Keepin It Very Real With Dr. Sherry-Remembering Trayvon Martin


5 comments on “Keepin It Very Real With Dr. Sherry-Remembering Trayvon Martin

  1. God bless you, Sherry! I think that sometimes folks forget what they were like as teenagers, no different or better really. It’s so easy to pick apart someone while leaving yourself intact, isn’t it? To look at yourself apart from the rest of humanity as if somehow you’ve got it all figured out. Folks are just out of touch, it seems, but here’s where you step in. 🙂

    The reality of the Martin family is harsh, one that they may never make sense of. The recent commentary on how emotionally traumatized George Zimmerman is as a result is so disheartening. I suppose I would also be emotionally traumatized as well if I killed someone that really was no threat to me at all. I’m less concerned about his reaction. A killer doesn’t deserve that right while the victim has no luxury of life. I hope that somewhere he finds peace as well, because that’s what we all want and need, but in the meantime, I want justice for Trayvon’s family, not in the eye-for-an-eye way, but in the “You are valuable, and you matter” way, and because you do “we deem your son’s life as valuable”, so we will act swiftly; however, with the passage of each day, the messages that we’re getting are anything but that.


    • Hello dear one, yes we are getting stories that continually do NOT add up, do not make sense and take us further and further from the reality, the truth and the media is not helping the real issue that lingers. WE DEMAND JUSTICE. as we now continue and take it to the streets, to civic centers faith communities as ALL PEOPLE UNITED in the same voice saying >.. A CHILD WAS MURDERED and an arrest must be made. bring him in, book him, put him behind bars.

      I am not a foresensic exxpert, I am not standing in a place of power or authority, however, I do know this;
      had a shot been fired while someone was on top of of him, he would have had blood all over him, he would have had grass stains from the rumble and if he had sustained a broken or banged face, their would have been blood on him that could not have easily been wiped off and swelling that was obvious. but mostly he would have had blood on his clothing, which there was NOT.
      and this story has been altered. I also know that the funeral director’s story has been buried deeply in the press and not given the atention it deserves.

      the biggest thing I do know, is an innocent kid in a hoodie with tea/candy/cellphone on his way to the safety of home *(where he was staying) was pursued and killed and it was a hate crime. and the killer is stil free.

      write the governor of Florida, and all else, #justicefortravonmartin

      we will not stand down until justice is served.

      blessings on the suns rays to you and yours darlin

  2. I love how you take us into the ensuing emotional conflict that Trayvon’s family and loved ones may experience as a result of such tragic loss. Disturbing. Maddening even. I believe that humanizing the lives affected in this way is a necessary part of the healing process for all. Thank you!

    • I’m grateful you are commenting as sometimes it feels that no one is willing to voice their thoughts… a tragedy is unfolding before our eyes… we are here, the family has no peace, they are too busy standing in the lights, on the Hill at the halls and places where others are demanding justice… now people trying to say this boy had a past in school… maybe he was a typical 17 year old with bravado, maybe he was at that age of experimenting as many do… but whatever he was or WAs not, he was walking to the home that he was visiting and he was shot dead… and that is what the focus should be… and yet a murderer is free while the press runs free to further torment his name, memory and his parents are yet to sit still and wrap their heads around the reality that their child will never see his future or tomrrow… again I thank you for STANDING out there in Chicago.

  3. Thanks for keeping this ever before us. Such an unnecessary tragedy.

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