Jump on in, it’s
Wicked Cool Wednesday!
Since we have a day called
super Tuesday,
let’s just create our own
“Wicked Cool Wednesday”
a day
to Jump in to our own
day of celebrating
a day to jump into our own feelings
goodness, honest interactions,
right way relations.
Maybe the idea will take form
folks will just adopt the thought
find it worthy
of a day that spreads throughout the week.
It can be a day
that our thoughts create our actions,
fundamtenal belief
All people are equal
deserve to be treated with kindness
respect kinda day!
A day of no lies, no slander, no smut campaigns to fellow Americans.
a day of no attempts to win back that which is lost through acts and actions
beneath a snakes belly
where a bell was sounded and rung loudly across the lands
by one person with too much influence and power…
I’m thinking it is a
“Wonderful Wicked Cool Wednesday”
We The People
The People.
We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, sounds, socio-economic backgrounds,
faith systems, beliefs, humor, standards,
we come with voices
great strength
particularly when we come together.
Do you remember those days
when folks all over our country,
in cities and in little towns
banded together
and their voices were strong.
In cities strangers extended their hand and voice to another with greeings of hello,
how are you…
When crisis hits
suffering is witnessed
Natural disaster
by the hands of hatred
We The People
ARE the People who rise up
We Are A Strong Nation
WE stand together.
Our rights, our freedoms, our humaness
will always
be worth
Standing For.
We just have to be
when we sit, walk

video by

The key to standing is to really know
that there may be those times
when you look around you
find you are standing alone
at times,
other times
you may just be amazed
to see that out of nowhere comes many
who nod their head
as they take their place to stand alongside you.
And yes,
along the way you may find that some will turn their backs,
others put their heads in the sand,
still others will say you now have an enemy
to watch your back.
All those things
are proof in the pudding that it is
that are standing
that are passionate about someone
that has taken you from your seat
called you
to Stand.
So when you do, stand proud, stand strong,
know that you
you have rights, choices, and the freedoms that you do
thanks to those who are in Uniform
fighting to maintain our freedom
defend us from all harm.
Thank you
those who are serving
those who have served
those who love them.
This is a day
I hope you will enjoy,
I hope you will do something absolutely fun
for YOU today.
We survived that thing that is called
super tuesday,
we’re continue to hear of the promises, the distortions
and all that stuff.
just for today,
imagine yourself
taking a great big leap from the back of a boat
creating an awesome splash
of wonderment,
only to surface and find yourself
eye to eye
with a dolphin that is smiling at
Have the best day
Faith is a process of taking the jump,
remembering it is not always certain how warm or cold that water will be,
but believing that it will be
that you will BE a splash!
Walk In Beauty,


  1. loving it doctor sherry. A time when we all agree to be nice. What do they call that? A truce. LOL.thanks again for the great words and the even greater video.jennie

  2. Greetings to all here. Oh doc yes I do remember after 911 and how people were. I wish it did not take a tragedy of such magnitude to make us stop and think about what we are doing and to bring us together as a country.LOVIN the videos Doc. You are the best.I raise my coffee cup to you.hugs on the wind to allEE who is watching out for that big snow storm to hit us.

  3. Where is everybody? Awesome blog doc. Loved the video. Standing alone, or in a crowd. Proud to stand for what is right every time.

  4. Sherry, I could not agree more. A day of peace and unity and being nice to each other. Being nice should be so much easier than all the hate in the world. I loved the quote that said “don’t try to reach the hate mongers. you are not the jerk whisperers” and I thought how true.
    As always inspired by your words sherry and so LOVING the videos. Keep them up.
    hugs friend.

  5. Good Morning, taking a leap for Wed. morning water aerobatics. Cold here in Va. but supposed to be 70deg. today. I am headed out to LA. and pick up limbs from the trees loaded down with snow on Monday. I love sitting still at times and jump in the recliner and pull my blankie over me for a nice snooze. I am glad super Tues. is done and over with will be so glad when the politicians are gone and done. Having fun seeing Dr.SES jump out in those video. Never know where that lady is going or coming. Be kind and smile today. Looking for my dress up clothes for St. Pattys day. My green wig is coming. Bless our troops and their families. Blessings to all

  6. helloooooooo.
    it’s me. Finally gave in to the change of pages.. finally figured out how to get here if the truth be known.. Love having a “wickedcool” wednesday, day off here, NO STRESS.. allowed in my life today.. A bit chilly for my honeymoon island trip but that’s okay.. I enjoyed a morning walk instead to wake up my sleepy head..I, as well as Irene, am enjoying the visits “live’ with DR. Sherry, and gotta say I was thinking that same thing about Doc sitting still.. .. perhaps there is a seat belt hidden from our view.. Being “hump” day, great idea to take a break from the troubles in the world and let loose a bit, kick back and enjoy..
    Maybe even dance??
    Best wishes to all, hope you have a great day !
    hugging my angels,
    sign me ♥ ♥ A.

    • Well that seat belt, is snug, and holding me STILL is something I am “not used to at all” as YOU know well!
      But the tripod and kizmo will not allow me to “keep walkin Dr Showalter, keep walkin”! LOL,
      and to say I am amazed to find you on this page is an understatement… but tickled to life I am!
      HOpe you will visit all and leave comments each place and the tubes as well. I know it is a lot to ask, and a lot to think a person would take the time to do! Think we are due a session in your office on the beach real soon yep thinkin that a plan indeed. Be well dear A and know you are held UP always.

      • helloooo.
        I am definitely ready Doc for a visit in my ” office’..
        the decor is inspiring, painted in awesome shades and textures of brilliant blues and aquas, Also quite spacious with high ceilngs which reach the heavens and skylight ‘windows’ allowing the beautiful sunshine to warm your face.. believe it or not, the rent is very
        inexpensive, and I have signed a lifetime lease… Ready here whenever you have some time to share..
        A few of my friends have discovered your live site and are sharing with their friends and so on… some very positive feedback coming my way..
        By the way, may have forgot to mention… Thank you for being here and being you ! with much appreciation and gratitude for all you do for so many…
        sign me, A.

  7. Good words this morning Dr. Sherry – I like thinking about a Wicked Cool Wednesday and hope that evryone is enjoying this day and all its Blessings. I am loving the videos but I can't see them here at work. Have to way till I get home and enjoy them. I love hearing your voice and watching you speak. I kinda thought you would be a walker as you talk. It sure is nice weather here in SE Michigan today. Sunny and going up to mid 50s and 60 by Friday Yeah!!! Sure can't complain about this winter. Spring is right around the corner – I feel it! Good to see you Irene – Dr. Sherry can share your morning routine and she has been sharing my dinner time with me the last few days LOL! I am wishing each one who stops by here a Happy and Wonderful Wednesday. /Sandy♥

  8. Hello FIRM/Irene,IF only YOU knew….. how hard it is to "sit still", but then again, I'm thinking YOU and those who know how the DRSES walks/paces, and touches those who sit in the audience!So until I can find a way to get a recorder on speed, sit I will although we both know in my mind, "I'm walkin"!Cheers, the coffee was good!haha

  9. Okay, wicked cool Wednesday.I cannot stop smiling when I see the live Dr. Sherry these past 4 days/sessions. I can hardly listen to what she has to say!I raise my coffee cup to the screen. It will take me some time to absorb & digest that you are there, speaking (without pacing).The Monica Lewinsky comment almost made me mess myself ! You keep, keeping it real, my friend. Love having you join me & my morning routine ! Be well, stay safe, always FIRM

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