We have to Talk to the KIDS…

that’s Kamryn
his new hat!
yes, that is a line of a moustache
on the little fella at 10 years old…
What are they puttin in the food???
At Christmas he had jumped from a
kids size 4.5 in sneaks
to a men’s size 8,
it is now March
he’s sporting a size 9!
Oh goodness
what’s next?
Don’t blink
now 17, senior
Radford High School
I didn’t blink
size 13 shoes
and two months til’ graduation.
Kamryn’s hero,
my heart,
now out there making choices,
hard to see past Friday night.
I’ve been there,
but the tempations
were not nearly what they are now.
video by
The pressures
probably the same
the game was entirely different
We knew it all then too
We had our
“swag on” then too,
just differently.
Some were into the folk scene,
some were into the hippie scene,
some were jocks,
were into the greaser scene,
some were just as bad as they wanna be,
while others were loners
or hung with the in-crowd.
Some of us
were into
while others
hung at
places with a bottle of
Boones Farm
maybe a joint
a little weed, a nickle bag
back in the day,
thought it the greatest thing
since sliced bread.
We were
all that and a bag of chips!
even hung at a bar
then were the risk takers
we’ve heard stories of
those who drove over and around mountains
with the headlights turned off,
thrill seekers,
fun slaying kids
others would jump and leap from places
and stages
that no sane human would think possible.
Risk takers,
But now?
The price is higher,
the risks are somehow riskier
the stakes?
Well the stakes are about as high as I’ve ever seen,
I am scared for the kids, the parents, the grandparents, the aunts, uncles…
Hell I’m just scared.
We have to educate,
we have to
to each other
to the kids
the adults
the Elders
to not stop.
We have to make this epidemic
Prescription Drugs and the ways they are being used get understood
by all who breathe.
we have to get folks jacked up,
in all levels of the community.
I am talking about
the very real epidemic
that is happening in our world,
I’m hearing about it all over the country
from just about every person I meet
speak to.
I am meeting too many after they die,
by their pictures brought in the frames and shared by those who loved them now grieving them.
And with each story, I can’t help but see my
Godsons, my precious Olivia
can’t help but wonder of the tempations they face each day, the peer pressure they are under each day at their schools or with their friends.
I can’t help but wonder
at what point they will enter the
experimental phases that all teens enter into.
I know in my heart
that they will enter into it
that D’Vante has already.
We have to be willing to tell the kids,
“I will talk to you, with you, be there for you,
will stalk you, be your living nightmare, will harrass you, will ground you, will forever be your support, Until YOU show me that you understand it and demonstrate that you know and choose wisely, I love you that much.”
We have to get it ourselves
understand that we lay the foundation for the houses that the children will build their very houses on.
Pinellas Country in Florida
is the largest country in the state.
I spent last evening at the
elite high school known as
Palm Harbor University High School.
There I was with a woman as her guest,
she was telling her son’s story and spoke to parents and their teens;
they were there not by choice
because their kids had been busted
for drug use.
Counselors were there,
another mother
representatives of an organization here in Florida known as
Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education
It was one of the most powerful evenings I’ve had in a long time.
I sat in admiration as two women told their stories of pain, of grief, of hope for those in the audience.
I stared at the poster sized photos of 6 who had died of overdoses, lives now gone who had not intended to die.
Good looking all were, from 17 years old to about 28 years.
I glanced the room at the youth, one looked to be 12… males, females, parents with tears staining their cheeks.
I listened as a veteran of the police deptartment with 30 years in Narcotics spoke with sobering statistics.
He told the folks there,
“We don’t want you to die, we want you to make choices that are good for your lives and contribute to society and be around a long time. did you know that last year well over twice as many people died from accidental prescription drug overdoses that from motor vehicle related accidents here in our country?”
The statistics in 2007 report that in Pinellas county the adverse effects from underage drinking cost residents 161 million dollars…
It was a night of power in the stories
the statistics took my breath away
the kids and the parents
were there to listen
God knows I pray they heard.
The choices will be theirs
the facts cannot be dismissed.
The choices are many,
the tempations are in the schools, on playgrounds,
in the medicine cabinets of the homes, the homes of family members, friends of friends.
70% of all medications being used on the streets and between friends at parties
come from
the homes of the kids, the grandparents, the family members, the friends homes.
Lock up or hide your medicine.
When they go for an over night?
Know where they are going,
know the parents,
what are the rules there?
Call at 10pm
bring them home,
use one of those drug tests from
the store,
when they get home,
test them.
Keep them safe,
when kids are mixing alcohol and prescription drugs,
they do not get it… they do not plan to die,
they somehow do not believe that their  system will just shut down
and they will stop breathing.
It only takes one xanax
if the circumstance is right.
Check out
see about getting your police dept., your faith community, school to start one in your state.
I am getting passionate about this.
I hope you are too.
Landon Korabek
one kid
who tried to party with friends
one time
who came home and had a conversation with his Dad…
A great and funny and bright kid
a great guitar player
with a future
a foundation built on love
who made a rotten choice.
Gone too soon.
We have got
play the music of reality
stop this epidemic
“One Love”
Hard love of
NOTE to my kids,
Please make great choices,
say NOPE to the pressures, call me when tempted, think of Landon, think of me, know I have you, I will support you, and I am right there with you in your heart always…
I will haunt and hunt you down!
I love you that much.
Just sayin.
Walk in Beauty

6 comments on “We have to Talk to the KIDS…

  1. very powerful words today… sadly, in my opinion a lot of this drug problem stems from
    children being prescribed so many different behavior ‘” modification” drugs at young ages.
    The labels of ADD . AHDD, and others, too many to list… doctors and parents have been brainwashed into believing that drugs are the answer to learning “disabilities”…
    I have seen first hand how drug thrapy has replaced discipline and parental intervention. Poor grades ?? Must be “adhd”.. back in the day… parents had the time, made the time to pay attention to actually raising their kids.. if we had difficulty in school and didn’t “get it “.. we stayed after school for extra help.. if we misbehaved and didn’t pay attention, we were not labeled with a “disorder”r, we were taught that we needed to shape up, settle down in school, obey the rules etc.. we were not put on a medication to calm us down.. we were taught appropriate behavior and held accountable. I realize that there are valid, individual cases when children need medical intervention but so many times I think we just put kids on drugs as a subsitute for time and effort. At young ages children are exposed to drugs, hence, they grow to be teens who accept drug use as normal, acceptable behavior.. then they see their parent’s popping pills for stress, anxiety and mood control. They ( the teens) , have readily available drugs in their homes. They are smart and realize these pills might just give them that ” buzz” they are looking for to party….. Teens feel they are invincible, they do not yet have the brain aptitude to equate the serious consequences of their actions.. like you said, back in the day, Boone’s farm and a joint..,, we have all been there, done that. I lost a couple of teen friends as well through their own bad decisions but the times have changed. We definitely need to stay a step ahead of our children… We need to keep educating, having heart to heart talks and we need to make time in our busy lives to parent our children with understanding yet more stringency and urgency. Shame on us for becoming a nation where we believe all problems can be fixed by popping the right pill….
    Sounds as if the project ” NOPE” is on the right track… and I strongly agree that we ( the parents) need to keep our heads out of the sand and realize tragedy can strike in any family so it is most important to always communicate and keep involved in our childrens lives… wether they like it or NOT.
    your words are worth reading and understanding … over and over…
    hugging my angels, ♥ ♥
    sign me, A.

  2. You're right doc. Kids think they are invincible. Tragic ending for so many who just don't get it. Parents trying to be friends and don't really understand the risks. NOPE sounds like the kind of organization that makes a real difference. Sad that it has come to this, but so glad parents are stepping up, even as they mourn their own children. Thanks for this important message. Each of us has to take whatever action we can to stop this epidemic. I see daily in my work, young people so stoned, so high they can't hardly function,all denying that they are using. How many of these young people will end up killing themselves? They don't get it until it is to late for them, or one of the people they hang with. Crazy crazy times. Used to be pot and beer, now it so much worse because access is right in almost every medicine chest. Hope your words fall on the right ears and move each of us to help in whatever way we can.

  3. Awesome blog as always Cuzzie and defiantly hits home. You are so right about how the times have changed. When I was growing up it was all about drinking and smoking weed but we rented a room at a hotel and stayed. We made plans weeks in advance and stuck to it. Had one person who was DD just in case…..There is so much bad out in this world and it is so scary. I talk to my kids and tell them exactly what you said in this blog and have told me face to face. I don’t want to be their friend but I do however want them to be able to talk to me about anything without getting mad, Just being able to sit and talk about it all. Get it out and go from there~~
    As you said, you know. You’ve been there done that and can talk about so much on so many different levels. You are so full of knowledge and I know that’s why I always come to you for advice~~
    I love you Cuz and please Keep on Keeping It Real ~~

  4. Drug free Wednesday over here.What a cord you struck regarding today's topic. I worked for a doctor in Pinellas County a while ago and was shocked at the amount of rx's going out the door. I saw enough in one year to STOP me in my tracks. PLEASE help save our children. I worry about my neices & nephews everyday, that they have good choices, information and strength to not be swayed into evil habits. Again, I am glad I am ME and grew up & out of my hippie days to be FIRM today.

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