Attitude of Great GRatitude

Those kitchen tables
Keepin it Real
Walk in Beauty
Dr Sherry

2 comments on “Attitude of Great GRatitude

  1. hellooooo.short and sweet for me, ~ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ~the best of life to all,hugging my memories,hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.

  2. Dear Dr. Sherry, you touched my heart tonight as you do so often. The memories for me, since early childhood" of family around the table. I have to wonder what so many young families do when they don't see the importance of gathering around the kitchen table. What memories will they have when the reach older age and those who are now gone and those memories that could have been never were? Since a youngster the kitchen table was one of the most important places to be. Especially, if there was a birthday or holiday to celebrate. My precious Mom carried on the tradition of her Mom, my Mimmie of celebrating the holiday or birthday around the table. Mimmie and Papa had a huge old kitchen and a big table and if all us cousins couldn't fit at the table we would sit together on the throw rug on the floor in the corner or the little step stools and all have dinner together. Oh how teary eyed I am now thinking of those times and missing those who are no longer here with us. Our Mom always opened her holiday or birthday card the same way, very slowly and carefully so as to not tear the envelope. We teased her, in love, because she was so touched by the words on the card. She would read every word slowly and then she would put it over her face and her leg would shake and she would be crying over the words written on the card. Of course we always got her those very special cards from our hearts with the sweetest words on them telling of our love. Sometimes, for fun, we would also give her a really funny card but it always had the same reaction. Mom had a tender heart and would weep at a lot of things, especially cards or letters from her children and those she loved. We would sometimes tease her and shake our leg and grab something to cover our face until all of us, including our sweet Mom would be laughing. Lord, how I miss those times and those I love who are no longer here. Sure wish we could gather together just one more time. I am grateful for the memories. Sadly, I don't have a kitchen table. I gave mine to my niece and her young family when they moved to a new home last year after she got married. It was always too big and my dining room too small. I prayed when they picked it up that they would have good heart felt memories around that table. I didn't use it much anyway when it was just me most of the time. Same as tonight, I eat dinner with the computer and lately with you Dr. Sherry watching the You Tube videos for friends on face book. Thank you Dr. Sherry for "Keepin it Real" and for your special words tonight. Bless you and wishing you a good night. /Sandy♥

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