TradeMark “I AM TRAYVON”
 by Trayvon’s Mom
A child has been murdered,
children are murdered.
What makes this different?
Many things.
Keepin it real,
Now new spins are spinning,
we are being asked to believe “authorities”
asked to hold off on judgments,
told that Trayvon
was not the innocent child
told he had a different side of himself on Facebook and on MySpace
told he “bashed Zimmermans head into concrete” as he *Zimmerman cried for help”
told this and that, by who exactly?
1. And we believe this because why?
2. What 17 year old doesn’t have a bravado on facebook and MySpace and twitter?
3. Bashed his head on concrete?
4. How does one do all those things with tea in one hand, a cellphone in the other and skittles in the pocket
while walking fast with a cellphone
saying a big ugly man is following me.
And the big ugly man is on the phone with cops saying there is a suspicious black person in the neighborhood and I’m following him, as he had a loaded 9MM gun
and then shot him in the chest with it
knowing full well that death would be the result.
after a month, a lawyer
he has spun a tale of great proportions
leaks in a police department
are shedding new and unblievable stories
as we move further and further away
from the reality and horror 
the point at hand. 
Zimmerman chose to not heed a direct order from a police officer who told him to stand down, to NOT pursue an individual
he deemed as suspicious
as a civilian who said he was the “chief of the neighborhood watch” in a neighborhood.
this man Zimmerman
followed, pursued
and shot a kid point blank
a 9MM
killed him
although he was crying
“help me” on a cell phone.
A neighborhood watch?
No arrest?
Shot while black?
A police department not doing their job?
A kid wearing a hoodie?
A grown man playing vigilante?
Self=defense? (NO)
A Gated Neighborhood?
Meanwhile here in the DC area
a woman attacked and severely wounded a man
someone in what was a IHOP
and has been charged with a
HATE crime and is looking at
30+ years
for the attack.
And it made the news tonight
as I sit here still astounded
as I try to understand
why Zimmerman is free.
And yet,
the parents, friends, and the world
are now hearing the round a bout
the well he wasn’t so this or that
the self defense
Where is the justice department?
One thing is certain,
Many Many
of all shapes, ages, colors
Thousands are standing
and we will not be silent
thousands are using social media,
in front of the steps of buildings, civic centers, churches, faith communities,
the Department of Justice,
Capital Hill
even the White House,
in Sanford Florida
Tampa Florida.
Trayvon was murdered,
and I will join the many who now stand and are his voice, even though many are trying to discredit him, to dishonor his family
and his very young life
as they try to weave a web for a murderer
and justify a police department that did not do its job.
We are standing arm in arm on this wrong.
“We all bleed Red”
~ ~ ~
I have heard that folks all over the world
are donning hoodies
and letting their voices be heard.
Yet he is still free.
The man who told the police
that he shot a child.
Now we hear from his friends, his attorney
and rednecks and bigots
and folks from everywhere
with opinions.
We hear about the
“Stand your Ground” law
and whether it applies
we hear from the “new Black Panther group”
now offering a bounty for Zimmerman,
we hear that they are not supported by
nor many in the Black or African American
have we heard
of an arrest?
Trayvon’s mother and dad
or their cries in the night?
Have we looked deeply in the eyes of our children
and seen the real possibility
that it could have easily have been them
in a hoodie walking out of a mall?
have we thought
how very easy
it is for someone to pick us out of a crowd
decide we may in fact
look suspicious,
decide to pursue us
and then without reason, cause,
shoot us dead?
And if we stand UP
and should a whole bunch of folks
stand beside us
as the brothers and sisters we are,
demand justice…
Would we then really get it?
Only then to find out that once an attorney
gets involved
that stories and press will turn things into a circus
and try to talk about us when we are no longer on this earth and able to talk for ourselves?
Now a child is dead,
we are hearing such vile remarks
being made about him as they are stretching to find something to make him into something that he either was or was not.
From all pictures, and from teacher accounts he was an “A/B student”, an athelete, a kid with great promise.
Now his Mother is seen on television
saying not only has my son been murdered but they are trying to kill his reputation
as someone reports he was suspended from school from perhaps marijuana?
What kid at 17 is not experimenting with something and what does that or what he has done or not done have to do
with the night he was walking in the neighborhood in a hoodie with skittles and a tea close to the home he was staying in?
Neighborhood watches are in communities everywhere across the nation.
It means that folks watch out for each other, for their homes.
It is not a license to kill, hunt, stalk, or pursue someone and then kill them.
It is a “WATCH” if it is active at all.
IF, and I say IF
anyone in a neighborhood sees suspicious activity, they typically call their police department and report it.
They do NOT call from their “watch point”
and say the things that Zimmerman said
and then go in pursuit
of a kid with a loaded
9MM gun intending to use it.
The tapes tell everything there is to hear,
all that was needed to make the arrest.
Also noted and heard on CNN
was the racial slurs
of this man.
At no point did the police nor Zimmerman talk about injuries sustained at the time,
nor a broken nose, nor remorse, nor tears,
none of it.
as for tears, or pleas for help,
yes, we heard that…
Trayvon’s mom heard and recognized her
baby’s cries
and so did the girl he was talking to on the cellphone,
that was a kid while being pursued
as he was shot.
yes, we heard it,
we heard a Mother’s voice as she said  that was my baby, she heard it, and probably still hears it vividly 24/7.
We are the people
who continue to stand
Who is Zimmerman and his buddies kidding?
Do they really think we believe that?
Have YOU loooked at his eyes, that of Zimmerman?
Have you seen him walk to the police department and turn himself in yet as he is so filled with remorse?
Have you looked at the smile, the eyes, the face of Trayvon?
Here’s the deal:
I’m keepin it real,
Trayvon Martin
was shot close range
by a bullet loaded into a 9MM handgun
who called the police in
Sanford FL.
He was known to them as he was a frequent caller, a man who is by their label
was on his “neighborhood watch”
Note the word ‘WATCH’
and when he told them he saw someone,
a “black someone who looks suspicious”,
they told him to NOT pursue him
and yet he did.
And what followed was that he
at point blank range
shot and killed what he
who he outweighed by more than 100+ pounds
who was on a cellphone screaming
“help me” to his girlfriend.
It does not get any clearer than that.
And yes,
I believe with my gut and heart
it was a crime of hatred.
Where is the justice
why is it taking so long?
Trayvon belongs to the world now
does his family.
We will embrace them now,
as we join for justice.
Leave him alone, let his memory be left
with some dignity,
this man Zimmerman has raped them
and taken all that is sacred
when he murdered this child.
 video by Dr Sherry

5 comments on “NOT YET…

  1. great FANTASTIC AND POWERFUL DOC,AND I GOTTA TELL YOU… i appreciate you keepin it relevant and real and in people's faces … and painful as it was to watch, i appreciate the videos so very much, and i pray this one goes viral… i am sending it to all the local news stations, my friends and asking them to do the same, i am blowing up my computer with it, and with your blogs here… we demand justice, and no we will not sit back and listen to the rest of the story, the story ended when a kid was murdered and the bastard that pulled the trigger ignored the police departmant who told him to not follow the suspicious kid with the candy and to stop … he was spose to be wathging out in the neighborhood not playing cop with a loaded gun. that is the story, that is the real story, and it begins and ends there. i dont care if this kid was suspended, smoked pot, or anyting else. i care that he was killed by a man in a neighborhood walking home. i dont care if he fought for his precious life, but i suspect he was screaming like a scared kid like i would as an adult. he cries have been heard, and are stil being heard by blacks whites and everything in between. make the arrest department of justice and give us all some peace.thanks doc, dont let up and let your voice speak for so many of us.god we need more of YOU to keep it real and on the point of truth, integrity and HOPE

  2. Whoa, a fired-up page this morning.Powerful video on you-tube, doc.Watched it last eve, left a comment on yesterday's list.Breathe, STOMP, stand up for Trayvon, no matter what he did or did not do, The Z-MaN was WRONG!I stand FIRM

  3. Back off ? With all respect … It will never matter what authorities say and exactly what authorities shall we now believe… A kid was killed and the one who killed him is not behind bars ! That is the issue. Standing for justice

  4. Seems a different story is coming out about the young man. Maybe it is right and maybe it is wrong. Maybe not worth a life to be gone so soon. Lets back off a little and see what the authorties are saying and then make the call.

  5. This is such a horrific story. I am proud of all the families, the organisations, and the neighbors who are adding their voice to the din and cry for justice. People are tired of hatred and bigotry, and not being safe to be safe as they move about their community. There are alot of dangerous people out there.This child was not one of them. This time I think the demand for justice is being heard, finally. It is a shame that it takes letters, calls, petitions, media coverage and protests to get the police to do the right thing. What has happened to our ability to trust that justice is equal? Sad state of affairs for it to be 2012 and its still the same old story. Maybe because this has drawn international attention,the public can force the police and courts to get their collective heads out of their butts.

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