Legs, Lint Rollers, Snubs, and Surprises

the Oscars
were held
the Red Carpet was walked!
There were winners, losers
Daytona 500 in Florida got rained out!
and after hearing from the news
there is an outbreak
the Flu that has now
hit all the states;
after hearing our warrior who visits here and her son
are both with the “crud and bug”
after seeing it on the news,
I believe that same
has found its way here,
I started to feel
the chill and the sinus
(thinking it was barometric pressure changes from the weather)
excitement from my predictions
of the
leaving me feeling a bit
But ohhh no; as night approached
I could tell,
and as my energy
and head felt like a 30 pound bowling ball sitting on my shoulders
now today
leaves me feeling like
someone has invaded my senses
I know that feeling!
and I don’t like it one bit.
Who we goin to blame?
the news cos’ they told my body it is FULL BLOWN FLU TIME
(didn’t we just do this in December?)
So back to the
Have to admit,
didn’t get to walk the carpet
or see much of it,
as he rode in on his new means of transportation
and mostly loved
when he reached in his pocket and used his remote after that great horse was led off the stage.
Maybe he should
get an Oscar
for hosting the Oscars!
Seems our handsome Clooney sat this one out this year…
It’s also all over the news that he was
along with some other
much more obvious ones
out there!
Definately one of the best movies
I have ever seen!
The story will sear your soul
and leave you wondering
and applaud the strength of the women
who stood through such trying and hard times
with such profound love in their hearts tied to faith, to spirit and to each other
during a time of such hatred and civil unrest
still were able to dig deep
in their love of someone elses child with hands and hearts that even a birth mother
could not give.
Yet, it was not awarded best movie
this year.
So sad, because it was courageous
the acting brilliant,
the feelings and score
searing and compelling.
A beautiful acceptance
photograph captured
Ocatavia accepted her award
The Help,
she was filled with raw and thankful
What a delight to see her stand
and accept her moment of joy
as she thanked all in excitement;
for those she shared so much in her role
The Help
was acknowedged!
she deserved “props”
video by

And of course
we had the
“walk of the carpet”
the colors, the designers,
the “fear of the malfunctions”.
Seems the award for that this year goes to
J Lo!
Bravo J Lo you win…
But honestly now,
how is it that anyone gets to be shocked,
or even imagine to be surprised
when designers and the wearers of these dresses
are wearing dresses
cut to their naval?
I mean let’s face it,
Is it stylish when one chooses to expose their bodies
and then be “surprised” or call it a wardrobe malfunction
when a dressed is actually designed to be worn so that so much skin is exposed
the only thing that is covered is
the nipples of a woman?
Do we; men and women alike really need to see so much flesh?
But what is really funny to me
is that anyone
would call that “wind gust” and the result
a “wardrobe malfunction”!
the wonderment!
We had P.Diddy and his assistants
a Lint Roller that rolled all over him
as he exited his limo,
as they made sure he was
“fly” was just “perfect”
he did a double take in the rear view mirror
then he went straight to his fans
signed autographs
and spent some time with them.
I can’t help but laugh,
as I immediately wondered if he is like me and has little 4 legged pomeranians and maybe he let them ride in the limo
Then it would make perfect sense to have your own personal lint roller to jump out and
roll all over you!
Now what of
Angelina and the
now famous
“leg pose”?
and later the winners who thrust their leg out almost to the point of needing a hip realignment
by their chiropractor?
That was just too funny!
Yes baby, we know you have a body that just won’t quit…
but c’mon now
that thrust was a bit much
unless you were walkin a runway
don’t ya think?
I did love the guy who came after to accept an award with others and kept re-adjusting his pose
to match Angelina’s
I love Merle and she was beautiful and surprised!
Oh the life of the rich and famous
on a night
Jack Nicolson is still the
baddest cat in the audience
with his trademark shades on
Billy is still the host,
for a couple or three hours
we can forget about
rising gas prices
the impending dangers of Iran
those who
try to blame
our President for all the problems in the world
the fact that folks are just crazy
at times.
We can watch and wonder what those stars are thinking
or look to Billy Crystal to have the camera pan the audience and then use his crafty skills
to interpret their look and what is on their minds
while we watch their reactions to his words
and today we can laugh about it
or critique it,
now wanting to see the very movies
that someone else has deemed worthy!
See how the circles are at work?
How the pepple thrown in the pond ripples out into the universe and its connections?
How I can be sitting here hitting on keys to a keyboard while feeling that
bug/crud that is in full swing in
now hitting here in Florida
How is that/
Circles and cycles
stages and phases
amazing graces I guess
Speaking of surprises
wonder why
Living Proof wasn’t nominated?
video by

That is a song
a songstress that speaks to the
Enjoy your day,
I hope you had a marvelous time
at the
Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real

13 comments on “Legs, Lint Rollers, Snubs, and Surprises

  1. Happy to hear from all here, but sad to hear that EE is so sick out there… Prayers goin up for strength, and isn't that the truth on the gettin sick after goin to docs and folks goin out to save a buck and sneezin and carryin on…be well and take best care folks!

  2. Can't get into those oscars. I loved HOllywood back in the day of Lauren Bacall when it was still glamorous. Something got lost along the way.hope all are doing well and those sick get well soon.

  3. Greetings to all here. Son and I are holding on. Son has been sick a week and still not over it. I am battling with all I have. I think I shall buy me a bubble to live in so people quit giving me these germs. I always end up sick AFTER going to the doctor…go figure.Hope doc gets better. Can't have her down. Prayers to all here and special ones for doc.love and hugsEE

  4. LOVE it, and thanks for the work you are doing out there!

  5. You made me smile today 😀

  6. Hey Dr.SES whats up with the crud again? Take your vitamins and get some of that Fl. sunshine. Whats up with the leg of Angelina Jolie, she is a sorry piece of nothing. She looks as if she is starving herself too death. I think Brad ought to drop her off to the nut house. He deserves better. George I hate you did not win, but I hate it worse for The Help. It was a great movie and should have been given lots of Oscars. Billy you are the bomb no one can do the job like he does. P-Diddy I know the fans love you for taking the time for them. Mal-function? A lot of the stars are a Mal-function in progress. Give me a break. Enough all ready. I finally fell asleep and did not see the end. The only thing I probably missed was to say goodnite to Billy Crystal. Get well soon Dr.SES. Thanks for keeping it real. God Bless USA

  7. hellooooo.good monday morning to all !!sure am hoping that those of you who are feeling down and out with the latest flu are taking it slow and easy… I am knocking on my wooden noggin as I type… don't have time orenergy to battle 'the bug'.. dealing with hundreds of people a day at the burger joint, many not knowing that it is proper to cover their mouth when sneezing and coughing, or bothering to wash their hands before handing me money..better yet, many need to just stay home and stop their free sharing germs.. YUCK… where has common sense gone ??? I had one guest tell me she had not ate or been out of bed for two days, still felt like she was going to "toss it ", yet found it necessary to get out and redeem her five dollar coupon before it expired !! Thanks lady, from all of us who were exposed to your germs.. just saying. STOMP.I missed the Oscars but loved reading the reviews here today.. sounds very entertaining, surely will be seeing highlights all over the media the next few days.I will agree with Doc's comment on George and Brad, some fine looking specimens, that be true !!Also heading poolside for a quick afternoon nap and a healthy dose of natural Vitamin D.. a bit breezy, a few scattered clouds but that,s okay with me, Sending out healing energy and best wishes for a "dance on your desk" kind of day to all. Get well soon EE.. and Doc, get some rest too…enough is enough of this flu !!Have a blessed day everyone..hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ sign me, A.

  8. You are always right on point!!!!

  9. Don't get all the flap about the Oscars but it sure is popular. I find the dresses ridiculous. Way to much exposure. If they are so talented, why not represent the talent instead of the bodies? Another thing, what ever happened to hairdos? These women have such scruffy hair. Looks awful. have all the stylists in Hollywood left the planet? So onto the flu… No Fair to have it twice in one year. Whats up with that? Drag out the vitamins and jump on them. May this flu be quick and less intense.Best Monday to all. Take care and take your vitamins.

  10. Great cover on the Oscars Dr. Sherry, My to do list is to go see "The Help." I thought it would surely be best picture also. I didn't get to see all of it but I did that bare leg sticking out there Hmm -interesting the way some of those gals dress and right – call it a warkdrobe malfunction?? I did record it all and will go back and watch it. I love Meryl Streep and that is another movie I want to see. Not another creeping crud down that Forida way! Try to rest Dr. Sherry, drink plenty of warm fluids and hope it is not as bad as that last one. Yes, it is here in SE Michigan also. A few nursing homes & assisted living homes have the creeping crud and keeping those seniors very sick and some to the hospital and the centers quarentined. I thought it was creeping on me two days last week but only lasted about 24 hours and was minor so I was okay after that and grateful it didn't last longer. Hope EE and family get to feeling better. Good idea Irene, stay away from that creeper crud and stay well I had a great day Saturday doing my Fluffee event. Lots of fun and made a hospital visit with another clown friend to a clown friend of ours in the hospital. It was a great time for all. Love those bright eyes and smiles when they see those silly, colorfull clowns coming down the hallways. You all have a terrific rest of the day. Feel better! Sending hugs your way☺ /Sandy♥

  11. FIRM, great great comments today, that "bug" waht up with that???stay well and hit that VIT D, get it live today with that sun that is shinging…love love the comments and thoughts can see your head just exploding! haha

  12. May I start with this:Marj J. knocked me off the chair with "LivingProof".The show was long but good.Meryl Streep (a Jersey girl) was dignified, deserving & dressed to win, however, I felt for The Help not winning best pic and Viola Davis not winning.Change subject: lots of my neighbors are sick with the "bug", sorry to hear Dr. SES and EE/son are down with it. I am trying to stay healthy and away from it !Change back: J-Lo, if you got it, show it. Angelina: gimme a break.P-Diddy looked spiffy (lint roller included, OMG!) George Clooney/Brad Pitt can really just stand there and look great.How 'bout that Cirque de Solei # ?Whoa ! OKAY, sun out, I am outta here, getting Vitamin D. Sherry, thanks for writing, sharing & making my head explode this Monday, lucky Monday, 2/27 FIRM

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