Oprah got the interview… The Houston Family spoke

Just beautiful
Did you see Oprah’s interview of
The Houston Family?
The family of
Whitney Elizabeth Houston
*gone too soon*
the autopsy is still pending.
Only “O” could get the first in depth interview
she was able to talk to
Krissie the beloved child
of a star that millions now are buying CD’s and boosting her back on top of the charts.
I found it odd that they talked
standing up
rather than sitting down,
the staging
the body language told more than
the words
I was impressed at the poise of Krissie,
I found myself wondering
if she had
or has
a therapist that is walking with her on this journey of her remarkable grief.
Oprah knows when to make an
while I’m sure helping her viewership
that we hear is not doing nearly as good as she hoped.
She spoke to Krissie
Krissie spoke as one who is trying to wrap her heart and mind together
although appears to still be in the
“nightmare” fog
secondary to traumatic stress
the death of her best friend.
Many learned much
about the relationship of
Whitney and her daughter on that show.
Of a love, yet change of roles
where Krissie was in the best friend role,
assurer role for her Mom
provided her with such profound support
“I’ve gotch YOU”
the refrain that we heard over and again.
Faith is strong in the Houston family,
Faith will carry them on
through the days and months ahead.
I wonder if this interview
too soon,
too uncomfortable
to painful
too nerve racking
to much
the Houston family.
After all, it’s only been a month or so,
since the world was told
we have heard
“I will Always Love YOU”
to the point of not wanting to hear it for awhile.
The funeral was moving
the words, singing, the casket and flowers
the tributes felt from the core of being.
We’ve been subjected to the not so flattering pictures, heard and re heard the speculations,
blames that have been cast,
National Enquirer showed the last photograph
Whitney in her casket.
It’s been so ugly in so many ways
to hear the statements of others,
read and listen to the press.
yes, addictions are horrible,
choices we make each and every day
affect and can infect so many around us,
can devastate in a hot second
a world,
“I got YOU baby”
the words of a mother that are now coming to her child through spirit
lights turning off and on
So quickly after the death, so powerful
Krissie and vital for her right here and right now.
The initial hug between Oprah and Krissie
while comforting was strained,
Krissie appeared nervous,
some will say she was nervous to be in the presence of Oprah.
I would have embraced her with more
I think,
with one of those
“I’ve GOT YOU” hugs…
heart to heart
And I am still not getting why they stood during the entire interview,
rather than sitting together
we later listened to Whitney’s best friend, manager and sister-in-law
talk with O.
We saw
clips of Whitney on stage with Oprah
her singing with Clive in the audience.
Oh how he believed she would return to greatness.

video by

It was a night
of remembering Whitney,
of seeing a family
trying to stand strong during an interview
after the pleasant “you home is lovely”,
a time
and contemplation
while hearing the thoughts
from the Houston’s
as they still stand in shock over this reality.
She seemed to know something was getting ready to happen, a feeling that so many in life have expressed at times, when they
“Just Knew”,
perhaps that is why she hadn’t been in to see Whitney earlier,
why when she heard the screams she did not run,
but continued to walk after responding to someone to “call 911”
walked into that room.
Her heart knew.
Cissy Houston knew on a heart level it seems as well.
She had “that feeling”, that sense that
her baby wouldn’t be here for long.
then Whitney’s brother Gary Houston
joined on the interview.
There we saw
grief and shock
of the reality of loss.
As he spoke with great finese
He commented on the picture taken of his sister in the casket
referring to whoever took it as “wicked”,
and you could see the pain in his face,
his concern for his Mother,
his great love
of family.

video by

Brother and sister, and they seemed to genuinely love each other, and like each other…
He ended by singing and his daughter playing the piano,
O and Patricia at the end of the piano.
His voice strong, his intention clear,
then it happened…
Reality and pain
real, uncensored,
depth of
his pain through the music
the life shared with a sister that is no longer here spilled forward.
Oprahs’ ending of that powerful interview,
respectfully said,
I did not like it.
It felt like a “show that ended”,
“that’s a wrap”
sort of thing,
somehow it bothered me,
I ached for the family.
Perhaps this should have waited
the emotions would have been there,
the realness would have been there,
one month after a sudden and unexpected death
seems to soon
to have folks
in front of cameras
to talk of the depth of their loss
answer questions the world wants to know.
I worry for Krissie,
19 living in her own home,
making choices for herself
all the tempations that will find her.
I pray that her faith
the messages
she is receiving will give her what she needs
to step into her own greatness,
having learned so much from
such tragedy

video by

I could listen to this song
Thank you
Whitney Houston
for the music,
the dancing I did when you were
hot and on the scene,
the memories your music brings forward.
We all have been so blessed by
those who are so gifted in their delivery!
Oprah asked in her ending,
“have you had or did you get closure”?
With that I thought I would fall off my couch.
I for one do not like the
as it relates to grief, to death.
to sudden loss/death?
Surprisingly Patricia and Gary
seemed to think they have closure,
I believe that they have faith,
strong and loving faith.
Their faith lets them know that
Whitney Elizabeth Houston
is safe now,
she is with her Lord,
she is out of the lime light
those who were not there for her all the years she could have used someone to stand.
we have to
at times
Faith it til we Make it.
I wish them all the time they need to come to grips with this painful loss,
the privacy and peace that all families
The body language
more than this interview could have ever said,
I think it was too soon…
Just keepin it real,
I wish and pray they have someone to walk this journey through sudden and traumatic loss with them, while they lean into each other
faith, love, compassion, and tolerence.
Walk in Beauty,

3 comments on “Oprah got the interview… The Houston Family spoke

  1. thanks for your thoughts anonymous……. yes it was "a bit lumpy" I agree. and as Irene noted the body language spoke louder than the interview… Some have said Oprah could be a great resource for krissie in the months to come, but I don't think they have that type of relationship nor investment for the long haul, and perhaps it has satisfied some of the inquiring minds, but i doubt it by the following media and talk that is now coming out… Not sure that O believed all she heard, but she is a master of the screen… Glad you enjoyed the music…I hope that Whitney will be allowed to now sing with the greats on the other side and to know peace. Sure were a lot who failed her on this side of life, now perhaps she can find that acceptance and perfect love in spiritland …@ Irene, bravo on the pool, and yes, knew you would be watching all dear heart… krissie had nerves showing, discomfort through body language, and overall wishing she could be anywhere but where she was… How could anyone be at ease so soon after such a death, and questions that she knew would be examined by all and spins that would once again question her own lifestyle and future… Not so sure the truth of "connections" between Whitney and O, but then again the screen and interviews are always set for the public at large.Krissie said it well when she spoke from her heart,"where were all these people when mommie needed them that now come"or something to that effect…Glad you are you, that is truer than true, no one is alive that is youer than YOU *Dr Seuss*andyes it is GREAT TO BE ME, and seems it is also great to be YOU!STOMPglad you enjoyed the music!Be well, stay FIRM

  2. Good Tuesday morning, my POOL routine over, the blog read.I watched the 2 hr Whitney Oprah interview, followed by the hour of the family. I saw an expert on body language comment on Bobbie Kristina's "standing" throughout, fluffing hair, hands on hips, etc.They all pointed to nerves, unsure, not wanting to be there, not wanting to talk, etc. There was no ease of the conversations, nor questions. It was media, not so much heart-felt in my opinion.Yes, Oprah means well, however, it was too soon for all family, way too soon. My heart broke to watch Whitney only a few years ago, talk with Oprah with the raspy ruined voice, straining vocal cords, painful picking at wounds of a marriage filled with drugs, horror and deceipt. Glad I am ME.Enjoy 2's day, thanks for the music links, doc. Luv 2 all, FIRM

  3. Mornin Doc. I watched the show also and was not sure if it was so soon because Oprah "got the interview' or if it was to cut down on all the speculation in the press. What ever the reason, it came across as a bit lumpy to me. Oprah has a big heart and speaks easily. Not sure she believed everything she heard, but it was compelling. Thanks for the music this AM. Nice to wake up to moving songs, and as always your thoughts.

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