Great timing, Missouri

Happy Tuesday
some will say it is
Super Tuesday (never did understand what that means).
But it is Tuesday
I have to tell ya,
I put this picture up and thought of the day
I saw it!
I was speaking to a group
in the Mid-West
on Compassion Fatigue.
A great group of Professionals
who work in the health-care and mental health
along with the penal system
were there that day.
During the lunch break a wonderful
woman came up to me
had something in her hand…
She said something like this,
“I wanted to show you something that helps me keep my stress down, and I just know you will love it”.
With that she showed me this soft brown
that you just saw,
then said,
“and it’s so easy to place over your ear, while getting the point across!”
I laughed so hard I almost fell in the floor!
it was a guard against BS
that you can just slip over your ear
we sure could use one of those
Are you laughing so hard
you are about to pee your pants now?
I did!
Everyone in the room
wanted one,
everyone there was hysterical as she modeled this handy little thing
oh boy could we sell them now like
It’s Tuesday
YOU have gotta just laugh
at the absurdities of life
and those who open their mouths
at times.
And then
we hear that
Missouri has a sculptor and they are getting ready to add
Limbaugh’s “bust”
to the Missouri Hall of the Famous!
Way to go Missouri,
your timing is just great.
Since the sculpture is not yet finished with his sculpting
perhaps it would be more fitting to
sculp his ass or his mouth
for your hall.
Gotta give it to ya,
he is famous alright.
He has set a new standard that the whole wide world can see as Americans being
disrespected and women thrown into the dark ages with contempt.
House speaker Tilley’s decision to do this
will now create a storm
over the Missouri native
home grown pride or disgrace now being
honored while among protest from others in the political scene; Tilley said Monday that the ceremony will go on as planned and that he is “honored” to be the one who chose Limbaugh to be included in the hall alongside Missourians such as Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Walter Cronkite and George Washington Carver
“It’s not the ‘Hall of Universally Loved Missourians,’” said Tilley, a Perryville Republican. “It’s the Hall of Famous Missourians.”
Wasn’t Jessi James also a Missourian?
I do believe he was famous as well
if memory serves me right.

Limbaugh’s bust is being made by Kansas City sculptor E. Spencer Schubert. He didn’t respond to a request for comment Monday. Wonder why there are no sculptures in Missouri… Not trying to take away anything from Schubert, just curious why they wouldn’t want one of their own state to represent art from their pride and state?
Schubert also is working on the bust of another Missourian that Tilley is inducting into the hall this year — Dred Scott, the African-American slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom in 1857. Dred Scott to Limbaugh, talk about a contridiction in “busts”…

Meanwhile back in
the world of realitiy
are suffering at the gas pump
to what matters;
housing markets
unemployment is high
smear campaigns are raging
disrespect is growing.
False promises, outright lies
MEN who think us stupid…
The Nations capital
where people come from all over the world,
DC Transit is allowing signage that shows the world, that one can say
ridiculous things
curse the leader of our Nation
once again
where is the decency I have to wonder.\
One thing is sure
YOU better wear your boots
cos I think
the muck is rising
You will need to
protect your feet, your souls,
your ears
your heart and use your brain
as you figure it all out.
A “bust”?
seriously Missouri your timing on this could not have been more “off”
don’t ya think?
I’m thinking
the boycott of sponsors that spew a show filled with hatred, with a shock jock that has no class
who makes lames attempts of justifying his behaviors and then says “I apologized” for my misuse of words,
is just pathetic.
video by
But then look at the source.
However, as sponsors and those who advertise are bailing out,
perhaps they realize that
We the People are the people
who are now speaking up
will no longer tolerate this.
Gas prices?
Well to me that says,
we better be paying very close attention
and what may just be
all hell breaking out
in the very near future.
God Bless America
our President and his family.
Thank you
to those who are serving our Nation
to keep us free and safe.
May the Creator give you what is needed
amid this turmoil
that has been created in the words
of those political ones
focus to do what you are skilled to do
when called upon
to protect us.
Stand UP
for respect, for your freedoms, your rights,
your choices
in this Nation of ours.
Imagine, just imagine
how the world is viewing us
when signs on DC transit
“go to hell barack”
are left there .
Just imagine how the world and our enemies
our troops
are feeling
what they all our thinking
we as a Nation
do not stand together
regardless of party lines
in Unity
Imagine how the world and soldiers
of our USA
feel and think
when a shock jock of no morals
spews hatred and venom
against women
when that woman
could be a soldiers wife, mother, daughter, sister.
Yet another country could be saying,
“oh yes, we have them now… they are thinking like savages, and we can attack”.
Just imagine
our strength
when we stand
if that is too hard,
just remember
how we stood
after 9/11,
how we stood
after major disasters
standing from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.
We are a strong people
living in our beloved country
are speaking.
we have to now wonder
how in the world
Missouri House speaker can even begin to defend his actions
of an ass being honored by way of a bust.
Maybe the sculptor will take some artistic liberties
make the mouth open, tongue out
and lay some oxycontins on the tongue
as a
great message to those who are now dying by thousands each year from prescription overdoses
then at least we can think there is a message in the madness
of this decision.
Great timing once again.
Walk In Beauty,
keepin it real
Get Up
and outshine your day today!

14 comments on “Great timing, Missouri

  1. I love this. Think I need a set for my own ears. LOL. Great words as always Sherry and a wonderful read to start my day.

  2. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO WARRIORS, way to go MOM/COB/Dot, you are the bombdiggedity… to stay on that phone like the General and STOMP you did.Let's keep up that pressure friends and run this rat back to his sewer… Andy Rooney? boy those are some big shoes, to fill…Just keepin it real,andwith friends like ya'll I'll never go broke,but if I do,I'm sure FIRM will feed meorI'll hit sign me A for a burger and fries!!!YOU ALL ROCK…how do you like the YOU TUBE???visit and click often, we want to get them to it!!!Hugs on the wind to all who gather here, warriors you all are!STOMP"We the people, ARE THE PEOPLE"

  3. Hey doc, you are awesome! LOVE the videos, I second the comment on Andy Rooney! YOU GO DOC, is this world really ready for all you have to give? I am. Keep it commin.

  4. Ok Dr.SES and all bloggers. I have spent the last 2hrs. calling the list of names that was supporting Rush Limbaugh. The calls I made I talked to real people and they assured me the ads have been pulled. One of the calls also told me to stay on the line and they would appreciate me leaving a comment. One of the lines had a long wait so it is working. Whoever took the time to get the phone numbers and names of companies is RIGHT ON. Maybe our voice will be heard and he will be gone for a long time.Blessings to all. Stand up. Keep on Keeping it Real Dr. SES


  6. Super Tuesday? Where? I guess it is where you make it and I sure am glad I am not in Mo. what in the world is Tilley whoever he is thinking? Love watching the news and hearing all about the companies pulling out of the Rush Limbaugh pocketbook. He was pulling in I think around $54million a year. Maybe he will have to clean the streets to feed his habit. I cannot believe the people have not boycotted the station where he is broadcasting. That soon will be coming I am sure. Me too, tired of all of these political phone calls. When it says unknown I pick it up and lay it off the hook and let them talk to thin air after all they are paying for the call so let it roll. Loving the pictures of the good Dr. SES jumping out of everything. How fun is that? Lets all enjoy this lovely warm weather and remember our troops out there in all kind of weather. Pray for them and their families. Blessings to all

  7. Hi Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy Tuesday to you. Dr. Sherry, you sure say it like it is and I like that. No extra stuff added just the way it is! I love the pictures today and the thoughts. I am anxious to go home and listen to you on video. Can't do it here at work. Well, hope you all are having a Terrific Tuesday and the weather is good. Supposed to get up in the 50s today but only 42 right now but the sun is shining. I could not believe that at 7:45a.m. it was light out. I love when the morning gets light early. Back to work today. Would have loved to have another day off. I needed another sleep in day. Don't have another day off till April 5. Wishing each of you a Blessed and peaceful afternoon. Hugs to you /Sandy♥

  8. Wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing that!! I swear you are a mess! A good encouraging mess. LOL I really do look forward to your blog every day. Helps me not think so much about the “empty nest” syndrome–which is also bull shit as far as I’m concerned. I hate it—they gotta grow up—but I hate missing them. You are making me think about other things, and that is good for me. I like your you tube also. So, even though my reasons are selfish, thanks for putting up with my comments.

    • Oh Love hearing from you… So happy you visited the you tube of Keepin it Real, hope you subscribed and commented there! yes, we could all use those B.S. Guards I’m thinkin… Take best care darlin and “dont’ block the blessings”… Be well and keep on commenting!

  9. "A", I am tippin my hat and my feather to you today… STOMP,and I join with you as "We the people" ARE THE PEOPLE,and we have had more than enough b.s. to last a lifetime.What is the purpose of the DO NOT CALL LIST… if they continue to call?Can't understand that one either, have hooked up my landline to the fax machine to annoy as many as I can…after all it is bundled with the cable and interent they say, so might as well use it for something productive.We with compassion, tolerance and patience have been patient and tolerant to long. Now we will use compassion to FUEL our fires and stoke our senses and STOMP…I hear honeymoon island calling you, and the dolphins await u, me and so many with their brilliance, their intellect and their beauty… along with a respite from grief, and the b.s. of the day.Enjoy U dear one. huggin u and callin all angels here

  10. hellooooo.I have no clue either why we call this 'super tuesday'…although we are blessed with bright blue skies, lots of sunshinetoday here in FL..gotta wonder how many people have their heads in the sand, as in the state of MO. and the likes of honoring Mr. Rush in the hall of fame ??? Perhaps the hall of 'shame' would be more apropriate. I also am taking a hard look at the world around me, gas prices are hideous and ignorance is running rampant in our media. We seem to have become complacent with the acceptance of antics displayed by politicians, wanna be politicians and the disrespect we tolerate from our fellow citizens.My head is full of pollen, work overload, that thing we call 'grief'..back biting at my heart, and I am constantly answering my phone, solicitors of all sorts, intuding on my privacy… already today I have requested four times to be removed from random call lists… I'd love to know where and why do companies feel they have the right to call me.. automated answers when I do pick up.. and then have the nerve to pit me on 'hold'..GRRRRR… sounds as if I'm just a bit cranky ??? LOL… I was raised to have tolerance, compassion and patience, which I feel I display most all of the time… not today !! I am saying on this 'super tuesday'…Leave me alone world… keep all your political b.s. away from me, take a long hard look into your morals and values and make some much needed changes.. We , the people, yes, the voters , the workers, we.. who pay for all your extravagance have had ENOUGH !Our voices are strong and righteous.. we are UNITED and full of power..The world is round, spinning out of control from my point of view..Let's refocus on the important stuff.. finding cures for devastaing disease.. finding solutions to our healthcare problems, sheltering our homeless ,educating our children so they may live in a safe and secure world…Thanks for allowing me time on the soapbox here, we all truly appreciate having Dr.Ses in our lives, and I am sending best wishes to all my friends here for a bit of peace, reprieve and sunshine in your hearts…Love the "live" page, can't seem to comment though,keep on getting an "error" message… By the way..Doc, you are doing a great job stepping into Andy Rooney's shoes… perhaps we will see you on "60 minutes" one of these Sunday eve's…Take care everyone.. gonna go find me a big cup of coffee and a quiet place to take a walk…hugging my angels ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  11. I wish you could have seen it at the seminar I was speaking at! Thankfully she did not use it for me! But I was just tickled to life when she shared it with me, allowed me to try it on… and oh how I wish I would have thought to ask her take a photo of me with it on! Yes, we could indeed wear it on so many occasions and perhaps in colors that would match every outfit or event! Thanks for being here…

  12. I like the bullshit guard. Too fun!

    I envision folks wearing them in all venues of life, even in the privacy of their homes in case a family member delivers bs.

    Making these read pretty good at http://www.banderasnews.com/howto/bullshit/wa-bullshit-deflectors.pdf

    Step 1 — cut out ear slots first

    Step 2 — cut out bullshit deflectors

    Step 3 — place over earlobes

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