While at the Embassy Suites in Arlington

I met these handsome fellas
The Embassy Suites!
Now the ones in the hats
just came over and started a chat with me
as I was having breakfast at my favorite place to stay when travelling,
when I asked if I could take their picture…
Big brother there
jumped from his place of sitting with the parents
and zoomed right in for the picture!
As I was sitting and enjoying my memories
of the Embassy Suites
and the morning breakfast
I couldn’t help but notice a family of 4
and those kids with their “fly” hats on
when the little one looked over at me
and flashed a smile.
He then left the table and wandered to the flowing water that was near my table and the fountain nearby, only to be joined by his brother, when next I knew they were beside my table engaged and talking away!
The littliest one propped his hands on the table and began talking like we were old friends!
They were both quite expressive and smiles that would fill the room as they told me
that they were on the way to
the Presidents house!
Both just filled with wonder and glee and quite thrilled of the beauty of the Embassy Suites, as they just talked and talked of its “biggness”
and its beauty.
They let me know that the Embassy Suites was bigger than their home
and that they were here to visit
and having a great time.
I looked at them with shock and said,
“are you kidding me? This place is really BIGGER THAN YOUR HOME? No way!!!”
They both said at the same time,
“yes it is way bigger than where we live in our house!!!”
They were so filled with life, with joy and a delight to share my breakfast with their conversations.
Needless to say,
I had quite the animated and lovely breakfast
as I enjoyed their enthusiasm.
I gave them each one of my business cards
asked that they say hello to
the President and everyone at the
White House for me.
And being the gentlemen that they were,
they assured me they would.
I also let them know I would be putting their pictures here, and to check in,
then they would get to see themselves
and oh they were very tickled about that as well!
As I was leaving I spoke briefly with the parents and one of the brothers tipped his hat to me,
showing a head filled of red hair
and telling me
“I have very red hair” like my Mom!
yep he sure did!
His Mom and Dad were lovely and I bet they have their hands full with such energy.
Mom let me know that her family had in fact had the services of HOSPICE…
now doesn’t that just make sense.
We visited a few minutes before I left them and went to check out.
The synergy did not surprise me
as I told her I was gladdened to know that hospice was there for her and her family.
What a great start to a beautiful day
I kept thinking.
I also kept remembering coming down that elevator, dressed as Bearly Bear
way back when,
all the children squealing their delight;
some with hair and many beautiful bald heads
as teddy bears were held
and many given
along with so many hugs and hope.
The stories still ring, the messages still given through stories of survival and hope,
in faith and in education
through the eyes and stories of children.
the true experts along the journey
in lives who see through lens that adults forget to use when confronted with illness, heartache, and challenges.
Buoyancy of children
and their ability to move through emotions with fluidity and somehow as we age we forget to tap into the wonder of our child that is still there. Perhaps we need to access that part of self, in order to open up to the wonder and the ability to see the healing properties of balance.
The joy of present and the magic that is still ours.
Imagine how much fun one can have splashing in the waters while finding buoyancy
and remembering that
YOU are your most precious resource
Slay your dragons,
Walk on the milky way,
have fun in the sun,
spit water at a dolphin and watch as it spits back,
sing in the shower and the grocery store,
watch the reaction
smile at everyone you see,
decrease your pain by telling it YOU are the controller of your life
laugh till your sides ache
tell people you are goin to the Presidents house
choose to be buoyant
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” Dr Seuss
Walk in Beauty,

3 comments on “While at the Embassy Suites in Arlington

  1. Beautiful young boys full of life and wonderment. I will be having a great 10yr. old for 2 days this week. Easter break. Looking forward to see ICarly(not) a 100 times with him telling me to move over in my own recliner. We are almost out growing 2 sitting in the chair. It is fun and fun with him snuggling up and saying I am cold cover me up. He is growing up too soon. Maybe I can get him to rent a movie I like from the red box. Doubt it. Getting my coat on today before the rain. ha. I remember the Embassy Suites days, grand memories of Bearly Bear and all of the beautiful kids who had the big bad word Cancer. Blessings to all and have a great week. Thanks for keeping it real Dr. SES

    • Oh beautiful lads indeed, and so many memories of Bearly Bear and those remarkable kids who had such a wonderful time forgetting their pain, their diagnosis, their treatments for a day of wonder and beauty all around them! It was a marvelous time of memories of those young ones telling of going to see “The Presidents House” while letting me know that the Embassy Suites was “wayyy bigger than the inside of their house” too funny it was!

  2. Oh, what a terrific story on today's blog ! Thanks for the picture and the wonderful re-cap of the children heading to the " President's House". I cannot stop smiling, thinking about Dr. SES, sitting at a table and those two cuties wandering over, as if testing the water, approaching so carefully. You tell a GREAT story, doc. I am proud and glad to know a BEAR & FLUFFY the clown.Keep me smiling, take care all, Love and chocolate kisses: IceScream !

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