Between Patti and Whitney
I’m just over the top
with music
How bout you today?

4 comments on “MUSIC

  1. Keeping it real with Dr. SES on friendship. Some people have not been so lucky with having a good friend for lifetime. My best friend of 57yrs. betrayed me and it cut me to the heart. It started last May and I am just now to the point that my heart does not hurt like it did. I wanted to run away and never come back. It was a greed thing with a verbal agreement from 35yrs. ago. It was bad enough to be betrayed and when I found out about it, I begged her to sit down and talk to me. She would not do it. I sent her a beautiful card of friendship that told the story of friendship but she would not talk to me. I know now that she is going thru the misery that I went thru but it is too late now. It is so sad. I have prayed, cried and now some of the things that went on I actually laugh about. In the end I am the winner if there is a winner. I have always treasured my friends and still do the ones who have held me up when I needed them, life is indeed a gift. I intend to hang on to my good memories and let go of the bad. Blessings to all and thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah Dr. Sherry, your Keepin' it Real touched my heart today. I enjoyed my dinner and my diet coke along with your message of a friend. It has been a difficult day for me thinking about Mom dying one year ago today. My thoughts kept going back to that day as the hours passed by. Even though the sadness can be overcoming the thoughts that Mom is now in Heaven and no longer has that sick and painful body but has been rejoicing in Heaven's Glory for a year now and probably just feels like a short time for her. I know she is still meeting all those who had gone on before her and those who have joined that Heavenly place this past year. I have one friend that your message made me think of who has been a Blessing to me for over 30 years. We are work friends and have gone through many of the same trials at the same times together. Her Dad died 4 month after my Dad and we were there for each other and her Mom died 5 months before my Mom and we were there for each and are still holding on strong to our friendship and what a Blessing she is to me. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the message today and I also loved the street picture and like Irene, I noticed the pretty red jacket and noticed your braid was on the left side rather than the usual right side. Very nice and I could go on listening to you speaking so keep on keepin it real – it is good and much needed. Hugs to you Dr. Sherry and thanks for sharing a Coke while I ate my dinner with you listening☺ /Sandy♥

  3. oh my goodness 14 minutes? i have to stop talkin so much!!! cherry flavored seltzer? hmmm, okie dokie love, have a great one!

  4. Well, today's keepin' it real was very very good, about friends.The topic kept me engaged, thinking, feeling & sensing a lot.Thanks for the 14+ minutes of YOU.The setting was different !Your jacket color matched the bus on the street, your long braid obvious. I shared your coke, but drank my black cherry flavored Seltzer. It's the real thing, too….. later, friend, Irene

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