Book Give-Away Reminder

Just a little note to remind all of you about the book give away when we reach 101 Followers. We have climbed to 54. The book is my book Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life that I wrote in 2009. I will personally autograph the book to the winner. All of the followers will be put in a hat and drawn out so that everyone has a chance.

Someone mentioned on here that they had my book and it was so worn she could tell me all about it.  She mentioned Bearly Bear, which was me in costume going to the Children’s hospital to help those children with chronic illness and cancer.

So, I thought I would share an excerpt from the book to intrigue you and maybe get more people to click that follow button.

“There was a beautiful little girl I will call Jessi. She was a little doll with a round face that walked with a brace on one leg. When she saw me I would hear her scream, “Bearly Bear, there you are!”. She would make her way to me and grab hold of my big leg as I tried to walk. A bulky bear suit is cumbersome at best, but when a child is attached, walking becomes even more of a challenge. She was precious.

When her father tried to get her away, she would cry and tell him how she loved Bearly Bear and that she had important things talk about with “her” bear. She would bring her bear from the past year, proudly showing me how well he was doing. Then she would want to talk.

Her bear had gone through 17 treatments since I last saw her she said. His  fur was patchy. He looked a bit tattered and worn. I would kneel down and she would just melt into the bear suit. I swear you could feel that child’s heartbeat through my cumbersome overstuffed bear suit. I can remember holding her in my furry arms and hoping she would grow strong and beat this thing called Cancer. I commit to memory looking into her eyes and being amazed by her wisdom. She reminded me of an old soul in a little body.”

I look forward to sending this book to some lucky winner. I hope to see that number 54 start climbing higher and higher.

Take best care of yourselves and know that Dr. Sherry cares about you.


13 comments on “Book Give-Away Reminder

  1. Encourage by Deb on Work the Dream to visit your blog. Inspired by your blog I’ve decided to follow you.


  2. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    Don’t miss your opportunity to win a great book. Dr. Sherry is going to draw names once her blog reaches 101 followers so come join the fun. 🙂

  3. Cheers good on the proficient information. Simply nondiscriminatory wen upwards! My spouse and i constantly accomplish certainly not icreasing in those however think about anyone does a new animatedly buddy-buddy despoile along with I’m indisputable a lot of people suavity your a lesser amount of at just about any rate.

  4. Someone will be a lucky person for the book is awesome. I love all the stories about bearly bear and all of the other stories in there. This book stays close to me for have read it many times. Thanks 🙂

  5. Good luck reaching 101!

  6. You going into spend time making children smile who are in the worst scenerio of their lives speaks to my heart. Thank you Dr Sherry for doing that. Again and again.

  7. Hi Doc…you are an inspiration to me. I love reading your comments on FB.

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