on this Sunday… thankyou for being here, to anonymous, I thank you as well for being here so often and remembering our troops along with your reading Healing Heartaches and sharing it by telling others of its stories… I thank you both, for your kindness, and appreciate it!Best of all things to you warriors of gentle spirit.STOMP!

  16. Dr.SES, so glad to hear from you today. I am sure yesterday was a day of memories for you and your friends. Memories of days gone by when you did so much for so many in the world of Suncoast Hospice. Keep those memories with you wherever you go they will come in handy as you teach your Seminars of Compassion and Healing. Words of wisdom from one so wise that has been there and done that. Your work is so important to so many and just always remember the good times. Healing Heartaches is good to read and bring back so much love and rememberence. You make our day brighter and a happiness stays with us until the next time. Keep on Keeping On. Blessings to you each day. God Bless the USA

  17. Dear Dr. Sherry, my heart is touched and my eyes are teary as I think of you and your day yesterday. How beautiful it had to be spending the day in remembrance for a very special lady! Heartfelt words of emotion, losing your dear friend Mary and seeing and spending a little time with old friends. The flowers are so lovely I can almost smell their scent. You have a joyous and Blessed day today and know that you are so very special to so many. Prayers for you Dr. Sherry our friend EE and the others listed here. Thinking today of Sandy and Stewart and hope things are looking finished in their home and they are able to take time to rest. Take care friends and enjoy the Blessings given to us this lovely Sunday. /Sandy♥

  18. Happy Sunday to you! Enjoyed your musings this morning, (like every morning).

  19. Many blessings on the wind to you EE, so happy to see you here, and to think… YOU get to be FIRST!!!!What a rare and special treat!HOPE you are doing well out there in the cold lands… Glad you can smell the fragrances of the lilies and thank you for your kind words on todays musings…

  20. When words take wings…smiling. Your words flew into my heart. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Mary. Prayers going out for her family and loved ones and for you. May the Creator bless you and the work you do as you carry on the vision that is yours, the vision that drew you to Mary and the work and let it continue to flow around the world.

  21. Greetings on the wind friends and Doc. I can smell those lilies from here. I can feel the emotion of your day yesterday. As always, your words are eloquent and filled with wisdom. Am praying that Mary's wisdom, the wisdom that drew you will rise and flow through hospice. Things are cold here but sunny. So wishing everyone a sunny and and all the love they can stand.hugs on the windEE

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