The Fire is Burning and Prayers are being Offered

The fire is lit… the prayers are goin UP…
I hope you
outshine the sun today,
and the sounds of your prayers
be heard,
the sound of your laughter be
carried on the breezes
across the lands
The fire is now lit, the smoke is goin and the embers are hot.
Prayers are being sent today
and intentions are being offered
HOPE, Compassion, Honoring,
Faith restored
to all who are in the prayer bowl:
with great respect
in knowing
that you are being held UP.

OUR President of our Nation, his family,
and our brothers and sisters around the globe,
those in Uniform protecting and serving and their families,
those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and your families
I thank you.
May you find yourself standing in the
of amazing grace…
Prayers are being carried
from the fire here
those wearing Uniforms
working in communities, neighborhoods,
across the world
to provide safety in honor in service
every minute of every day
to maintain our freedoms.
I thank each of you and your families.

video by

Please Remember
Prayers goin UP
to hold you,
to remember you
to sustain you
Strength for your struggle
for you steps
all you do
I remember
as the
fire is burning
and the prayers are offered for all:
The kids who are faced with choices each day,
I pray you make the right ones,
The parents, grandparents the Elders
I pray we embrace the moments
of your wisdom,
The wind,
The forgotten Mourners,
I pray you are remembered
you let your hearts be heard,
I pray we take the time
to feel you in our hair and on our skin,
The folks we meet along our journey,
I pray we take the time
to smile
to nod our heads
as those we have yet to meet
I pray you peace
The music and entertainment world and family of singer
Whitney Houston
Mary Grace, Shirley, DLB, Dot/COB/Mom, Angela, Kamryn Elijah, Ode, Linda McDonald,
Joan & Olivia,
danLrene, Florence, Jenn, Bill, Denise, Ashe, Stuart Jr,
Bill, Taft Abras, Mary Labyaks’ family , Andrea, Patti, Osk Kosk, Jamie, Sasha, Kerri, Josh, Kar, Cash, Neil, Lori, Cindi, Tom, Shasta, Bill Simpson and Family, Jenn, Steph, Dana, Kari, Sandy, Marty, Marsha, Wanda, Ellen, Cindee, Peggy, Joyce Cruz, a CANCER surivor working at Southwest Airlines *it was an honor to meet you dear one*,
Ike Davis, in New Mexico, an artisan who plays in the mud and creates beautiful tings out there, *www.negroartist.com*
what a joy you are to so many of
SOUTHWEST, thank you for visiting with me,
prayers of continued success and tobacco to your Pueblo uncle!
and for
Christos Fandaros, Thomas Galvin,
John Knudson,

Curtis, Susie Langham, Stasia and Billy Hall, Christina Chavez and Rick and Ryan, Pam Meyer, Whitney, Diane Bystista, Susan, Leann Vincent, Roxanne Duran, Carole Poppendeck, Mary Jo H-shortes, Bridget, Robert Tanner Mara Tanner, Yolanda L Acosta, Antonio F. Balderrama, Denise Flowers, Lisa Balance, Sherry Stedman, Rose, Marquette, Acosta, Ortega, The Pueblo Peoples,
All those I was honored to spend time with in
“FL, CT, PA, Ohio, Michigan, South Dakotas, Geisinger Medical Center, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Crossroads Hospice, El Paso, Santa Fe, Albuquerque”
Jeremy, Florence, Cal, Sarch, our friends of Portugal, Mike, AnnMary,Stephanie, Jimmy, Keli, Kasi, Katherine, Julie, Allan, Lynda,LeeAnn,
KS Comfort Keepers, Stephen Bright, Linda and staff Melody,Brenda A and children Sarah, David Rachel; Gloria, Pete, Fred, Max, JJ, Barb and Leo Henning, Rick Fechner, Ryan Baurain, Melissa Reid, “Probation Professional pals”, Jim Vander May (*who has been working in the Professional field for 45 years in Michigan*, Dale, Herschel, Bonnie, Louise, Holly, Jerry, Faith, Yvette, Happy, Audrey,

and Rod Markowski and family, Lynn, Ryan, Jordon, Darryl Markowski, I thank you for your service) Brian Markowski, Shannon Becker, Nick, Reagan, Dr Iris Taylor of Detroit Medical Center,, please take best care of you) Sandy R. Carol, Stephanie, Geri, Chris, Matt,
those in Oklahoma City, in Tulsa, In Ft Worth, Dallas, Ike, Isabel, Teresa, Janelle, Patricia, Susan, Karen, Laura in Yuba City CA,
Crossroads Hospice and those who care out there working and walking the walk, Perry, Clayton, George, Janet, and all in green!
Rick, Calley, Ron, Rebekeh, Brenda, Becca, Audrey, Gabe, Dena, BEth, Lill, Jay Hanson, Jennifer, Beth Jett, Huntsville AL, Sheri, Wendy Reese and family,  Sandy, Toby, Edith Vaughn and family,Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek (Landon Korabek on the other side now), Stephen Bright and family, Walter Littlemoon, Jane, Laura, Mitch, Jenn, Chris, Mary, Taft, Martha Deaver, Morris, Dahlee, Rose Brick, The Baitinger Family, The Yaslowitz Family, The St Petersbug PD, Congresswoman Gabbie and her family, Dahlee in NJ, Judy Kelley, beloved husband and family, Jennifer, (now being watched over by her beloved husband and child), Norma, EE, Little Cub to CJ and Angel eyes Jack, Daniel, Dave, Cindy and Steve, Marty, Sweet Pea and Pie Face, Florence, Jeremy, Dennis, Darrel, Greg, Leroy, Rebekka, Carly, John, Diana, Crystal, Karen, Janet, Callie, Lorie, Laura, Larry, Clive,
2 Wolves and Jinx in SD, (http://www.2wolvescreations.com/)
Kelly and family,Judy W and her 4 sons up there in New England, Cherokee Wick, Benni, Gayle, Jonathan, Great Aunt Effie’s family, Marilyn Warren, Ilene, Tweak and Chris, Jen and Bian, Ericka, Shannon, Hannah Sherabow, Pam C. and family, Susan S., Angela A., Nancy W, Sue G, Kelly and family,Mato Oyate Kola, Susan Brouse, Cindy and Stevie, Kim, Olatz, EVB, Guin, Yiva, Mary, Sandra and family, Christina Hellen, Dotti B., Susan and Greg, Amy, Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, Tink and Mitch, LITTLE Ben, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada, Sandy, BraveHeart, Rowena, Chris, Robyn Elizabeth, Jean, Duke,Rowena, Chris, Baby Robyn Elizabeth, Diane Smallze and family, Patti and family, The Korabek Family and friends, The Gasse Family and Friends,
Officer Crawford of St Petersburg, The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform… Those now walking The Thin Blue Line, (far to many joining that line recently across our Nation),
Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel (back from his 4th tour as a fighter pilot of the US MARINES inAfghanistan) and his parents Sandy and Stuart, Lavie Coltrane and family, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton L, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Rev Bev, Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Nancy, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our North American Black American Bears, The Windcross Convservacy and those beautiful Spanish Mustangs known as “pocket ponies”… the dolpins , always our most remarkable dolphins!!!
AND for:
Anne, Jim, JADE, Cynthia, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA, Judi, Ken, Matthew, Nick, Matt, Mark’s family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B, Isabelle, Kelsey, Sabrina , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa,Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna, Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights family, Edith Vaughn, Candy, Cynthia, Jenn, Eve, Edith, Jason, Karen, Linda, Joyce, Belinda, Jeanette, Jennifer, Patti, Sandy S, and …
(Feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our prayer bowl)
You are being thought of so very often

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  85. love Sunday !!!
    Blessings of love, happiness and health to all…
    may you be blessed to hear the voices of sweet angels in your
    heart ! ♥ ♥
    sign me . A.

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  88. I goofed didnt read first so forget about the spelling, typing errors. Blessings

  89. Good afternoon to the good Dr.SES and to all of the bloggers. Miss Irene. I guess she needs a break after all she hardly ever misses the blogs. Still time in today. ha. I spent a great day and night with my best Hospice friend she is my 2nd. Sherry as she has the same name as the Dr. She is a great nurse and we have been friends since she took care of my dear daddy when he was in the alzhimers unit at Radford Hospital. She is a great friend. Her husband recently fell and he was brain dead. She is going thru a difficult time right now. She lives in a old farmhouse in Floyd, Va.. The house is haunted there is a lot of history in the house. Very unique home with 3 beagles and 2 cats living in with her. The beagles are just too cute. They are well trained and have a wonderful yard to roam in and play. Cats and I are not too compatiable but they looked me over and then got on the couch but stayed their distance. I enjoyed her hot tub and watched while Granny flew around, the birds are so beautiful. Please put Sherry Reed on your prayer list. One of the best Hospice Nurses around. Her husband was a sweet and caring man. We do miss him. Sherry will be retiring from Hospice in June and she will do her organice garden and hopefully start a worm farm. She will sell her on vegetables. God Bless our Soldiers, the President and his family. God Bless USA.

  90. Hello Sandy, I think folks are enjoying the warmth of the beginning of spring, the new light, and many are finding their way to the new and improved blog, leaving some comments there and visiting both places and the you tubes, i am keeping you all so very busy!!!https://drses.wordpress.com/you can also subscribe there !!!

  91. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Sure has been quite here lately. Hope all is well and your day is good. I hope you are enjoying nice weather wherever you are. Prayers for those listed as a read each name today. Be well, take care, be lifted up and Blessed this day. Wishing each of you a very Happy Sunday and it be a peaceful one for you. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your uplifting words and prayers. /Sandy♥

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