Thoughts and musings

Nana’s girl is growing up
still a delight!
A week in the D.C. area
and oh the sights and memories
along with the energy of the city!
Now back home to the sun,
the little 4 legged
who bark a nothing
to them it is everything!
The emails need answering,
a new program for the next speaking venue is under way,
I am ready to abandon listening to the news
and have my own
“media black out for awhile”
as I almost cannot bear one more story.
Prayers are going up to those
in California at the school
where chaos erupted
and a man with his gun
went berserk,
killing and harming students.
Another tragedy that appears to have happened
in a hot second
when people were just living their lives
in a building
a building that provides education.
What is wrong with people?
This question has appeared more often in recent blogs and my mind than I can ever remember.
Here in Florida
we continue to await justice
in the
Trayvon Martin murder.
The world is standing up,
many are arguing, many are debating,
many more are fueling hatred, and spewing words of anger.
The stories are getting skewed,
the media is out of control,
now we are hearing more and more about how the laws of
“Stand Your Ground” need to be reviewed, need to be changed, need to be challenged.
While all that may be true or not true,
it seems that is not the issue at hand.
It seems to me the issue at hand
is the mismanagment
of a crime
from the beginning by that
Sanford PD
now that zimmmerman is in hiding and continued consult with attorneys
we still await
With photoshop and editing abiliies
it appears that one should not be looking anymore at revised tapes and photographs.
Where is the justice in that?
But then again
a friend of mine has been writing her blogs
issues of disability
and those who “bilk a broken system” and begs the question of
“what has happened to the moral compass” of people.
I cannot help to wonder at times the same question, and yes for years I have also seen those who somehow slip through the system, receiving full tilt disability when they are no more deserving of those benefits than I am.
Yet I can full remember patients and friends who were truly disabled and yet were denied disability not once, not twice, but three times
as the emotional stress, the spiritual stress
contributed to their health and increased their pain and suffering.
There is something horrendously wrong with a system and those who manipulate it
to recieve a check. After being given benefits they then abandon their canes and enjoy the benefit while walking around town and goin up and down stairs when they could and should be working for a living.
Chronic pain?
Most folks in the world have pain,
but is it the pain that takes you to your knees
and makes you think that you would have to feel better to die pain?
Many who suffer chronic pain
know that feeling, and most mentally healthy people would rather do anything than go through the rigors of attempting to get disability and live a life
that is restricted by illness and disease progression in order to claim and recieve disability.
For a profound read, I invite you to this blog
and my friends words,
I believe you  might be amazed.
Just click the link below,
subscribe to her posts, you will find her to be one of the most inspiring women you have known lately!
It certainly gave me pause,
and touched me deeply.
A complex topic
but one that is clearly worth getting riled up about.
I am hoping YOU are doing well today,
YOU are paying your gifts forward,
getting excited of all the possibilities and realizing that you have a voice!
Sing, dance, find your passion and exert it!
I’ve read where our
Oprah is again backing our President Obama this year,
but has said she is doing it from a distance,
as she is “busing saving a network” as in OWN her network!
If she would just holler at me, maybe I could help her with that… Oprah darlin, you have to get and keep it real out there in CA…
Anyone see those country music awards on t.v.?
What in the world?
Bring back the good ole’ days
and the country music awards for goodness sakes.
After all it was Emmy Lou Harris’ birthday
so maybe they should have made the
country music awards
all about
Just sayin…
video by
Now that is
country music at its finest.
And yet that little girl Taylor wins yet again?
She only made 34 million dollars last year,
and still all her songs sound the same.
go figure.
And at last we have those politicians
and if that is not enough to make you just
wanna listen to music vs. the news I just do not know what would.
Money/Religion/Smear Campaigns/Lies/Deceit
rather sounds like a soap opera
and yet it is the next leaders
of our country.
How bout,
pOLIticians out of womens vaginas?
I mean c’mon now…
This is 2012
and really,
do you really think we need a man in an office to tell us what we can or cannot do or choose for our lives?
And why are they preaching at us?
Stop preaching at me,
and while at it,
tell your people I am on the
so stop blowing up my phone.
I hear there is a fierce snow fall in
Colorado today
while here in Florida the sun is beautiful
the warmth and spring is on!
So now that I’ve shared my thoughts and musings,
I’ll leave you with a vision of beauty to fill your most remarkable brain!
Oh yes, I can tell I have to have a media black out for awhile.
Take best care friends,
don’t take any
“wooden nickels”
Walk in Beauty,
for speaking inquiries
I look forward to hearing from you.
“Oprah, I’m still waiting for YOU”! LOL

5 comments on “Thoughts and musings

  1. Whats with the Country Music awards? Those ugly people with white faces? Bono? Bring back Kid Rock. Where did all of those people come from? Taylor Swift again? What does she sing about? Her love life gone wrong. She is too young to even flit around with all of those people who are just using her fame and fortune. Bring back Loretta Lynn, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, and give me the oldies but goodies any time. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Hi Irene and Sandy. Keep it coming and Dr. SES keeping it real. Blessings

    • Not sure what the CMA was thinking about that show myself! thinkin they made a few big mistakes from Kucher seeming to make fun of the award he handed out, all the way to KISS representing country, maybe it’s time to get back to real country and to Nashville… but then again, I just dont understand what’s happening anymore… haha, what a concept, seems they missed the mark doesn’t it? thanks for being here!

  2. Hey, it is late but not quite my bedtime. Everyone is short and sweet today. Enough about Oprah, I am not a fan of hers. She needs to think about her people here in the good old USA. She is a brillant woman but not to smart when she hired Rosie and lost Wynonna. Good move Wynonna dont be the second best, be the first best. A time to think about the mud slinging, the gas prices and health care options. Soon here in Va. gas will be $4.00. I know it is higher in other states. We need employment here in our county and other places. Come on George Clooney you georgous hunk and come on down to Va. and help the many people who are losing their home and having to leave where they were born. I am just jumping from topics to topics. Guess it stormed too much for me today. Was getting my deck painted and the rains came. Oh well tomorrow is another day and hopefully a beautiful one. Wake up bloggers I miss you. Blessings to all and thank you Dr. SES for the updated pic. of the beautiful Olivia. Where is the duck tape? Get it soon. God Bless USA

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and Irene and all our friends here. Olivia just gets cuter with each picture I see. She has really grown up. I have to agree with a media black out time. Been so many things going on that can bring one down. Spring time is blooming all around. It is chilly today in SE Michigan in the 40s and raining but that is what helps the Spring time grow. Warming up again the next few days. I have one more day work and off for 7 days so looking forward to some R & R time. Wishing each of you and peaceful and happy day. /Sandy♥

  4. Yes, yup, uh-huh, yeah, I agree with all written and said in today's words by Dr. SES.Hard for me to voice an opinion with all this beauty & sun distracting me. Fell into Spring big time. Fever around, music in the air, smiles, aromas, flowers, Jackaranda trees popping !Peace out, media black-out. FIRM

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