Fresh Press/Re-blog/Spread the Words

Gypsy and Patches
lookin at me for answers
Jeepers waking up
to ask me ‘what is the question’
here I sit
wondering about this thing
Fresh Pressed!
Where is
Ellen D
to weigh in on this with me?
She could also give her imput on current
quips, thoughts, humor
“Our attention span is shot. We’ve all got Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD or OCD or one of these disorders with three letters because we don’t have the time or patience to pronounce the entire disorder. That should be a disorder right there, TBD – Too Busy Disorder.”
Ellen DeGeneres
the 2 of us could create more disorders,
make jokes about mothers,
fall in the chair,
and evaluate the real merits
of freshly pressed thoughts
such as that
while doing a wicked cool
until Ellen shows up,
I have to rely on the 4 leggeds here,
and so far as we can tell
Fresh pressed is not a coffee,
not an iron
nor has anything to do with clothing!
yet it is all the desire for those who blog
I have yet to figure it out completely!
Now it would seem
things like
Fresh pressed allows more and more folks to read your blogs, to like them, to comment on them, and I would suppose to not like them at all.
Yet it appears that many many who write blogs
hope against hope they will be
“fresh pressed”
Like a fresh pair of jeans or set of sheets I’m thinkin!
Ah, the world of the internet in all its complexities.
now I hear and see on my
the word
and I’m wondering
what am I suppose to do with that little button there?
Well before I knew it
my thoughts had been
by a delightful woman who writes wonderfully.
Seems she liked my words so much
she too has that magic little button
she went and clicked it,
which took my very blog
to her very blog
allowing my
very words and pictures to be viewed by
How wicked cool was that of her?
Well I had to enlist little Gypsy in the consult of all this thinking and news… and she brought along her trusted monkey to hear all about the idea of presssing fresh, blogging and reblogging and came up with the idea that it is grand indeed.
I tried it myself,
I hit that little button for
on a post I read,
bringing it to my very own page,
adding a few comments that I felt it an inspiring read,
a bit fancy and oh so easy!
Oh the person was so glad to be thought so highly of that I would “re-blog”
place it on my page for folks to read!
I was touched by her words,
I wanted to share them with as many as I could,
the message strong,
HOPE was conveyed.
It was a good thing!
What a world,
we can share the thoughts of others,
just like that.

video by

I am so impressed I just don’t know what to think.
Thankfully I have my three cohorts in crime
you have seen above to assist me in figuring these difficult things out in my mind.
This blog/thoughts page
can be daunting at times!
what began as a way to just
throw out a line
a connection
is growing into a web that extends now across the world and I know you are reading me from places I could not have imagined!
For those who haven’t seen the
new and improved blog,
here is the link.
The place for comments is a little tab at the top right and says
click it and it will take you right to a box to write your heart out!
Isn’t that just grand?
I”ve been told that
WordPress is read so much more
than my initial blogger site
the folks are sure liking the format
it appears.
So for now I am maintaining both
will continue that.
I get that change is difficult
we have just cut off the top of the blanket and sewn it to the bottom
so that we will now think we have a longer blanket
*daylight savings time*
folks are trying to re-set their clock
as I sit here and try to wrap my mind
around “internet ease”…
what i dont yet understand,
is why some folks don’t like the
“re-blog” idea… somehow they feel that their words would be taken from them
or used without their permission
as if something bad would happen.
I think it such a high honor that someone would think my thoughts worthy of sharing
I am honored rather than angry
that someone would take that second to hit
the button
and then mindfully make a couple fo comments;
“wow this was a great read, just wanted to share it with you”.
Maybe it’s me,
but once again
I’m reminded we’ve become a bit too sensitive,
perhaps a bit too stoic in fear
that others are trying to take from us
than share us with others.
I fully respect copyrights
fight fiercely to protect my own work
when out and about.
oh how i love to think
someone thinks
these daily thoughts and musings of mine
are worthy of sharing at times,
that they will say
“check out keepin it real with Dr Sherry”
“thanks for the read”
it just tickles me to life.
So as I prepare for
making more videos
and conjure up topics to talk about with you over coffee or dinner,
I’m getting
sending me emails
letting me know
how to tilt my hat, which side to wear it on,
what colors to wear that are brighter, to change coffee colors and sizes
all manner of great ideas!
Wonder if she noticed what was written on the dark blue coffee cup
I can be seen with on those
YOU tubes?
gotta love it!I’ve heard that folks are loving the
fun shots from buildings
such as that,
oh the feedback it’s beginning to come in!
“Find out who you are and figure out what you believe in. Even if it’s different from what your neighbors believe in and different from what your parents believe in. Stay true to yourself. Have your own opinion. Don’t worry about what people say about you or think about you. Let the naysayers nay. They will eventually grow tired of naying.”    ~ Ellen Degeneres ~

let me know
if you’d like to see any special feats,
like moon walking,
standing on my head,
talking in rhyme,
sharing a coke vs. a coffee,
(I don’t drink tea unless sick)
if you wanna hear me sing
(I don’t do opera unless gargling)
If you understand this
“Fresh Press”
that doesn’t involve a dry cleaner
an iron
the wonderment of
sharing great words and posts of others
so that the word gets spread further
its message sent
on the wonderful
word of eyes/mouth/spirit
to as many as desire to have it.
I’ll be around,
if not out of town
I’ll be open to hear
all you have to say.
So then,
how’s that for some thought
to start your week for this day?
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing,
do it the best way you know how…
Be who you are
what is right
if it means
p*ssing someone off,
at least you know
your beliefs.
Keep the faith dear hearts!
Walk in Beauty,



11 comments on “Fresh Press/Re-blog/Spread the Words

  1. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    Reblogging this as Sherry feels the same way that I do and many that come here do. And I too wonder how Fresh Press works. 🙂

  2. Just keep those thoughts, comments and wonderful connections flowing dear warriors of gentle and feisty spirits!

  3. Happy to see you on this sun filled day, and I think that the “worm moon” and its aftermaths are affecting many… and not in real good ways! It may help you to remember to teach people how to treat YOU… stand and wait, for the thank you… say “you are welcome” when none comes and look them in the eye with a smile… We do teach others how to treat us, through repetitive messages, and at times it would be easier to spill the coke and fries on them instead!!! Hug those angels and take best care, hope to see you soon!

  4. helloooooo.
    I have no idea of what ‘freshpress’ means… I am not much up on all of this computer stuff, but I know I enjoy reading and sharing the thoughts of all the ‘gentle warriors’ who have bonded thru the world of Healing Heartaches… thanks for the video of old man Louis today, what a wonderful world indeed. My ” mater” plants are flourishing, have gifted me already with some grape like maters, and waiting for the big reds to present themselves… can’t hardly wait to share… the skies are blue and the clouds sre white, thinking some resting by the pool is in order for this “dance on the desk ” monday… I am wondering today, after a grueling day at the burger joint , where has courtesy and kindness.. especially on a blessed Sunday , vanished ??? Sooooo many people are in a constant hurry, forget their manners, as in please and thank yous, and just plain rude to those of us ( me ! ) who try our best to serve them with a smile and some hospitality… daylight savings change surely had a lot of folks out of whack.. LOL..
    hoping this week starts off amazingly for all, Enjoy some fresh air, wherever you may be and most of all think a thought of happiness and share a smile..
    life is good.
    hugging my angels, ♥ ♥
    sign me, A.

  5. Sherry, I so agree. I think when someone reblogs our posts…it is an honor They can not edit our post…it says right on it that it is our post….so I am not sure why some get so upset. I told people that they could gladly reblog my posts for it helped my number of followers to grow. I jumped about ten yesterday just from people reblogging. Sorry ubt I sort of read over links that a few like to do and don’t click the links but with a reblog..I can see right away if I want to re-read it. And how’s that coffee this mornin?

    • Well thanks for the validation there, and the coffee is good as i sit here with the neighbor tellin me of my problems with the pool here, i’m thinkin of drowin my sorrows in the pool!!! haha, I love re blogging your inspirational writings and those of others! can’t for the life of me figure all of this stuff out tho’ “fresh pressed” ? sounds like coffee or an iron involved to me! Be well and keep the faith dearheart

  6. …… see, and I loved the big screen / audience you tube !It was so different, set the mood in a different light. I also like the back of your computer chair, looked like a palm tree ?Nuff said ! bye, Irene

  7. Dr. Sherry – Yes, I agree with you -just get you here to Detroit and in person. I know that someday you will say your are on your way here..I just like seeing you sitting at your home computer talking, and keeping it real, and seeing the background that looks like the breeze is blowing outside your window is very relaxing.

  8. Great start to the week hearing from FLUFF first then FIRM and our anonymous… yes I admit the buttons, links clinck clicks and such are just sooooo hard and tiresome, I cant fathom how we have the time or energy to engage!LOLBUT we do, and keepin it real here for ya, lovin that you figure it out with me, to leave your hellos your thoughts, and your energy throughout the days and nights keeps me goin!sorry u didnt like that screen with my audience there, and all that stuff FLUFF, will see what we can do, maybe bring it in HD in the future with all the changes in the cyber world, or just bring me to DETROIT and I'll talk close and personal… hahaGlad FIRM had a grand Sunday, the light is coming, and the sun and warmth are sure to delight us all.Be well friends, and gentle warriors you all are!I tip my hat to you!!!

  9. Puppies, puppies and puppies! Gotta love um! I am also enjoying the videos AND I too am trying to figure out the links, the buttons etc. Better wish myself some special luck on that one… Good blog to begin this week with. Light hearted and fun. Be well doc, enjoy the sunshine!

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