Towers Trumps Gypsies and Thieves

a new day
a new week to make
your voice be heard
to dance in the streets
to sit it out.
I have listened, laughed, cried,
been downright outraged
can say
“I am continually amazed at the buoyancy of the human spirit”.
Many many many
have asked since the writing of these blogs
Healing Heartaches
for a voice to go with my thoughts.
Many have asked others here
“what does her voice sound like?”
I have finally been drug up the mountain to the world
You Tube
answered your questions!
I sure hope you enjoy what is to become a daily
program there
DrSherry Keeping It Real!
The number of “clicks” to view it
will probably determine how long I will do this,
or shall I say the number
many have asked
now the ask need be no more.
Hope you enjoy
what is the first of many
thoughts and musings
“Keeping it Real”
you tube style!
and save it to your favs’.

video by

From the Towers we see The Trump
his celebrities
and the t.v. realities that just seem so short of reality in so many ways.
We can opt for
The Amazing Race
and wonder just how in the world those people do all of that!
we can find something not so real
just enjoy.
We see people that I can hardly recognize
yet they are doing their best to win
The Donald’s challenges
for charity or organizations they believe in if the Celebrity Apprentice is watched,
are astounded at some of the things they do on that show or say.
I rather like to be entertained when watching the t.v.
We see
Humanity at its best
in the worst of times
witnessed over the news
with all that has been devastated in our country
with the Tornadoes and now sift through rubble.
People are finding their way to those that need them, those that need hands, arms, and bodies.
Once again
we are reminded that we are all connected
by the many who are responding
in all the ways they are able
at a time of crisis.
I cannot imagine the pain, the devastation
of sifting or walking through what moments before was my home, my life, my treasures
now exposed for the world to see
wonder how …
The prayers and the prayer bowl are full
prayers are going UP
We have witnessed horror
in the news, on the air,
on the sides of buses
in those who exercise their rights of
1st Amendment.
We’ve also seen an outcry
those who have said,
“enough is more than enough”.
We are seeing the efforts of many ordinary citizens; men and women, teenagers
now standing
and demanding that
one man be taken off the air
for his crude, insensitive and reprehensible
We’re seeing sponsors, and those who advertise on the Rush show
now “backing out”
taking emails and phone calls seriously.
Those like Proflowers, and a few others
will see that supporting your
local business and mom/pop operations
will in fact boost the economy
the service will probably be better as well.
The heat is on
where those folks live.
It lives in their pockets
many are now saying
“we boycott”.
And yet,
the wonderment of the day,
is spirits of gypsies and thieves
those who embrace this as a time
ACT not react
not to sit.
Anyone who values women;
has a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister,
is now realizing that
women are powerful, they vote, they will not tolerate any longer being treated in ways that are less than what they deserve.
we deserve all the rights and privledges
choices that men make and enjoy
every day.
“We The People”
The People.
And the people are talking.
Yesterday’s blog has a list and so many comments from readers.
It also has a wealth of resources of ways and numbers that YOU can get involved with
to add your message
YOUR words
to those that are being spoken.
I encourage you to speak
so that theives
will not steal your spirit
your rights
your choices
your respect
To end,
the really grand news of this weekend
is that;
Godson Kamryn and his team
in Radford VA
played some wicked basketball
with him averaging 13 points a game,
after 3 games of the AAU
those boys
2nd place in the championships!
Way to go Lakers in Radford,
great job!
Seems the effects of 3 games in a row
on those who are 10 years old
takes a smile
even when they are
crowned as winners!
Radford Lakers 2012
Kamryn and his best pal JW bottom left.
Oh those are some tired lookin champs!
So here we are
in the beginning of a new week,
a time of newness all around.
From devastation will be re-building,
from strangers will become friends of a lifetime.
From ignorance will grow empowerment
From this moment
have the choice
to dance
sit it out.
I hope you dance.
To those in Sundays prayer bowl,
YOU were being held up.. and always are.
Walk in Beauty
keepin it real
visit me
or to purchase
Healing Heartaches
I appreciate each of you.

6 comments on “Towers Trumps Gypsies and Thieves

  1. You GO DOC! I love love love the picture of you on the Trump Tower! The video was awesome. Good for readers to see you in action. You do keep it real. We love you for that, and so many more reasons. Thanks for giving voice to issues that matter. Thanks for helping each of us to raise our voices, and as always, thank you for the prayer bowl.Keep the messages coming.

  2. Happy Monday Dr. Sherry and friends. Getting here late today. Took the day off work and needed a down day – at least a down morning and was able to sleep in for the first time in 6 weeks. The message was great today and the video so good Dr. Sherry – loved hearing you rather than reading your words. Great job! Good to see my friends here and wishing each of you that stop by a very happy rest of the day and enjoying some peace and Blessings for the day. I am off to the shelter soon and hope we have some adoptions. Plans for a meet and greet for our 15 year old cat Goldie. Hope the lady loves her and adopts her. A 15 year old cat should not be living in a shelter cage. She was given up by her owner who no longer wanted her. She is perfectly healthy in every way – just a little old lady cat who wants nothing more than to be loved and comfortable. So wishing sweet Goldie a happy new home. Take care my friends and have a terrific rest of the day. /Sandy♥

  3. helloooooooo.happy Monday to all. looking forward to a new week of challenges and adventures here, you just never know what is waiting around the corner, and yes, I am making a choice to go forward, full steam ahead…I enjoyed the youtube video, thinking it's a great idea and opportunity for folks to get to know our DRSES…can't say enough to describe what a wonderful person,full of wisdom and compassion, and I am honored to be a wee part of her vast world..Hopefully Mr. Rush@#$$% has had his final moments of infamy by now, hopefully the message has been heard and some positive actions will be taken… moving forward by just saying how great it is to know there are so many people in our nation that truly care and are willing to stand up and STOMP !Wishing for a best day to all who may visit here… off to work I go.. enjoy life today… no time like the present to ' give it all you got ! 'hugging my angels , ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  4. cool post, as always 🙂

  5. Morning MondayThoughts & words escape me todayI watched our dear Dr.SES 3+minuteon you tube, very very good and for those of you that do not know her voice or have not seen her in action (walking/pacing), it is a good meet/greet visual 1st time.I hope Sherry gives us more video views. You look & sound strong & GREAT ! ( like Tony the tiger: great ! ) bye for now 🙂 FIRM

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