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What have you seen from your seat, your view today? Enough to start a ripple effect that may just reach around the community you live in, the state, the neighboring states, or the world?… REach one, teach one, encourage many to do the same… thank you Danlrene for this and for your son for reaching out with kindness in a world that seams to have or is going mad…

Simply danLrene

Today was a trip to the Brace shop in Pueblo to get my new leg brace fitted on me. Oh I do love the red brace. Makes me smile. I figure if I have to use one…jazz it. 🙂 If you live around the Pueblo area and must be fitted with a brace or orthotic, go to Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics located on 1213 N. Elizabeth. They are absolutely the most awesome and professional place I have ever been to. They took a cast of my leg to fit my brace perfectly. They fitted the brace to my leg after it came in and made sure all was adjusted like it should be. I did not get that kind of service where we lived before.

We also ran by Walmart for son to pick up medicine and some other stuff and I sat in the van. I did my favorite…

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