From little communities to large mega cities now across our globe; HOSPICE a concept of caring! Pioneers with a rich history and vison to an organization led now through the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization… What a wonderful organization this is. It provides so much for those in the end times of disease and health issues. You have the right to be cared about. Blessings be with you. HOSPICE is about life, and you matter, you matter to Hospice as a vital member of the commhnity…


7 comments on “Hospice

  1. Hospice taught ‘ME’ to live.

    No, I did not have a disease that merited Hospice care for me, I had a beautiful job with Hospice for three years. A way of life that changed my scope and focus on ‘true’ relationships and truth. I smile at the loving kindness of Hospice and carrying forth that in my walk every day. Thank you, Dr. Sherry for your voice and passion of Hospice and bringing to the front for those do not know. If THEY knew, they would be exhuberant with the ease of life and yes, death.

    • Thank you Lorrie for you work at Hospice and for being here, and possibly passing this page along to others… HOSPICE is about life, and we continue to care, and let as many know about the realities of the concept of caring and community while dispelling the myths along the journey and advocating on Capital Hill for care and dignity for those needing hospice and palliative care… Blessings and all the best that life has to offer while you walk with great strides where you are now!

  2. How true–Hospice was wonderful with me and my dad. That’s why I appreciate so much what you do.

    • Hello Osh, I am so happy to hear that Hospice there was just what and where you and your beloved Dad needed, and that you found grace in all that was offered… I appreciate you being here, and hope you will share the page with many along your path… sTay well and take best care of you darlin… and here I thought it was my dimple that brought you to me!!! LOL, blessings on the winds to you dearheart… 🙂

      • No- actually it was the way your caring spirit came flying through the air waves into my computer! Also, your positive attitude, and the way you go round throwing light rays on everybody! Hospice is essential to the human race. Even if a person has no immediate situation in their life at the moment, they should have your book–like toilet tissue—(gonna need it). Prepare ahead of time. Want to buy your lunch one day.
        The dimple? Aw–that’s ok too! (Osh)

      • hahaha, had to wipe the tears off my face on that one… U are somekinda precious, yes you are! Blessings to ya Osh, you are fierce!

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