Awareness is the first step

video by Dr Sherry


9 comments on “Awareness is the first step

  1. helloooo.
    1 ♥
    united in hope and understanding, together, awareness and compassion will
    make a difference and help prevent further tragedy….
    your beloved Landon is continuing to impact many lives
    The efforts you are putting forth are worthy of admiration and respect…
    ” there is no distance” … God Bless you and your family for helping so many others…
    sign me, A.

    • Meeting Landon through his parents and standing with them as they walk their journey while realizing through so many the impact of these drugs on all of our kids allows US as adults to stand by them and stand for them… we stand with 1<3 in unity to STOMP as they develop their brains and make choices… See you at the Annual Jamfest as all remember Landon Korabek through music!

  2. Tonight ar 12:30am pacific time I am not able to access video either. Yet, there is something to be said about just the image of you on the billboard and just the word awareness. Kind of a great gentle message I’m thinking…

    • Blessings to you Toni.. I sure hope you will try again on the videos… I think the problem was resolved on the settings, there are a few there you might enjoy… Belssings and gentle messages coming to you on the suns’ rays…

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry for spreading the word and for taking a stand on prescription drug abuse. Yes, too many young people are dying and it is a rampant problem. The best course of action is for parents to take their children about the dangers. When there is a story in the newspaper, internet or on the news about a prescription drug fatality use it to talk to your kids – show them it is real and that it can happen if they choose to make bad choices. Don’t assume your kids don’t know about prescription drugs because they do and it is easy to hide it. We all need to take a stand.

    • Stand we will together… we will stand in the light and bring this message out and shake adults and kids alike with the realization that ONE PILL, only one time can end a person in the morgue, change lives forever more… and it can be stopped with awareness, with talking, with emptying out the medicine cabinets at home and monitoring, talking, understanding and using common sense… Together we can save lives while honoring lives that have been lost with poor choices and impulse controls along with peer pressure in a world that is fast paced and kids and adults who do not think before they use or combine their fun with lowered defense mechanisms… thank you for your bravery, and your walk along a journey through hell choosing to embrace and seek the light of healing.

    • Thank you for standing for Landon and all the people who make bad choices, for saying his name through the heart rip, as you build a beautiful stain glass in a heart that was shattered by his death… we must continue to stand up, to educate and make folks aware that one pill, one bad choice can and will devastate and kill … Blessings to you dear one, and ONE LOVE will heal, bringing many to light of awareness and understanding…

  4. Your Video appears to be private … In the UK anyway …

    • Hi Bob,
      Just checked the settings, and from what I can tell it flipped back to private. I have changed that to public. Try again friend… Sorry you are having trouble viewing I hope we have it now so that all can view. best to you today! Let me know if you can view!

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