Bring on The Light

5 comments on “Bring on The Light

  1. Sandy, I've now been told twice, and twice I hear ya… will work on those abrupt endings and tell my self and my other self to take our time saying so long for now!!! haha love it! be well and know you are being thought of from here and that mom of yours is walking beside you … always.

  2. I just thought for a minute and wondered if I had to write two messages to Dr. Sherry 1 and Dr. Sherry 2 but figured both would see it LOL ha ha ha – thanks again. I enjoyed it much and still smiling. ♥

  3. Dr. Sherry, I loved the video today. It really did make much chuckle and laugh and indeed is exactly what I need in my days is more chuckles and laughter. I don't know how you did that but it was a fun video and the message was oh so good and thought provoking. Thank you so much Dr. Sherry. Yes, I waited for a second to see if you would pop back on but the time was up and it was quick☺ Have a wonderful evening and God Bless you /Sandy♥

  4. sorry about the ending… but loved shockin ya! hahaha

  5. ………….. now, you are creepin' me out ! TWO of you? lolI am still howling, stretching, breathing, exhaling. I was so amazed at your techno abilities changing it up each day, picking topics, etc. Loved, just loved the 11:55 minutes and then it just ENDED abruptly. Oh, my !Be well, everyone. FIRM this Wed.

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