One Drop of Action/thought

Monday Mornin
the sun here has its
It’s time to start a new week
make YOUR mark
cos’ how YOU approach it,
how YOU feel about it,
is goin to create a ripple
that will affect the greater energy
in our world
definately in lives around
It is truly remarkable how
each of us
impact the ripples
the very lives of those around us
by the drop
of action, words, thoughts
we start the day and move through the days, weeks, months and year with.
In business,
that ripple is affecting and infecting people in ways that are astounding.
In life it is affecting the
quality of lives around the globe
as we see
the result in
job satisfaction
In communication styles,
in relationships,
in traffic,
in interactions between mother-child,
the music and television industries,
just look at Oprah and Gayle King for example,(haha)…

One drop will ripple and will affect the greater good of our
Universal connection
we see it played out everyday.
We watch as big corporations and small little businesses
are swallowed by greed and lose touch
with the very people that work diligently to make a difference.
I remember an old saying
“those that have get”
and used to wonder of its meaning
while seeing so many work so hard
and be treated so poorly
by owners
until I finally grasped its meaning.
Loyalty is a rare and beautiful
but there was a time when loyalty was valued and respected.
You do not see that so much anymore.
The ripple effect has eroded the shorelines of such great values
those who put themselves out there
and would stand strong for the one they work for no matter what.
I had a boss like that once,
proudly would say,
“I’d stand in the middle of I395 for you”!
Folks thought me crazy for such a statement,
I had that kind of boss,
I was fiercely loyal
my boss “stood for all the right things”
stood with honor and those who did the work.
She was the absolute best mentor and boss I ever had the honor to work for and with.
The ripple effect of her leadership was felt and witnessed in living color!
I hear and witness stories now
that do not come close to that;
hear of many who cannot fathom such loyalty.
Stories now instead tell of those
who are weary,
who cannot respect nor stand the ones that are in leadership roles.
Rather they do what they do out of a sense of fear, or sense of “have to”.
All across the country people are now working without benefits, without being thanked, without knowing that they are appreciated.
In all types of fields, people are working in fear of losing their jobs without voices to stand up for what they believe
without acknoweldgment
of doing great work.
Those with great experience are being passed up and over
for those who are young
by CEO’s and owners
who now take applications brought to them online
as opposed to face to face meetings
we are so tuned in and turned on
to technology
that we are losing the ability to
and the richness of
each other.
The ripple effect is being skewed
by electrical currents
of sound waves and gigabytes
and pixels
that do not represent the best
Humankind all the time.
we are still human,
although in many workplaces
many are being treated less than
kind, less than human
less than the loyal employees they once were and still can and would be.
is going out of vogue
it is being replaced by
those who are not mindful
of the very complex lives of those who work and balance their own fragile lives
while wanting and needing to feel like they make a difference in their work lives.
People are as good as those they rely upon to mentor them
We have historically relied on
educators, people of the cloth (priests, ministers, owners of companies, physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists)
to be honest, pure, caring, trustworthy
and many are,
but not all.
Those in leadership have a
moral and ethical responsiblity
and many are not standing up to their responsibilities
to not only those they serve,
but also to those they ask to serve with them in roles of employees, supervisors, and first line or front line workers…
have a responsibility
to be sure that you are taken care of
to cast your pepple into the pond
YOU will make a ripple that is felt by many
probably by many you are not even aware of
not just today
but for days, months, years to come!
With each step you take,
with each breath that utters words,
with each beat of your heart
the sound is that of
Mother Earth’s drum
the ripple
is felt.
We definately at times need an angel
we need someone to send us many angels to get through days,
to get “to others” when mistreated
“kick some proverbial butt”
it seems.
We need at times
to walk softly and carry a big stick as Teddy Roosevelt said at other times,
but mostly
we need to be mindful
at all times,
walk with our dignity, and know our
you may just
need to

video by

Just keepin it real!
Have yourself a great
Walk in Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches
“every day IS a Gift”

9 comments on “One Drop of Action/thought

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  2. awesome words Sherry. We all need to think about the ripples we make. Unfortunately, some people’s ripples ride roughshod over ours and all we can do is hold on and ride through it. I do believe that those that do not appreciate nor take care of those they are over will one day pay the piper in a HUGE way. And those that send out the good, loving, caring ripples…will be rewarded in a HUGE way. Thanks for all your words.

  3. Hello Anonymous, I can only hope many employees will print todays thoughts and find ways to distribute them in the workplace, to invite others here for a safe place, and even to the EMPLOYERS, HR departments, and others… Perhaps share my website for possible workshops, keynotes and to adovcate for conferences and workshops that will restore buoyancy for those doing hard work out there everywhere, while honoring truth, value of workers whatever the professions, whatever the walks of life…@Fluff/Sandyblessings on the winds to chilly Michigan, oh how I love those folks in Michigan as I sit here today with my T shirt on that I bought saying DETROIT across it… Be well and give those at DMC my best regards!This page is for all of you who come for respite a place to express yourselves and to know you are being held up … you are thought of, and YOU MATTER

  4. Thank you Dr. Sherry. Such thought provoking words today and ever so true in life and in the workplace. Thinking about "the boss" who sets the mood and temperment for so many every day. It is extremely difficult to stay loyal to those whose temperment and mood is most of the time cloudy and stormy but I know the right thing to do is do what is right and do the very best job you can regardless! @Irene,you bless my heart as I know you bless so many of those around you. What a servant you are to open your heart up and check on those around you who seem to sometimes be forgotten by family. You are their bright light for the day and the answer to their needs. You are very special and your heart is Golden. I often have the same thought as mentioned, "who will check on me" if troubles come and lives are changed and roles are different. I trust that God will send someone to check on us in our times of need. God Bless you Irene and may you always have light for your day. Wishing all those here a happy and Joyous Monday and enjoy the Blessings we are given for our day. It is sunny here in SE Michigan but only 27° at 1:00p.m. Brrr – that is okay cuz the snow and ice is melted – Yeah! I know some of our friends here are batteling the winter weather, thinking of COB and family. Stay warm and be safe friends. /Sandy♥

  5. Dr. SES the blog today reaches out to a lot of employees. Those employees that work their butts off and gets no credit, rewards or a good morning. There are so many incompent supervisors in this world. You would think the job market being what it is that could change. I see people worn down with the likes of the supervisors. There is one that I know who will keep employees that is hated by residents and the supervisor but they want do anything about them because they want a clean record of not having to pay unemployment. Whats wrong with that? People suffer and employees suffer. There is a great need for people who have heart and believe in what they do. As the blogger said if you have a boss from hell be kind to those you work with. Maybe someday things will be better and we will see these people out of a job. Just pray for these people. Irene hang in there the good you do for people will be rewarding to you and all of the people who read this blog. Someone will be there for you. Blessings to all.

  6. @Irene… I dont' believe "anonymous" has evah been linked to your name as you reflect here this morning on all that you do for so many in your world, and then wonder "who'll stand by and for me"… a thought that many wonder but seldom are brave enough to allow themselves to ask outloud or share. BRAVO, FIRM, I am proud of you! That is a question that many will ponder throughout life… after we stand for so many, when the ripple effect goes throughout lives will there be ones who will stand for us… a question and thoughts of the ages…STOMPand outshine the sun, knowing that you are a warrior who has just walked through one of your fears…

  7. Thank you anonymous for your BOLD AND INSPIRING POST… "profound and true", and I suspect said from a leader as well.STOMPand I thank you.

  8. I am here throwing pebbles, making the ripple effect on life here in Tampa Bay Florida. I am disconnecting from technology and staying the real hands-on people person I was born to be. Knocking on the doors of the elderly neighbors who have no one, children up north or NONE at all.I check on everyone around me and wonder, after all this, will anyone check on ME, when the chips are down ? When the world ends, when a tragedy hits, a hurricane evacuation ? What will become of ME ? No pity party here, just facts, facts, facts….. being alone sucks. Happy Monday to all

  9. Today's Blog rings a loud bell.Even if you are treated badly by the boss for hell, be kind to those in your charge. They too need support. Stop the downward spiral of ugly leadership where you can. Don't become like those you disdain. Work life balance might be a thing of the past for everyday people. Often CEOs recognize the workforce as disposable. Don't like it here, leave… Really??? Would that it would be just that easy. As the economy improves and people have ready choices, a great shift will take place. That might just toss a bolder in the pond instead of a pebble. Justice is slow, but hopefully sure. Today, if you say, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…" 955 of the workforce would be on Ellis Island. Just sayin.I close in saying, If you are a boss, or a supervisor, at any level. Be kind, lead gently and justly. Be honest. Acknowledge the hard work your people do. it goes a long way.

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