It’s Friday and You Matter!


5 comments on “It’s Friday and You Matter!

  1. Sherry, I nominate and give you this “VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” because your blog is all about inspiration and lifting others up. You can read about it and get the picture to go on your blog here at my blog: http://workthedream.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    Just look at how mine is and make a post like I did and give this award to seven bloggers you think are inspirational.

  2. Hello Dr. Sherry! How refreshing it is to hear your voice! (This is something that most bloggers don’t do.) It draws me in right away. Your compassion for the Human Spirit is palpable! Thanks for the sweet inspiration.

    • How lovely to read your words and HELLO TO YOU SomerEmpress! I’m so happy you are hear! May the Creator bless you and the rainbow always touch you lightly on the shoulder darlin… visit the you tube station and I’ll be there for you! Be well, and I appreciate your words, and I THANK YOU…

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