Reading From “Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life”

 Keepin it real today at the table, many asked to hear me read from Healing Heartaches, so
here you are! haha

Remember to share with your friends and subscribe to the blogs cos’ when we hit 101 we will put all the names in my hat and the neighbor Sandy will draw a winner of a signed copy of Healing Heartaches. …

Yes, Gypsy and Jeepers will of course help pull out the name! Look forward to hearing from
each of you.

Walk in Beauty,


keepin it real



5 comments on “Reading From “Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life”

  1. Welcome and I appreciate you being here and I thank you for your words… Blessings to you and yours!

  2. hellooooooo.
    Thank you for the bedtime story… actually am just getting ready to hit the pillow,
    I happened to be thinking about “wisdom keepers” on my ride home from work, the wee hours of the morning… for those who have not yet had the experience of reading “Healing Heartaches” I must advise, you will find yourself enticed with the flow of compassion and understanding… you might feel as if Dr. Sherry has been in your head and listening to your private thoughts..her words are soothing and REAL, comforting to your soul . I keep my copy, well worn and read often, on my bedside table … of course, next to my box of kleenex. It is not that the book is about sadness, I find her words are more about hope and survival.. treat your spirit and give it a read…
    sign me, A.

    • Glad to give you a bedtime story A… and sure that you recognized it 🙂 thank you and sounds as though you have read the print off the page, I still remember the day you ask me if I had any questions about the book you had read it so many times! Take best care of YOU, the office of yours is callin your name…

      • hello…
        sure have just about read the print off the page… I am heading out the door soon to my “office’… finally !! lots of questions to be answered and thought upon, no better place to ponder..
        wishing YOU a day of peace and beauty….
        you give so much of yourself each day.. you are appreciated beyond words expressed !
        sign me , A.
        p.s…… will give hugs to the dolphins for you !!

      • By now, you have the salt water feel and the dolphin love, I felt it as I thought of you today, and the office is all the better that you were there… blessings and hope to gather with you at the office for a session soon… may have to replace that book I’m thinkin! ❤

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