Look at you like Rosie looks at you and then You will see and know LOvE

3 comments on “Look at you like Rosie looks at you and then You will see and know LOvE

  1. Aww, Rosie is such a beauty. I love her marking and coloring. I just got home from the shelter and we had 12 dogs tonight. Some grand dogs like Rosie. Take care and enjoy time with family Dr. Sherry and give sweet Rosie a cuddle and hug for me. /Sandy♥

  2. Hey Dr. Sherry, that’s my dogs name too!!! Well actually her AKC name (from the people I adopted her from) is Cactus Rose. But, she is my little Rosie Posie. And you are right about the love in her eyes. I only wish I was as great a person as Rosie thinks I am…lol. Her pics are on my FB page. I little black poodle that used to be a show dog. When her owner’s quit showing her I got to adopt her.
    About ten years ago I used to volunteer with Nationwide Boston Terrier Rescue. I worked as a ticket agent for America West Airlines and got to fly free. I think I flew over 100 Boston Terrier’s to their “forever” homes. The delight on people’s faces when they got the new doggie made it all worthwhile. Anyhow kind of long winded here today. Thanks for sharing your Rosie with us.

    • Rose is the 4 legged of my grandddaughter… she is a talker and quite the personality! we should all look at ourselves through our dogs eyes, then stand up even in the hardest of times, with that love to propel us forward… take best care, this is the Rosie of my granddaughter Olivia that I’m visiting here in MD … a spoiled but very talkative one she is!!! blessings to you and yours.

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