Where Are Ya Oprah?


5 comments on “Where Are Ya Oprah?


    fluff said…
    Hi Dr. Sherry, Great video tonight. I would love for Oprah to see it and call you right up and say come on down Dr. Sherry, bring your book and we need to talk. Yes indeed, that would be a grand time to watch on the television ~~ Oprah and Dr. Sherry Keepin it Real today and every day!!! So Oprah, get on the phone and call our Dr. Sherry. Oh, and don’t forgot Oprah, get your copy of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life cuz I just think that there have been some times in your life where this grand book would be just what is needed to bring that smile back to your face and a lift to your step in the red soled shoes Oprah. Take care now Dr. Sherry and Oprah – have a wonderful and peaceful nights sleep. Oprah, read a few chapter of the book before you go to sleep and I can bet you would sleep better knowing what you know!
    Thank you Dr. Sherry for a fine video and message. Sure enjoyed it. Goodnight! /Sandy♥

  2. Applauds you….this is great and I love what you have said. Oprah, turn those red shoes around and get back to the business of being Oprah. Hugs friend.

  3. That’s what you call puttin your money where your mouth is!!!! Hope Oprah can handle all that “REALNESS ON THAT ONE! Oh man, I am speechless! Bang a gong Oprah, and get it on with the “real” deals of life. You on a roll now Dr. Sherry. Smack Dab in the uttermost recesses of the human spirit!!!! All I can say is Jeeeezzzz- you go woman!

    • Good morning love! Just keepin it Real… Waht up OPRAH, I am waitin on her and lookin for my MJ’s and those red souls, and a spot on O’s show to keep it real with her… I am worried bout our Oprah, and hoping she comes back to us amid the pressure and the stories and the this and that of life…. So many need her brilliance her light, and many to talk to folks about the real of life for HOPE, Passion and the paths untraveled. Blessings darlin. Thank you for the for the love…

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