Morning feast for your senses

May beauty fill your senses as my soul has been filled surrounded by folks from the Hospice world and seeing Dr Bernice Catherine Harper awarded the
Global Vision Award by the National Hospice and Palliative Carr Organization last evening! So very deserving and a moving acceptance by a pioneer of hospice! Thank you Dr. Harper!

Blessings friends and relations as we stand…


5 comments on “Morning feast for your senses

  1. Hi Doc, Hi everyone. Great looking flowers !
    You are a hit everywhere you go, with new and long-time friends.
    Enjoy your visit, safe travels home.
    Trying to stay FIRM Stormy Saturday

  2. oh beautiful Sherry and I am glad that your trip has gone so well. Hope your travels are going smoothly. 🙂 hugs friend.

  3. I am happy you had such a grand time. Was thinking about you last night. Looking forward to hearing about it and if you took pictures. I’m off to the shelter. We are quickly filling up with cats and dogs. We have a lovely stray pom that reminds me of Jeepers but has some black on the head. Hope its owner shows up today, Have a wonderful day Dr. Sherry and friends. /Sandy♥

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