The Forgotten Mourners


12 comments on “The Forgotten Mourners

  1. hellooooo.
    as always , thank you sharing your perspective and lending your encouragement ,
    wise words and compassion strong.
    It is probably a safe bet to say that all of us have lost an elder, a wisdom keeper, as it is the natural course of life…. I have been blessed to have had both parents , together in love, keeping a strong family unit together for more than fifty years…Recently I have lost my Dad, suddenly and shockingly.. although he was 86, I wanted him to stay forever… he was ready to move on, to reunite with his ancestors and lost loves… my heart does miss him most dearly, however, my heart overflows with loving memories and I still hear his voice, hear his wisdom and will always know the unconditional love he gave will remain forever… I love the term ‘wisdom keeper”..
    I always told my Dad he was the smartest man I ever knew, and he would laugh yet beam with pride, as he knew I was speaking from my heart, it was my truth… Our elders deserve more respect than can ever be measured, they have endured a lifetime of trying times, they are our history and we are their HOPE for a better tomorrow. Thanks for choice of topic today. I wish that everyone takes on tomorrow with a smile, reach out to an elder and share your heart , even if only for a minute, they will brighten your day with their wisdom and their truths…..
    Have a happy day everyone, sign me, A.

  2. How wonderful to see your beautiful face live to listen to words and reflection Sissy. Having a hard time of things living 2 lives within myself here during this time. Misplaced once again its good to hear the words of wisdom reminding me to stay strong and smile Love this keeping it real Many blessings Darling Sending Love you way !<3

    • Oh love seeing you hear Sissy, and thank you dearest one.. HOlding YOU up… and surrounding you with those powerful spirits that walk with you each moment… YOU are never alone… altho’ sometimes it sure can feel like it when pulled by so many in so many directions at times… take best care and know you are loved.

  3. Timing, the timing came this weekend when my sons bid farewell to their 93 year old grandfather who was their joy, their compass and love. And, yes for me too. Thank you, Dr. Sherry for your ‘spot on’ video today, as their grandfather had beautiful and true stories, mostly filled with abundant smiles and gratitude.

    • How wonderful that your wisdom keeper was able to be with all of you, to share the stories, to feel the marvelous love and wonder… and to see the circle of love that is undending and now will walk with those grandsons and with you as his trips the lights fantastic in the next place while giving you all that you need in the days and months ahead to re adjust to communications that now will be powerfully different… take your time, just take your time… With blessings to you and yours in this mmost difficult time with HOPE for each breath that he lets you know, hearts connected stay connected always…

  4. YEA! I finally was able to view. Thank you for the message about the wisdom keepers.


  5. I’ve tried every way I can but I can’t get your video to play.

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