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Book Giveaway

Just a little note to remind all of you about the book give away when we reach 101 Followers.  The book is my book Healing Heartaches: Stories of Loss and Life that I wrote in 2009. I will personally autograph the book to the winner. All of the followers will be put in a hat and drawn out so that everyone has a chance.

Someone mentioned on here that they had my book and it was so worn she could tell me all about it.  She mentioned Bearly Bear, which was me in costume going to the Children’s hospital to help those children with chronic illness and cancer.

So, I thought I would share an excerpt from the book to intrigue you and maybe get more people to click that follow button.

There was one little boy named Walter I will never forget. Walter had cancer and he loved Harley Davidson’s and Lamborghini’s.

“I told Walter that I had told some people about him and that they drove Harley Davidson’s; they were members of a National Organization known as ‘Rolling Thunder”  whose mission is dedicated to our war Veterans…….We made an excuse to coax Walter outside that special day. I think it was to show him the Montero that Bearly Bear drove at the time and to get his opinion.  All of a sudden the sound of rolling thunder filled the street and the air. You could feel them long before they came into view……Walter looked at me , and then looked around. His blue eyes alive……..He let out a squeal , saying  “Bearly Bear, what have you done? What is that? Do you hear that?”

Now I won’t spoil the whole story but I want to leave you with one more section for it will touch your heart.

Rolling Thunder, a parade of Harleys, men and women riding proudly, gunning engines, giving thumbs up to Walter and Ceremoniously parking in front of his home. In unison they all said hello to Walter. Leaving their bikes and walking towards u; toward Walter, all smiling; touching him, hugging him, telling him Bearly Bear sent them.  With that, a big burly man with a beard and ponytail (Honorably Discharged Marine, now a US Postal Worker) stooped down , first hugged and then picked Walter up and gently placed him on his prized and beautiful Harley Motorcycle. He got on that Harley right behind Walter, started the engine which roared and purred as only a Harley can. Visualize the look on this kid’s face.

I look forward to sending this book to some lucky winner. I hope to see that number start climbing higher and higher.

Take best care of yourselves and know that Dr. Sherry cares about you.


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