Whatever YOU Believe

FEBRUARY 29,2012
Happy day of confusion
here’s to the
Leap year babies!
I never did figure out
based on this photograph
and sign!
I finally made my way to
and enter I did
into an airport
well now I don’t remember where!
Speaking of entering,
my thoughts today
on beliefs.
Now that is a tricky thought to enter
What to believe,
who to believe,
how to believe,
when to believe,
Do you believe?
Years and years of work in hospice
have given me a perspective of beliefs and thoughts that are beautiful
that have at times been challenging
have always fostered my own
true belief
that the Creator leads us all
to greatness, to oneness;
that life is in circles and seasons
Very much akin to what Mary Labyak
of Hospice spoke so very often of
when she talked to colleagues, to legislature, to so many
around the world
about the vision and mission of
HOSPICE its concept, it work.
The very real ideal
Hospice care at is best;
its core being seen
and acted out in circles.
Beliefs are often
held sacred, private, often challenged in and within those circles.
Many attach faith, religion, spirituality
to belief systems,
it has never been more apparent
than in my lifes’ work in hospice settings
as people face end of life issues.
Folks who are nearing the end of their lives, and those who love them
often will express their faith, their beliefs,
their anger, their angst
their anticipation,
their joy of what is to come.
I’ve sat with many, with chaplains, nurses, social workers, home health aids, volunteers,
many across the faith spectrum
we often explored the faith and belief systems
values of those we worked and spent time with. Often exploring our own in the same process!
Listening with all our senses
as fears, tears, anger, acceptance and
rituals were expressed.
Christians, Native Americans, Buddhists, Agnostics, Athesists, Jews, Muslims,
Wiccans, Pagans,
all with their own
set of beliefs.
Non-believers have their own beliefs and to hear and listen
openly is a vast and rich experience.
To not believe is in fact a belief system,
even if it is not yours.
To accept one for what they stand for
is true acceptance in life,
one without judgment,
one that says,
“to not believe is saying that is what you believe” and that is alright by me,
I value you for being who you are.
it is also a belief system
to believe in truth, in honor, in justice
when someone is “blowing smoke”
based on
what they present to you
how it is presented.
I remember Maya Angelou
and forget her wisdom so often,
“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”     ~ Maya Angelou ~
There are times when
the belief may begin in earnest
and then someone will show you who they are,
as you are suddenly
down a path
that leads us to wonder,
to suspect
that we have been led
to something that violates
our very beliefs
along with the beliefs and trust that had been established.
It is then
that we are wise to remember Maya Angelou, 
wise to step back,
the very core of self and what and who we believe in.
The foundations
the course, and the turns that were taken based upon the strength of our beliefs.
When living in a world so diverse
in beliefs,
it is always helpful
to stand strong in our own bodies, minds and spirit,
knowing we will need to be flexible
in our hearing, feelings, and thoughts.
Knowing that anothers’ beliefs
may be completely opposite of ours,
but it does not diminish who we are
with beliefs, with thoughts, with attitude of gratitude.
It is in perhaps
these ways that we are so
universally connected
that we share
the idea
that whatever we
it is up to us
to be responsible
in our kindness and our stewardship
to others.
One of the many painful lessons I have learned through the years,
is that people you think you can believe
incan lead you down a primrose path
then out of the blue
you will feel blindsided
once you realize
that business and believing
in the words of others
can be harsh
and userious

The harsh realities that make one realize
that YOU must believe in you
and that which is within
that motivates, and leads you
in your actions, words, good deeds
your life.
“Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”
~ Don Miguel Ruiz ~
What is important
is to ask yourself
“What do I believe”
Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real
for speaking inquiries
to order your copy
Healing Heartaches
to just stop in and visit!

11 comments on “Whatever YOU Believe

  1. helloooo.whatever we each belive, be it the same or with vast differences, the important thing it to be true toyourself, and those that trust in you and love you.Acceptance and tolerance of the belief's of others is mandatory,not saying we all need to agree…" I believe in snow angels andrainbows.. I believe in butterflies in the winter snow..I believe in angel power and thetwinkle of the farthest star "wiching all a beautiful, peaceful eve. hugging my angels ♥ ♥sign me, A

  2. Irene here Happy leap day.been gone all day.good words doc.till tomorrow I AM TIRED but FIRM.

  3. I agree, wise words indeed. Gives me several things to contemplate. Forgot this was a Leap Year,thanks for the reminder. Loved the quotes, will take them to heart. I know my own truth, and have experienced, others desire to override my own…. Easy to think "their stuff" is about me, when in reality, it never is.Much love doc, keep walking, keep talking, we are hear to listen, to learn, to challenge ourselves, and we thank you.

  4. Greetings on the wind doc. Where is everyone today? Are they all snowed in? Hope all are ok. Loved the blog as usual great words from our Doc.Hugs on the wind friend.EE

  5. Sherry, you inspire me daily…to keep believing in myself and to keep fighting. You are an exceptional writer and speaker and you not only talk the talk…you have walked the walk. Bless you for all that you do for others and especially in the medical field. We need more like you out there.
    oh and Osh Kosh is right…your book is the best thing I ever read. I felt like you were sitting here talking to me and it gave me things to hold on to and tools to live life by. I hope everyone buys a copy for we all suffer with loss…loss of home, loss of job, loss of loved ones and this is the most healing book I have ever read on the subject.

  6. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    I hope you will take the time to read the inspirational posts of Dr. Sherry E. Showalter…she is a friend of mine but she inspires me daily to keep on going inspite of the pain. And she makes me realize that we have to believe in ourselves and NOT let others, not let doctors, health supply companies, businesses cause us to feel less about ourselves. We deserve to be treated right and it starts with ourselves.

  7. Blessings to you Danelle, and thank you for being here…

  8. Wise and sage words today Dr. Sherry. Sometimes people/places can crumple us because we were not expecting what they might say or do as it appears in contradiction of what we had been led to believe. I love the quotes and will add them to my wall of quotes to read often.Yes the world is round and I do believe that one day those that misuse the trust of others will account. And until then, it is up to us to keep believing in ourselves and keep our inner and outer beings as the person we want them to be always. Thanks for inspiring me today.

  9. I already told you your book was wonderful. But since you are talking about beliefs this morning, there was something I noticed as I read your book. I never mentioned it until now, and maybe it was because on this blog where you are talkin about “beliefs” –I should put it here. In your book I did notice that it was written in a way to include the whole universe of people, no matter what their personal beliefs might be. When reading it, when there was something that maybe the reader might think, ” well, I’m not sure that is how I look at it,” (NO disrespect to you intended)–then the reader comes across things that they can truly say, “That’s right, that’s how I see it–the woman hit the nail on the head”!!!!!!! That’s cause everybody has different beliefs, and Dr. Sherry didn’t leave ANYONE out of the mix. That’s what was so amazing to me. On a lighter note, when you layed across the foot of that young man’s bed, I laughed out loud–(I knew what you were up to). I’m thinking, she’s gonna win this patient too!!!! Even though I have never met Dr. Sherry personally–don’t even know her at all except through her book–I am convinced she has a heart of gold, AND that is MY BELIEF–don’t nobody mess with it—LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

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