Feelin Weary?

Wishing you
a jar filled with marbles
to take best care of
Standing for Justice
Trayvon Martin
all together

4 comments on “Feelin Weary?

  1. Dr. SES, so glad you are home and well. Hope you had a wonderful new experience with the Hospice Gala. For my words you could write the book about Hospice and the good and bad. The good outweighs the bad when you look real good at the stuff that happens in every business. I want to share with you and your other followers this quote from someone unknown. It sorta made me think of you. I'm not going to be afraid. I am like an eagle, strong with mighty wings. Some days I may soar and some days I may simply glide based on my current condition, but I am still an eagle every day. I am an eagle soaring to new heights with the pink ribbon in my grasp.I think that is how we all feel about ourselves and our friends that may or may not have some kind of problems that try to clip our wings. I hope all will be well and hope that someday the cure for all we have will help us fly like an eagle. My wish is for all to be happy, healthy and fly like an eagle. Blessings to all. Happy home coming Dr. SES. Blessings to all, our soldiers and their families. God Bless Our President and his staff.

  2. Dr. Sherry, so good to see your home and to read and hear your words that touched my heart as you always do. Thank you Dr. Sherry and Bless you for all you do. I hope you got some rest today and feeling relaxed. Take care. /Sandy‚ô•

  3. Doc WELCOME HOME. You keep me real. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Am standing for what is right and good. That clearly is not standing with Zimmerman and the Sanford police who have yet to arrest him. Glad you are back in sunny FL doc. Enjoy this day. Goin back to watch the video now.

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