Nevah mind the first look,
Jeepers and I
want you to know
take best care
“who loves ya babies”
we do!
Walk in Beauty,

3 comments on “HOSPICE ROCKS!

  1. Hospice topic from yesterday, really struck a nerve and your presentation was great, Sherry.For me, YOU define most of my particular hospice experience, along with the Massage Therapist who attended to my mother. The nurses, Social Workers, clergy,MD, advisors, volunteers, EVERYONE who touched my life during those difficult years of letting 3 relatives "go" in a short time.Thanks for YOU and all who are involved with end of life care. Always grateful: Irene M ( as FIRM as possible)P.S.: White fur ball made my day

  2. You are still the "Heart of Hospice"Dr. Sherry. You have a hospice heart. Thanks always for your words, I'm enjoying the video format so much.

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words on Hospice. I believe I told my story about Mom that Hospice was part of her care for 5 months before she died. For the most part they were much appreciated and loved and I was so very grateful that they could be with Mom and care for and about her at those times when I had to work and could not be there during the day. For most of it I have to say it was the best thing we could have done for our Mom. We wished we could have brought her home on Hospice but her condition was too fragile and the doctor did not agree. Since that time, I encourage those I meet who are in similar circumstances as we were with Mom to look into Hospice for help and caring. Thank you Dr. Sherry for again, another wonderful video that is very close to my heart. I loved seeing sleepy Jeepers again. Bless you and have a wonderful and peaceful evening. /Sandy♥

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