Oprah would love to talk to Zimmerman?

It’s One Month and three days
still we
are waiting for an arrest
in the murder of
Trayvon Martin.
people are gathering,
they are standing,
they are raising their voices,
signing petitions,
Oprah has weighed in.
No she hasn’t called me yet!
But she has now spoken about the Trayvon Martin case.
She has now said that she herself told Rosie it is over for Rose,
she has now said that Bobbi Kristina disappeared before the big interview
she wasn’t sure she would be there when Oprah arrived,
but she was indeed found by Oprah’s peeps and was there, but did not want to sit down,
so they stood and Oprah went with it to get the interview…
But now she has weighed in.
She has let folks know in an interview
a killer is tops on her list to interview
“I would love to interview zimmerman”.
Really Oprah?
YOU would pay, or give props and attention
to the man who self appointed chose to
be the “neighborhood watch”
or shall I say
“neighborhood killer”
He is top on your list,
the same guy that we all want to see brought to justice, for the murder of a 17 year old.
really Oprah, you want to bring him on your show while we are wanting him booked, arrested and justice to be served?
ok maybe i am being reactive,
Banging my head on the wall now.
We are all people of color,
what is the problem here?
The man who called the Sanford PD
and said he saw someone suspicious,
then was told to not pursue the person,
yet he did.
And then he shot and killed at point blank range a 17 year old kid
in a hoodie, with a cellphone, a bag of skittles, and an Arizona Tea
as he cried to his girlfriend
“help me”.
Oprah is wanting to interview this person
has him top on her list?
One thing is certain,
as I sat and looked over the city
Washington DC
I was reminded of its intensity, its spendor, its diversity.
And I miss so much of it
now am enjoying being back here and seeing my beloved friends and the movement.
There is so  much happening now,
with health care
Trayvon Martin
so many who are standing,
letting the world and justice
we the People are standing for justice.
“We shall overcome”
we have come a long long way.
Hatred and racism
do not belong in our world today,
violence has no place in our worlds
and the lives of our children.
I have to tell ya,
this story is about as disgusting as it gets,
the web is dirty and it just keeps taking a new spin and with each spin a new attempt to create a lie… or to discredit a teen age boy.
Now once again,
it is becoming about the
political “left/right/” whatver that has to do with anything
but it is ugly
I have a feeling it is becoming more so by the hour.
The stories are being used to avert our attention to the horrid crime that was commited
and the mishandling of a murderer
that still walks free.
And yes,
we’ve come a long way in civil rights,
and this tragedy is proof that there is evil
on the streets
and within gated neighborhoods.
We all walk with a responsibilty to educate our children,
to stand with honor, dignity, we have responsibility for our behaviors,
with ethics in our daily lives.
We are each our brothers/sisters keeper, like it or not.
Race is something that people should run,
not something that qualifies one to kill, harm, or mame
or judge.
Many are using this tragedy, and now this injustice
as their own platform,
through political doings and agenda building,
in police slinging and one up manship.
This was a tragedy, a sickening and unimaginable tragedy;
it is a crime that has yet to be handled
justice has yet to be served.
The media is not helping,
nor are those who are tweeting the addresses of people who are now in harms way
as a result of tweets
by celebrities
and then re-tweeted to millions
who will ultimately try to take the next crazy steps.
Further harm is about to be done,
innocent people will be hurt as a result of passion, emotion and misdirected anger
and things that are spinning out of control.
yet a murderer is safely hiding out somewhere with his pals.
People around the world are asking, writing, demanding
We have rallies happening across the lands, on campuses, Universities, faith communites, Capital Hill, the White House.
are standing arm in arm, together
with one vision, mission and purpose
for the most part.
We must be careful in wordings, in the call to actions that we are inclusive
in the desired outcomes.
We stand for justice
for a child who was murdered.
For the family
Sybrina and Tracy
the parents of
Trayvon Martin
in their demand for justice.
To do that
we must stand together.
With respect and Unity.
Rallies cannot be effective nor the message be held as authentic or without racism
further indicated when an announcement reads:
That is a powerful call to action,
it is a message that is in direct opposition to what we all stand for,
it is exclusive
it is a further message to confuse our children
and adults alike
when we are standing together
to fight
and let the world know
must end
in order to
STAND for Justice together UNITED.
If we segregate our rallies
with our calls to gather
in standing
what message are we giving our children, their friends, our neighbors, our spouses, our relations?
If we cannot come together in our quest for justice for Trayvon Martin
how can we expect to teach our children
how can we embrace each other at all
in the greater circle of our lives?
We are stronger together
than we will ever be apart.
I’ve been saying this for weeks now,
through tears, through angst,
through and by listening to all who are weighing in and now those who are spinning webs of deceit and heartache to the family of this youth,
and listening as well to the children
who are also hearing all of this.
The questions of kids are many,
the speculation
does not change the reality.
and the reality is
a child was killed by the willful act of an adult
who was told by the police to not pursue him.
But he did.
And then, maybe he beat himself up afterwards
who knows.
But we need our children and adults alike to be safe
when they are not in our homes.
We need folks safe in their homes
without someone giving out their addresses
to others Spike what were you thinking when putting those folks in harms way.
bless our children,
bless the parents of
Trayvon Martin
and hold them closely in thought and prayers.
Just kids
all colors, shapes and sizes
some in hoodies, some without
all just out there.

“Everything now, we must assume, is in our hands; we have no right to assume otherwise. If we do not falter in our duty now, we may be able, handful that we are, to end the racial nightmare, and achieve our country, and change the history of the world.”  James Baldwin

It is time to stand UNITED
Neighborhood watch
is just that…
do not harm.
And now O has weighed in
of all the folks in the world to talk to,
all the real people to  interview
she wants to interview
this guy who killed a kid.
Let’s see,
oh yes, Olivia now calls him a
I wouldn’t want to interview or give him time
for all the cherry blossoms in DC.
I would like to interview some kids though to get their take on this,
their view on how people are feeling, thinking
their ideas.
I also value yours.
Walk in Beauty,
oh yes, Oprah also commented about the Bobbi Kristina interview… wonder if she read what I had to say about standing in the hallway since she spoke to that as well?
I’m still waiting for you Oprah!
It is ironic how you spoke to all the things I talked about in the
“where are you Oprah” you tube!!!
“I’m still waiting for you Oprah…”

6 comments on “Oprah would love to talk to Zimmerman?

  1. When is the Oprah worshipers gonna wake up. It is all about money and it will always be for her. The Bobbie Kristian interview should have told all of us something. Too interview a torn, heart breaking girl that mother just died a tragic death so soon and standing up. Now wanting to talk to Zimmerman? Smells like money to me. Just read article where she fired Rosie, the question is why did she hire that sleaze bag anyway. She was supposed to hire Wynonna and gave her the heave ho for Rosie. Now Wynonna will not go on her show, she told her NO, you hired Rosie and live with it. I never thought she was so great anyway. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Just another rich person making it big on other peoples tragedy. Blessings to all and especially to Trayvon family.

  2. I have read this again, am am glad to see some have commented to indeed show they are standing and are here with voices, have again written the governor of florida, am still waiting for justice. just heard the brother of zimmerman say that george did fight back, and had he not shot the kid he would be in diapers he was pummelled so badly with is broken nose and bloodly self.. NOT believing it, as the video and mug shot show it a lie. where is the justice, and i too have lost respect for oprah as she seems to have lost her way. thnaks doc for keepin it real sorry that so many are not leaving their voices with the support you give so many, think people like it when you lift them rather than keep it real. the first two seemed to have brought folks out to say it and to remember sometimes sharing what is not always pleasant is always necessarty.

  3. hellooooo.sometimes silence is golden,sometimes there are just not the words to speak,I find it deplorable that there has been no arrest made of the infamous Mr. Z….My heart breaks for the parents of Trayvon…Here we are, 2012 , USA..am I proud to bear witness to thisinsane injustice ?NOT.STOMP !!!!where is the Governor of FL ???hiding out in shame, for sure…." mad as hell, not gonna take it "sign me,hugging my angels ….A.p.s. I ahve absolutely not a bitof respect for Oprah…I will not view or read anythingshe has to say ever again unless she wakes up , gets out of her$$$$ world and does the right thing here… shame on her !

  4. Dear Dr. Sherry and friends. Just want you to know you do not stand alone in this horrific event. I have just run out of words to say as my heart remains heavy. My prayers for you each day and love and hugs sent for you. May those who stop by here be Blessed and have a peaceful evening /Sandy♥

  5. i'm with the writer above Doc, thanks for raising hell, and it sure seems in taking a stand you are now standing alone here…visiting I am from reading about this on another page, and along with the reader above, feels like we've gone back to the days where we have to stand and raise our voice to be heard… am a bit surprised by the silence here on a pge filled with such passionn and honesty. thank you for being here, and continuing to stand.

  6. DC is an amazing Place to get reconnected with the political energy inside the beltway. Especially when you have been away from the madness of it all. so how is it that regular people in regular communities don't get it that they too have a voice.You have to raise a lot of hell to be heard but it can be done. I am glad so many are outraged at what has happened in Fl. It's not good enough to pretend that EVERY act of violence against an innocent individual is growing a more and more violent world. I want to go back to the 60's and the hippie days where we believed in peace and protests and the power of making our voices heard. Thanks doc for taking a stand. So where are the other voices that belong here? Everybody quiet???

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