Oprah, OWN and O my

Roll it
It’s Ooooooprah
Larger than Life she is;
fame, glory, more homes and money
than most can count
the ability to get folks in front of
televisions like many long to.
who once told Barbra Walters,
“I knew I was destined for greatness”
greatness she has achieved over the years!
In those red soled shoes
we have watched her
in her grow, change; her many battles with weight,
with friends that she called close to her
in her relationships
ones that didn’t appear real,
in guests that appeared on her show.
We have listened to her transformations
her enlightenment
her phases and stages
her wisdom develp through mastery and failure
Now we hear that
the move from her usual tremendously successful slot on television
is not doing as well as the world expected on cable!
Oprah seems different to me,
the joy not quite as joyous,
the authenticity
somehow now different
The interview that others would have given their first born to get
that I strongly feel should have not happened so soon,
seemed tight, canned
not as real as the Oprah of days gone by.
Gayle King now working for another company back to the east coast?
Maybe she saw the changes as well.
a cable network
definately owned and backed by huge bucks
now firing folks,
now not drawing the millions that were projected.
Layoffs at O’s network
experts saying that if she gets
more of the reality shows
like other cable shows it will do better
do more
bring more to the station…
is that what Oprah is?
Jersey Shore programming, Mob Wives
Do we want to see that?
people want to see the real
the one from days and years past
who talked from the heart,
who felt things strongly
did not attempt to “fix everything”
introduced people to real people along with the famous.
I believe that was her magic,
when she was her most
authentic self
reached out to humanity
with her most
video by
Maybe Oprah should have a show on the greats in music on her show?
Has she seen too much
become too large
in living color?
Has she stretched too far
now is not “feeling as she did with her feet out of her shoes”?
I don’t know.
Can a regular/spectacular/destined for greatness person
“get to”
a woman of such power these days?
Not so sure of that one either.
one thing is certain,
Oprah is standing in a new light,
walking through a different door
the Executive Director and CEO
OWN the network.
Much different than
the days
of walking onto the set
of an adoring audience and millions who set their clocks and their DVR’s for when her show came on, to see
Can you even imagine $312 million being put into a cable network
now hearing that folks are being fired
there cos’ it is not doing well?
20% layoff on a network
that Oprah controls?
WOW is the only word that comes to mind.
We’re talking Oprah here,
generous, and business out of the box thinking Oprah.
Seems to me
that Dr Oz, Dr Phil
those that Oprah gave starts to,
Oprah did better than well,
that the Discovery Channel
did quite well.
What in the world is happening on
What is it that folks are wanting?
Since Rosie was fired
we can assume they didn’t want her
I guess,
it does make you wonder
what is it…
I don’t want another wives anywhere show,
another weight loss show,
another show of hoarders
one of terrors
or Kardashians or fake people in luck drawn instances of wealth and fame
I’m thinking
folks are wanting the ole’ and real
shows that feature real or that entertain
allow them to relax and enjoy.
Maybe even shows that focus
on these United States
and those living here
maybe the Native Americans
Oprah developing a school there
in the Appalachians,
build it
they will come kinda program?
Ultimately it’s
Oprah’s network
she is the one who
makes the decisions
must dig deep
to find her answers.
Still waiting for her to grab that copy of
Healing Heartaches,
who knows
maybe she will want to give me
Rosie’s spot called
“Keepin it Real with Dr Sherry”
Dig deep Oprah…
yes you were destined for greatness.
The Creator has blessed you richly,
but please
let go of all those things that are now
boggling your brain and your spirit
get back to that which fills you up
with laughter and splendor
enjoy you
that you can find your way back
to that very thing
that let the world fall in love with you.
The public sometimes
falls in love with
and places great pressure and expectations
on what they see and hear
in celebraties.
When the lights go off, the show has ended,
they take their clothes off the very same way
everyone else does,
hang them up
throw them in the floor.
Toss and turn in beds,
and have their own difficulties
wondering how to cope,
cry their own tears of disappointment, fear, and hurts.
The scream in celebration and laugh like the child within at wonderment of success and grand joys that are theirs,
just like everyone else.
And yes,
there are pressures
and many
things that are never seen on stages and screens by the eyes of those who admire them
are their fans as they muster strength and courage that keep them on point,
on their game.
In the struggle
some at times
even lose the vision
or it becomes cloudy by the expectations
of others
the demands and pressures exerted at tables and board rooms
letters of those wanting more
and better
The world is a stage.
A network?
A name?
A word?
Powerful message one way or the other.
Hoping you are setting your message to your brain today,
to have a remarkable day
are going
OWN it
claim it as yours.
Outshine the sun dear ones,
you too are destined for greatness.
And yes,
I still want my very own
red soul shoes
as my heart beats red
my road is red
and my soul itself
is so red with the passion of each breath I take…
I’m needin those red souled shoes, but I still think I need the ones like Little Kamryn that are made by
Michael Jordon
so my feet are on the ground!
Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real
“Oprah, I’m waiting for you! Take best care of YOU”

7 comments on “Oprah, OWN and O my

  1. I too miss the old authentic Oprah. This OWN network is not what I thought it would be. I don't watch tons of TV but have in the past very much enjoyed O's shows. She is a bright light, when something is not broken, why is there always a compulsion to fix it? Talk about junk shows. I work in a facility where multiple TV's run all day. I am SO OVER the Kardashian CRAP I could spit. Would rather watch mindless Sponge Bob than one more rich whiny overindulged pig.So I shall set out to have a flawless day and tune out all the bad TV, whenever I can.

    • Blessings to you and I thank you for being here… we need the authentic O to return to the hearts and shows with her passion and real deal self.. glad you weighed in, and in this busy day and time, many find it hard to find entertainment and t.v. that is worthy of that precious free time that is escaping many with so many demands of the 24/7 … hope you are finding ways to take best care of YOU…

  2. Dr. SES I have read your article on Oprah with great interest. I agree of what you say about her . In her own right she was a great lady doing many things for many people. I think the one big mistake was getting rid of her show and going tooo big with OWN. Gayle left and took a job with security and no dependence on anyone but herself. Rosie in my oponion should have never been hired. That is my oponion. Oprah should have never grabbed Whitney daughter so soon after her mothers tragic death. You could tell with her stand up interview how uncomfortable the girl was and how she was still hurting. I also heard on TV shows that Oprah should have backed off and give her time to mourn. I pray for her and hope she can come to terms with her Moms death. I hope she is not another lost child. I would hope that Oprah, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Brad would come to some of our desperate towns where there are no jobs and families losing everything they have and do their charity work. I am convinced that we could never give them the coverage for publicity as they require wherever they go. So sad. Opray would be better off reading your book and having you a REAL DEAL on her show. Get more real people and hear their stories. The rich and famous does not need anymore money or publicity. How about a good human interest story of the Men and Women in uniform coming on your show and telling their stories?? That would be something we are all interested in. Ok, I will get off my soap box and close for now.Irene and FluFF keep it going. Blessings to all.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights and happy you are here… Oh would just love to “keepin it Real” with O, maybe she will reach out and grab my hand as she speaks of in her quote on success and those who make it… after all, look at ole’ Dr PHil and his success as she reached out to him years ago! haha
      Be well and take best care.

  3. Good morning Dr. Sherry and friends. So good to see you here Irene and yes, yesterday's You Tube on Hospice brought back memories of Mom and Hospice care for her for several months. Hospice is a grand place to be when the need is there. I loved seeing the four legged Jeepers again. He is very cute and fluffy. Lots and lots of fluffy white hair. Great thoughts of Oprah today – I have also noticed things are not the same with her and it saddens me. I would record her shows daily and watch them in the evening. What a powerful but compassionate woman, wise and comforting. I miss that Oprah we once knew. Wish she was back the way she was. Hope she is okay. Glad you have the blue skies today Irene – so do we here in SE Michigan. An unbelievable high yesterday or 86° and today 80s again and sunny but supposed to get colder the next few days. Loving this weather but so unusual for Michigan in March. Wishing each of you a Terrific Thursday and one filled with joy and special Blessings and lots of sunshine. /Sandy♥

  4. Ah, yes, my history of years withOPRAH, running home from work to watch, never missing a word and now, I watch and am disappointed at her personal change, visually and her interviewing skills. She seems changed, just different.She NEEDS to real your book !Well, on this Thursday of blue skies, blessings all around, I finally watched yesterday's you tube on HOSPICE and commented.I wish everyone breathing, a lovely day, filled with butterflies and white fluffy furry 4-leggeds ! LOL, I cracked up.Love you all, Irene keepin' it , "really" FIRM

    • Alirghty FIRM, perhaps you too should send O a copy and your sage words to her about a show of “keepin it real with Dr Sherry”… Jeepers and Gypsy could be the side kicks as they do the Ellen dance through the isles and stir up all sorts of joy and passion… yes many are noticing the changes I believe but few are stepping out to OWN it and to say it… color outside the lines, yet be bright in your splendor while asking the question and stir the neurotransmitters of the brillaint brain that will send the message to the world… where are ya Oprah, we miss ya…

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