Little Kamryn
with his
“purple swag on”
Olivia, Joan and I are having the best of times here in Maryland
with the temps
even though last night
the drop was into the 30’s
as we huddled on the couch
and explored the life of an 11 year old!
“giggle giggle”
is a phrase I tried to wrap my head around
as I gazed at my beautiful Olivia
who lives in the no pressure zone,
I have to laugh.
She has transformed into a child who looks older than 11
so when she shifts
in a conversation
to a reply of
I find my brain explodes in wonder!
I have to re-set
and remind myself she is only 11!
She now is keen to the news on
Trayvon Martin,
her school and friends are talking about it
no one understands it.
They do not see color
they do not understand “hatred/racial profiling”, they have no words for the horrendous acts
truly do not understand how zimmerman is still a free man.
To hear the conversation
to engage her thoughts has been a lesson for me,
in a deeper understanding
through the lens of a child.
It makes me also wonder
the thoughts of Kamryn,
who is 10.
The thoughts of D’Vante who is 17
and graduating high school this year.
All three of my kids
are of color.
Olivia’s word for zimmerman when I arrived was that he was a
I found this interesting, curious that a word
so benign could be assigned to a man
of such a horrendous acts.
And then I had to again remember,
Olivia is 11, she is a child.
One who does not see color, does not judge people, and does not know hatred.
We talked about it more,
we read the definition of the word
and then looked up other words for
“bad” or “awful things a person does”.
We thought about it
and I could see her mind in action through the movement of her eyes.
She has now decided she likes the word
and that word fits better.
She likes the word
and thinks that word fits better.
I didn’t like to have “the talk” with an 11 year old child; my child
of the wickedness that lives in a world.
To talk about the hatred that still resides in the hearts of some
things like racial profiling, color of people’s skin
being the age old battles that originated with the
First Americans
Trayvon Martin
along with the stories that are now being woven to further make him out to be anything less than the victim of a gunshot wound
deliberately inflicted.
As we watched Sybrina Fulton, the mom
Tracy Martin the dad
on television
Olivia sad, that is just wrong and so sad
She then said,
“this is just wrong, and even if he was suspended who cares and what difference does it make?”
From the mouth of a babe,
truth is spoken.
Then it was time to talk about
it was time to feed the pain and realities of the days conversation.
To talk about the sneaks that were being sent to her from Kamryn
that she is so tickled to receive in the mail.
another thing Olivia and Kamryn have in common,
those kids do love to
Here’s the latest and greatest picture of
getting his grub on!
My boy loves him a
even with his purple on!!!
Gotta EAT!
WE have to stand for the children,
Love is born into the children,
they are color blind,
the do not judge
they are able to dance in the rain,
play in the dirt,
run and learn
taste all that life has to offer.
It is our job, our joy, our responsibility
to nurture, nourish, teach, reach each one
with all our best tools,
while exploring and holding them UP.
It is up to us to empower them,
help them find their voices
in pursuing their dreams
teach them respect for all living things
while standing
for Justice, their rights and responsibilites
along the way.
Teach them well.
Help them to find the words that will suit them,
that will allow them to express what they want to say,
that will allow them to define
what they are trying to express
help them to remain alert and safe.
Olivia and I spent some time talking about self defense classes
she is actually thinking it might just be a good idea!
they belong to all of us.
video by
We have to stand,
we have to be responsible
watch our wording.
I was going to attend a rally for justice
then it hit me.
It was a call of UNITY
an invitation for
And I had to hang my head once again as the verbage read all
were being asked to stand together in UNITY
I wept,
as I realized that in the joining
and the advertising and plead to gather the organizers was doing what they were rallying against
and teaching children to segregate
when we are standing together
against racism and hatred.
I must not give up
nor abandon hope
that we shall overcome one day.
The sage is lit,
with prayers going up today
for all
who are standing, all who are needing some support in thoughts, for strength
just to know
you are being thought about.
Walk In Beauty,

4 comments on “Sometimes…

  1. hellooooooo.happy to hear you are having a great visit … there's no place like home, without a doubt.A few words come to mind when I think of the sad story spoken about,deplorableignoranceconvictionmoralsand yes , atrocious about sums it up.Words of wisdom today, hopefully,more folks will speak up and justice will prevail. Actions speak much louder than words and inaction is unacceptable.May we all see a brighter future through the eyes and lessons our children may teach us.lots to think about…hugging my angels, ♥ ♥sign me, A.p.s…..BARBARIC … I like that word and cannot believe all that has happened .. or rather, not ??

  2. I am so glad you are having a great visit with Olivia & Joan. Maybe we will get to see them over the summer.My prayers are also with Trayvon's family. It is a very very sad siutation and to imagine the guy man not go to jail…we live in a crazy sick world.I love you Cuzzie and I am glad you are in your old stomping grounds seeing good friends~~Love you "whole lots"

  3. Dr. Sherry, I meant to say I watched the video last night and it made me weep. I had no words to comment at that time. So very touching. /Sandy♥

  4. Dear Dr. Sherry, I love seeing the pictures of Olivia and Kamryn. They are surely grown up and experiencing life in a difficult world as we know. The innocence of a child is amazing and touching just to spend time with them. I am having a hard time with the senseless death of Trayvon. A young man, still a child, and he is gone from this world by the hand of a man with a loaded gun. You know what I face day in and day out on my job here in Detroit Trauma and I often question why did these things happen? Was it wrong place wrong time or what? So many times it is the innocent one, young and old, that loses their life. What a sad world it can be if we dwell on it too long. My prayers for Trayvon's family and friends, and those who are rallying around because of it, that through his death some day, something good will come out in his memory. Some day, a life will be saved in the loss of this innocent youngster. He should not have had to die like that. Take care Dr. Sherry and get some extra hugs and kisses from Sweet Olivia. Enjoy the rest of your trip and the event coming up this weekend. I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures. Wishing each one who stops by here a Blessed day with joy and sunshine. It is cold here in SE Michigan again today. In the 30s and 40s but Sunny. Supposed to warm up by the weekend. /Sandy♥

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