Compassion Fatigue is Flourishing

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2 comments on “Compassion Fatigue is Flourishing

  1. Good evening Dr. Sherry,
    I’m touched by this video. You expose the reality behind the work that you do so beautifully. Compassion? Yes. Fatigue? That too. Together? Most certainly. There is a weariness that one can experience in giving, in rendering their gifts, in “restoring that resilience” that you defined so poignantly. Part of that weariness has to do with the truth that we also have to stop to replenish our own stores of energy, and fuel (physical and mental), in order for us to continue to inspire and restore others. I feel like part of that collective “we”, and very much aligned with you, as I seek to do similar work in my own life, away from my blog writing and behind the scenes, but very much in the forefront of the exchanges and situations in the real lives of others.

    Thank you for sharing your light and energy.

    P.S. I love that coffee mug (red w/ flower) and I always end my letters with “Be Well!” (No coincidence.)

    • There are no co-ink-e dinkies … glad you like the cup! Yes compassion fatigue is flousishing as I see those walking in to seminars and keynotes and stand before them, the walking wounded secondary from the stories and the work that they absorb on a cellular level that gets in the heart/body/spirit of those providing care, interventions, compassion. Thank you for being here, and
      take best care of YOU.. yes, Be Well, (no coincidence indeed)
      Walk In Beauty dearheart!

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