Let’s SEEEE if…

talking to me on the phone
awhile back…
I’m thinkin
wanting to get 101
subscribers to the blogs
heaven only knows
how many I’d love to get to
“click” and share those
“Keepin it Real” you tubes
I’m comin to you with.
I’m wondering,
a little challenge might just entice you
to share and to get others
to subscribe
and join us here!
You must do the thing you think you cannot do”
Eleanor Roosevelt 
Drum roll please…
isn’t that a sound you just
get giddy with the thoughts of?
so then,
Let’s have some
I’m asking for 101 subscribers
and will be taking names
from the blogs…
Those names once 101 are collected
will be dropped into the magic hat
you seeing me wearing on
the videos
a lucky winner will be drawn!
a lucky winner
who will then recieve an email
or be notified here;
letting them know
their very own
autographed copy
Healing Heartaches
is on its way to them to have and to enjoy!
With a little “somethin somethin”
added as a thank you in the box
just because!
Healing Heartaches continues to recieve great reviews from folks who take the time to write,
to take the time to let me know of chapters
thoughts that they related to.
One reader has told me she threw the book with such strength across the room that it now has a permanent dent in it
she realized that many of the stories were allowing her to come to her own losses
journey of grief into healing ways.
I would have liked to have watched that
as long as I wasn’t in the direction of the throw!
Others tell me
that their book sits on the nightstand like a trusted friend,
that they re-read from time to time,
will sometimes try to see the people that the stories reflect or they will wonder if I was peeking into their own lives.
I am so honored by the words of others,
it does make me feel as I’ve come to live here in your mind… I love that feeling.
This bear, was made at the bear store we all hear about, on a trip where Olivia had her first experience with room service!
Oh she took such time and care in the making,
and when it was ready for stitching
Olivia picked out
not one,
but 3 hearts to go inside that special bear.
One to beat for Olivia
One to beat for “da mama”
One to beat for “Nana”
the three to beat together always
keeping us near
even when we are far apart.
OH yes, my heart melted.
quick, order her all the room service she wants,
that is Nana’s girl!
The Embassy Suites had those little outfits all ready for us
upon return for her special bear…
I think I’ve forgotten its name,
shame on me!
I’m sure she will tell me again.
In Healing Heartaches
I tell a few of the stories of me
in my alter-ego
Bearly Bear,
yes, me dressed in a bear suit,
huge I was
ever so cuddily…
I had a series of fund raisers through the year,
enlisting then the Mayor Jim Moran in
Alexandria Va
A.B.A.T.E. folks on their motorcycles
the community at large along with the likes
Mary Chapin Carpenter,
and a lot of other musicians
that would play their hearts out
for children with Cancer.
All done so that
Bearly Bear could show up
and hand out bears
to brave little warriors
the party was thrown at holiday time
the first one in D.C.
at the
Embassy Suites
later taken to another property
to Richmond
to reach more and more kids!
The Embassy Suites hosted many a party
children with Cancer
“Bearly Bear”
would come down from the highest floor there in a glass elevator…
Teddy bears *similar to the one above* but not dressed as fancy… would be handed out to these wonderful kids at a holiday party.
Bearly Bear did not talk, but was a grand listener, and confidant for many a bald headed child in the throes of cancer, of life threatening illness and family dynamics.
Bearly Bear was known to show up in ER’s, in hospitals late at night,
you just never knew where that Bear might
and the talks that would be had
with a pad of paper
and a pen in a paw!
All would come screaming, some being assisted by crutches, by parents, by wheel chairs
would want to be touched, to be hugged
to recieve their new bear…
some would have last years bear with them,
to show and to tell of the year,
the chemo treatments, the loss of hair,
the new friends,
hard conversations with parents who cried alot.
Teddy Bears with fur worn thin, with bandages on, and IV sites that had been placed there at places of treatment by hospital staff who understood the importance of those bears
eased the pain of the children by allowing them their bears during treatment.
One little girl had her Mom to shave her bears’ head, in order to look more like her
and wanted to let me know
of the visits she had from the angels
her view on dying.
She wanted to tell me
as she said,
“cos’ when I try to tell mommie and daddie they just cry and I think they get mad at me.”
The tears that were shed within that bear suit were enough to fill a full sized pool,
and the love that was recieved enough to carry me many lifetimes.
Each and every time I speak across the country
I think of those times when staying in
Embassy Suites.
I reflect on those days,
those children, their parents, grandparents, siblings…
those magical Teddy Bears
the lessons I learned from such old souls
housed in such little bodies.
Now owned by Hilton,
I still just have to tell whoever is at the desk,
about the days
Bearly Bear and those glass elevators
magic that happened;
the days of starting those parties in the elevator
the joy brought to children, and the parents,
a day was spent joyfully
Santa and Bearly Bear.
With so many who volunteered their time
to make it a day to be remembered
a day to be cherished
a day to be inspired by in ways one can barely
Children are amazing;
they remember where they came from,
they are open to recieve
open to give
they are warriors.
Healing Heartaches
one beat at a time
I hope the 101st person to subscribe
will let us
stir up a hat
gift a book to someone who may enjoy it!
so there ya go,
the challenge is on…
The skies are the limit
us all to soar
to remember,
I thank you for being here!
Hope you are enjoying
“Dr Sherry Keepin it Real”
on you tube as well!
Let me know
if there is anything you wanna hear about,
talk about!
I’ll see what I can do with your thoughts!
“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye” Helen Keller


video by

Walk in Beauty,

19 comments on “Let’s SEEEE if…

  1. A person essentially lend a hand to make seriously articles I might state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I surprised with the analysis you made to create this particular submit extraordinary. Fantastic activity!

  2. Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space great graphics, videos, layout. This is definitely a must-see blog!

  3. Happy Saturday friends – hope it is a grand day for you. Sun is up and shining here in SE Michigan 33° but going to the 50s Yeah! I am off the the shelter – having a group of Girl Scouts in for a tour so will be busy. Three cats added yesterday and 1 dog but no adoptions. Hopefully, we will have some positive adoptions today. Our big Basset Hound found his way to a Basset Hound rescue yesterday so that was great for him. Been in a shelter cage for way too long. Well, everyone have a peaceful day and enjoy your Blessings. Dr. Sherry, I sent you an e-mail last night. Smiles and hugs sent to all my friends here today. /Sandy♥

  4. hellooooo.
    funny to me that you are talking about ” Healing Heartaches ” here today. I had been reading through my book the last couple of nights . I think I have almost memorized every page.Love it each time I read…
    Hello to Laura and MS. AWARENESS.. Time to STOMP again.. are there any local events going on Keep me posted ? I’d love to help out anyway I can .

    I will be sending the link to this page for my friends to enjoy and let them know about the contest.. I bet the #101 finds it’s way there quickly…
    Off to sleep for me.. looking forward to some sweet dreams…
    hugging my angels,
    sign me, A.

    • Lovely to see you here sign me “A”, but soon the others on http://www.drses.blogspot.com will be asking for you and wondering! I LOVE IT… you are reading Healing Heartaches once again, and from what you’ve told me I can only imagine that the cover is about to fall off, but I am deeply honored, and wish you HOPE in Healing, surrounded by those powerful angels that visit you so very often… Here comes the sun, new beginnings, new times of hope and wonderful messages from those we love… Be Well, hope to see you soon!

  5. I love the book Dr. Showalter. It is so touching, so moving. I cried, I laughed, I stopped often to absorb the love, the wisdom, and have read and reread many sections. I feel you big heart in every story. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I am privileged to own Healing Heartaches.To anyone who has not had the joy of reading this book. You should. You will be so glad that you did. I am.

  6. Well it's our bloomin onion FIRM back from da Outback… great place to tell folks to "subscribe to the blogs and you tubes" I'm thinkin… Hope you enjoyed yourself dear one.. STOMP into Friday, blessings and all the best yes is coming your way!

  7. Ga-dey, mates, it's Friday.Can ya tell I been to OUTBACK?Elderly neighbors treated me to dinner, wow…. the good I do, came back. Great blog & video today. My own copy of your book is showing its wear. The 5 gift copies of H.H. went to dear ones in need of reading. The bear made a huge impression on me and I think of you doc, suiting up and struttin' round….. healing heartaches, just healing. Enjoy Friday everyone, Love ya all, Irene

  8. Bearly Bear is precious! Was a clever idea also. I like your style Dr. Sherry. You are a good woman who helps lots of people. The book is an excellent read.

    • hello osh kosh love! hope the day is one that you are making shine! Please send folks to subscribe so i can add their names to the hat here… be well and thank you so very much for your kindesses!

  9. Reblogged this on guinsramblings and commented:
    What a great post! Make sure you sign up to follow Dr. Sherry to get an opportunity to get her fabulous book!

  10. Oh love this I do Sherry. I reblogged it so that all my subscribers could see it too. And I add a thought to the challenge. If my name is drawn…I want you to place my name aside and give someone else a chance to win this book since I have a copy. That way it will give someone even more of a chance to win.
    Gonna be waiting to heart when that 101 subscriber hits. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, and I look forward to sending out Healing Heartaches to someone once we fill that hat … Be well and again, I thank YOU for reading and for your support and authentic kindness along the journey friend…

  11. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    I have to reblog this so all my friends here can get a chance to win the book I raved so much about a couple of days ago. This is a wonderful book and oh how I loved the stories of Bearly Bear. Sherry is inspiring and will inspire you to be all you can be with her words but this book will help your heart as we live in a world of loss today…loss of jobs, homes, friends, possessions. Hope you will go and follow today and one of you wins that book.

  12. Dr. Sherry, Yes, I will send you an e-mail this evening from home. I think I have your e-mail address. I see the You Tube video listed now – thanks so much and Bless you.

  13. Hello Sandy and all at Detroit Medical Center today… thank you for your words, and how delighted I am to hear that Healing Heartaches is worn… I'm actually looking for a phone number you might could help me with, there is a marvelous woman I met on a plane… Dr Iris Taylor of DMHC and I do believe she might just be the one to bring me out there to talk to those doin such hard work! If you see her, let her know I'm lookin for her, and still remember how she touched me, and congrats to her on her great and well deserved achievements there!Be Well dear one, it's Friday? WOW that is wonderful!!!

  14. Dear Dr. Sherry, great challenge today and I hope you get over the 101. Such great and touching message today. I loved reading about Bearly Bear in the book and many tears were shed throughout the book but Bearly Bear had me! It reminded me so much of "Fluffee the Clown" at the various children's events for those special children in many ways. Children talk to clowns a lot, especially if they are more quiet clowns like "Fluffee" I believe it is easier to open their hearts up to one who is not an every day person they would come in contact with. Children are so precious and those going through trials are so sweet. I have also been a Santa Elf at Christmas with my very best and loved Santa who is also my clown Mentor. Christmas parties with special children are very memorable for me.Dr. Sherry, my book is pretty worn out over the past year as it has been read and read again and much refferal back to find something special that I needed to read again. Thank you for that Dr. Sherry. Did I miss it or is there no You Tube video today? I have been enjoying those in the evening after I get home from a long days work. Wishing all those who gather here a Fantastic Friday – Wow-Friday! Be well and enjoy the Blessings of the day for you. /Sandy♥

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