Hello Maryland!

is in the trees here in Maryland!
Oh how joyful to see the
Redbuds, the cherry blossums
the look all around!
My girls met me
at Baltimore Washington airport,
what a reunion!
Olivia in her
ran to the Nana
arms extended for a hug
that filled me up
“da mama” waited in the car!
She had already been told to circle more than once by the friendly man
with the orange vest!
I’m sure they looked threatening
as they waited for me to come out the door
from the
friendly skies
after being on my favorite
Olivia helped me wait for the bag
to pop out of the spinner,
as everyone seems to develp a healthy dose of amnesia,
forgetting what their luggage looks like
as it pops up out of nowhere
to circle!
Olivia is more beautiful than ever
oh how she is growing!
She of course got a gleem in her eye
as she described what fun it would be to stand on the ever slight incline of the travelling belt to ride around it in the circles and circles
as we awaited my bag!
As we waited we talked about
Trayvon Martin,
his short life,
his hoodie
and the man who shot him.
I noticed we were being overheard by a couple there who were also waiting for their bags.
Olivia just couldn’t wrap her head around this, around how such evil would be in the world
and no arrest made.
She just kept repeating,
“Nana that is so wrong. He is a bum, that is just wrong. I mean really wrong.”
And the couple
just shook their heads,
I handed them my card, and let them know that on the blog
they would also find the number of the Sanford PD and Governors number if they wanted to add their voices.
They were appreciative it seemed.
Sure did seem to take a long time
for my bag to POP
I was almost thinking Olivia had a grand idea of standing on the round a bout
to ride around in circles!
I thought the two of us
would look quite splendid goin around a few times and maybe even bring a smile or two to the folks that were looking a bit stressed as they waited!
But finally
we were on our way
the waiting Joan
the laughter filled
the car
reunion of gladness
We arrived home
the ever lovin 4 legged known as
Let the party
begin and the good times roll!
So roll on we will
as we catch up on all that is happening with my girls!
As I ready myself for the DC area,
HOSPICE and all those who are advancing care for the communities around the country and the world.
The splendor of spring has come early here,
I am so enjoying the energy
of seeing my girls,
the changed landscape and the New Beginnings
of promise and HOPE
in each moment.
So for today,
and the days ahead,
I hope to share with you
photos of this trip,
just a few thoughts as I am here
in our Nations Capital.
I can tell that the intensity of the last days blogs
and thoughts
have made many uncomfortable,
but at times
in keeping it real, it is good to be uncomfortable, as awareness is raised, as challenges are put forward to make us stronger together.
Yes, these are trying times, times of discomfort, times of great sadness for many and times that we need to STAND OUR GROUND for injustice and for our rights.
We must make our voices be heard, not just for us, but for all people, and to remember that we mirror ourselves in the faces of others.
And we must work to find the beauty,
work to demand justice for
Trayvon Martin.
We must protect the rights of women
We are stronger together than we will ever be alone.
Look at this
beautiful beautiful beautiful!
Don’t block the blessings
dear ones!
Walk in Beauty,

23 comments on “Hello Maryland!

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  19. Long time since I have seen the beautiful cherry blossoms doc. Thanks for the pictures. So glad you are enjoying your trip,I'm always one for mixing pleasure with business. Glad it is warm and sunny in the DC area. ENJOY!

  20. My Comment # 2 for today:I just viewed your you tube tribute to Trayvon Martin, with your hoodie, sunglasses, low voice.You did a great thing for that young man, by explaining, bringing to light what we sometimes over look, fail to understand. Thank you Dr. Sherry, for Keeping Trayvon's memory at the surface while everything else is in chaos regarding this horrific crime.Signed, ME, head bowed…

  21. Ah Dr. Sherry, good that you made it safe and well and with your girls. Olivia is a beauty and she surely has gotten a little older since the last photos. I love her little dog -very cute picture. The news continues and some Saying where the shooter is now sorry and crying – very sad. He should be crying for what will happen to him in the future for taking the life of young Trayvon. I do hope things settle down a bit soon and not get out of hand from this tragic event. You take care Dr. Sherry, have fun and I look forward to the stories and pictures of time spent with family and the hospice event. I wonder if you will do a You tube video while you are away? Would be nice to see the area where you will be. Wishing those who stop here today a lovely and peaceful day. Hope the weather is nice where you are. SE Michigan got another taste of winter cold this morning after 70s and 80s all last week. It was 34° this morning and threatening frost today and tomorrow is going to be colder. Our flowers are already blooming so hope for no frost but the winter coats came out of the closet again. It was cold! Take care friends and enjoy your Blessings of the day./Sandy♥

  22. Mornin' MONDAY !Glad to read you are up in the VA/DC area safe, sound, luggage going round & round….. rhymes!Hi Olivia, hope your ankle is all healed and you will cherish days and visit with our Dr. Sherry and YOUR Nana. Much going on down here in Fla. Weather just beautiful for spring breakers !Take care and YES, to the # 1 comment: Everyday IS a Gift. FIRM

  23. Hello, hello I cantm believe your girl looks like she has grown up a lot since the last photo. What is that 4 legged creature she has in her arms? It looks so cute. Glad you are there and safe. The news media goes on and on about the young man killed with a gun for no reason at all. The Church there in Fl. everyone in wearing hoodies in Church. Something needs to be done and done quick before Sharpton and Jessee starts a riot. Have a wonderful good time with all of your friends and loved ones. Everyday is a Gift.

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