WAKE UP AMERICA… Raise hell and do it NOW…

WAssup Folks?
got kids, grandkids, godkids,
have friends
who have kids,
little kids, big kids,
Then this message is for
It’s time we all get involved
ask others to get with us.
Little kids are being handed stuff
all sorts of stuff they are seeing
at school,
on the playgrounds
at events they attend.
if they are like Kamryn,
they love to eat,
they love LOVE candies
all sorts of good stuff.
They are rather easy to engage
oh how they love
to be thought of by bigger kids
on the court
in the rec centers.
Bigger kids
love to let us know of their wealth of wisdom,
we used to be that way ourselves
if we are honest.
Many reading this today
may be chronic pain sufferers
may have trouble sleeping,
may in fact
have taken pain meds to the point that they are now dependent on them.
some here may have their own addictions
not like reading this page today at all.
Just keepin it real.
we have to take a stand for the kids and adults alike
who now are finding it easy
to purchase and use things that are being purchased
even labelled
“not for human consumption”
being used to
“get high”
and they are in fact getting high
as kites in the sky.
many are getting so high
that they are laying down
without knowing it
they are dying where they fall.
you can now buy these products in
mini-marts, gas stations, head shops
they contain chemicals that will kill ya!

Labelled as incense or potpourri, kids are rollin it and lighting up… cheaper than weed, and the highs they get are taking them to the morgue in record numbers… add to the lack of judgment and the high, their defenses are then down, so it becomes easy to accept a xanax or roxie with a swig of beer afterwards.
 THUMP THUMP —–^ ^ ^ THUMP…. ____________________________ DEAD

Knowledge is power
Florida has placed
on the sales of this stuff
it is widely still available.
Be on the look out,
call the police, the DEA
and report the stores if you see it.
further to know about is
what we all would think is a safe
and wonderful relaxing thought:
but ohhh no.
Not anymore.
The new streeet drug
Bath salts being purchased
snorted, mixed with food or drink, or shot into the veins
for the ultimate high,
to disturb the developing brains of our youth
the future leaders of tomorrow
if they live to see tomorrow.
Made with added and deadly chemicals
now being marketed
for another
and being purchased as quickly as they hit the shelves.
Under many names, bath salts… all synthetic crap for folks to use to get high, to party and to kill themselves with.
Snopes has recently said that the
POPROCKS report that folks were flavoring
meth and putting it in
the candy and giving it out to young and teens
was an urban myth.
However after attending a few sessions with families and with
with teens that are using street drugs
their creativity
I can assure you
that folks are being clever
dealers are finding their way to recruit the youth.
This is no time to not educate yourselves
to not get involved.
Get your community involved,
your faith community,
your local PD
your neighbors
your schools.
Take a stand
as we cannot become ignorant to the very real possiblities of loss here.
These are
“designer drugs”
the outcome is not good,
as we hear and see more and more ER
admits for life threatening drug overdoses increasing each year.
What to look for?
Agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, suicidality. It’s a very scary stimulant that is out there. We get high blood pressure and increased pulse, but there’s something more, something different that’s causing these other extreme effects. But right now, there’s no test to pick up this drug. The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you they have.

The clinical presentation is similar to mephedrone [a chemical found in other designer drugs], with agitation, psychosis, and stimulatory effects. Both of these agents should be of concern, as severe agitated behavior, like an amphetamine overdose, has occurred.
A second concern is the ongoing suicidality in these patients, even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. At least for MDPV, there have been a few highly publicized suicides a few days after their use,” Horowitz says

And no,
this is NOT an epson salt type of thing,
this is deadly
when you add
to the mix
think that the $10 or $30 you may have just given to your kid for the weekend
they may just be headed out to the local mini-mart with a friend…
Yes it is scary times.
And the time
to get involved.
Make no mistake here,
yours may just be the brightest bulb in the garden,
the most well liked
kids are kids
temptations and peer pressure
is tough.
So is a coke or sprite that has been laced
with “bath salts”
on its victim
after consumption.
Educate yourself and those you love
on the dangers
around each corner
in our world today.
Perhaps those who are so busy trying to take away womens’ rights
spending so much time trying to gain entry into a womans’ vagina
would spend some time
effort on the future of
and the children
we would see some action
on this very frightening
Work to get these products off the shelves
of your local communities
let your congressmen know they are dealing with the wrong folks
on the wrong issues here.
Walk in Beauty,

9 comments on “WAKE UP AMERICA… Raise hell and do it NOW…

  1. I had no idea. This stuff is crazy! Thanks doc for the information. Bath salts? Really? What next? This is madness. A real call to action.Thank you doc, as always.

  2. sorry for the repeat post…
    error here.. A.

  3. It is appalling what is deemed “legal ” and can be purchased just about anywhere..
    I will drop a “STOMP ” to my congress man….
    you are so right, we all need to be horrified, informed and willing to take a
    STAND… so many issues out there, where do we begin ???
    sign me,
    ” had enough ”
    we need help in the USA.
    hugging and praying to my angels,

    Awareness is for sure the first step..
    it is appalling all of the things that are deemed ” legal” and readily
    available for purchase at our local convienience stores..
    I will drop a STOMP to my Congressman.. hopefully, with emough voices joined
    together, we will be heard and respected…
    There are so many issues that need to be fixed… where do we begin ???
    Our children are our future and looking ahead…
    our great USA is heading for serious trouble unless we act NOW.
    sign me, had enough…
    hugging my angels,


    • Keep your eyes open in those mini marts/gas stations for all that is being sold, and then make a call to the PD and let them know the address so they can be there and get that stuff off the shelves… YOU are a warrior of gentle spirit and we have got to stand. blessings to you and yours dear one.

  4. Oh Dr, SES is the younger childrens word SICK the word for that hat and my do you look slick with the tilt reminds me of a picture you just run with your precious Granny in it. You got it going girl. The drug thing is all over the place. I had a young man say just go in the locker room or bath room at any school and you can get what you want. Lets hope and pray the kids have been taught at home to say NO to drugs or any kind. We need to worry, I have heard parents say not my kids, I trust them. You may trust them but do you check them and pay attention? Rainy and gloomy here today. Irene you are the bomb, you go girl and stay #1, we may have a contest to see who can beat you as #1. I would even get up early to try so show us your stuff and stay #1. Blessings to all. Rain is good and the birds are singing. Blessings to our troops and the innocent people who were killed by the crazed American soldier. Please dont judge him, investigate and find out 4 terms in combat, a severe brain damage while in combat. Prayers for him and the innocent children and adults who were taken away.

  5. FIRM and FLUff… HOW lovely to see you both here… I found sign me A on the other blog, guess she is trying out the new place and floating from one angel and cloud to another… many read but do not comment, and others will be here, I'm certain, but how lovely to read your words, and soo happy you stretched with me, and enjoyed my double take!blessings on the winds to you both, and the suns rays that are allowing us evening in the wonderful light…

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. My friend Irene, it is always good to see your words here early in the morning. It hs been quiet here lately. Very good and interesting words today and yesterday about our children. Sadly, they seem to be so vulnerable these days and so quick to do something to impress someons else and wind up in a lot of trouble or worse. Even the younger children have changed. I have taught 4, 5, & 6 year old Sunday School class since 1974 and it is amazing, as I look back, and to today the difference. I see in even that age children in their actions and words have changed much. They are very daring and courageous. Prayers for our children daily. Looking forward to a Dr. Sherry video later when I get home. Hope it is another surprising one like last night. Don't know how you did it but it was good and still has me chuckling when I think about it today. Got a little exercise with that one also. Thank you Dr. Sherry for Keepin it Real in word and it vidoe message. Wishing everyone here a very happy and peaceful Thursday. Had some stormy weather this morning but seems to be clearing up and the sun looks like it may be poking through those dark clouds soon. Supposed to be in the 60s today Yeah!! Take care friends /Sandy♥

  7. Drug FREE over here.Beware the IDES OF MARCH, Julius Casear. Our kids are so easily roped in, just give them a little praise, attention or let them feel grown up, and they are all ears.Temptation is everywhere !Enjoy the Thursday stellar Fla. weather. I am wondering WHERE the heck everyone is lately. I don't like being first and sometimes only one. Wake Up & join in, staying FIRM as I can.

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