Here we are again

It’s Friday
it looks like time to think about
ways to enjoy the weekend are
right here and right now!
Maybe a trip to the beach?
A trip in the mountains?
A trip to the garden to start preparing for the flowers and the weeds to sprout
and bust forward soon?
Maybe a look see
at what is already in bloom?
It’s time
for things to start happening
for snow to melt
leaves to move and give way
wonderful and exciting things
reaching for the light!
Oh the possibilities
are endless!
The beauty, the magic, the birds
are singing and letting me know this morning
of all that is yet to come.
Nature is nurturing
people are busy.
Not only are they busy in the gardens of their souls, their yards and homes,
it is Womens History Month
this month
Women, men, children are honoring great women
by the urgency to stand up for their rights
in this hot political climate
where it seems that women
are being pushed out of the arena
and out of the decisions being made that affect them in ways that still make my head want to explode.
Yes I said it, explode
like a seedling now coming into its own,
I stand amazed at some of the things
coming out of politicians mouths
out of the mouths of those who also say
“yea, right, you tell em, we’re Americans”
sort of supporters.
The very same people who have Mothers, daughers, sisters, wives
are standing behind
men who want to deny women access to healthcare,
deny women respect and a voice
in issues that will impact their health, their choices, their very rights as human beings.
And I remember all the many and strong women who fought with all their might
to get the right to vote,
who refused to sit in the back of a bus,
who stood
after being beaten
who took care of children
when parents did not have the time.
I stand amazed
that we live in 2012
women are having to fight like warriors
to be sure that their rights are not stripped
while they are being called names
being vilified for demanding respect
the very same rights and choices
of their equals.
And yet,
politicians lie, cheat, steal,
try to sell a bag of goods
thinking we as consumers stupid
will buy it lock stock and barrel.
Manure is great
when spread with care over the garden we are now fertilizing for our gardens
for what is to come.
the amazing thing
is this:
Women are a force to be reckoned with
this month,
as we recognize great and wonderful women
of history,
Women are now going to make history
women VOTE
women are the backbone of
After all,
remember Adam?
God was making a rough draft for perfection then…
Thank you strong women everywhere,
continue to let your voices and your power be known,
as you nurture, feed, speak
for our rights, dignity, choices
in a world that sometimes I believe has gone mad.
How those in power vote, will determine my vote… how bout’ you?
Water your grass, feed it well,
that is why it is green, that is why it grows.
Stay out of anothers’ private parts, off their grass… That is known as trespass, as envy, as coveting. And it is not respectful.
and bring those men who respect us with you.
Just sayin.
A reminder for you:
Ok folks, the number is up to 60, only 41 more to go before my book is awarded to someone. Please don’t forget to share. I will personally autograph Healing Heartaches to whomever wins!
Good LUCK!
Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real

3 comments on “Here we are again

  1. Hello, your ride on the train today was keeping it real. A great message for all of us especially the kids. Hope the parents will let the kids hear what you had to say. There are some powerful women in this world of ours and I think you fit right in that category. We may just have you run for the President office after Obama wins the next round. It gets worse every day with all of the mud slinging. I for one wish Newt Gingrich would go work with Rush. I will be glad when it is over. We need to stand up for women and all of the rights that is being taken away. It is a hard battle to fight. Where is that Irene? Out laying in the sun or maybe the rain. God Bless USA

  2. Sandy, so glad to see you hear today, soooo thankful you are safe after hearing of the storms there and the whirling of tornados in the great state of Michigan…Blessings to you on the suns rays… and a great weekend to you… Might be a fantastic weekend to treat you with some fresh flowers!

  3. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and Friends. YEAH! FRIDAY!! We made it through the work week and I only have 4 Hrs to go and I am off for the weekend. Woo – twas a stormy night last night in SE Michigan. Pretty powerful storms and a few tornadoes touched down not far from me. So grateful that all was well and the damages to homes and area can be rebuilt and replaced. Great words today Dr. Sherry. Thank you. The power of some women is amazing. We always need to keep on moving fast, forward be tight and strong for all the power we have and keep on keeping on. Never letting our guard down lest it be taken from us. I miss you Irene and "A" and our others who stop by this morning. Wishing each of you here a Fantastic Friday and a Grand weekend. Hope you have some plans for some fun outdoors things to do and the weather is good for you. Enjoy yourself and the Blessings for your day. / Sandy♥

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