Have a Razz-A-Ma-Tazz Kinda Day

These flowers were
“inside” one of the many walkways
of the Gaylord where the
National Hospice and Palliative Medicine Conference and Gala was held!
They just took my breath away,
and I had to stop and admire them, so here they are, for you to enjoy and stop for a moment and plant them in your mind if not in your very own garden!
So far my media black-out for the news seems to not be working so well,
as the news seeps into social media,
newsfeeds of twitter, Facebook,
and streams of radio, conversations and such.
All accompanied with opinions and thoughts leading me to want to read more, or hear a bit more in order to form my own thoughts,
each of course blowing my head up like a balloon at times.
Why is it that we don’t hear very much good news?
I believe we need more balance in the news, in order to feed our brain,
to give the neurotransmitters a break if you will.
The continued bad news and awful things that continue to flood our senses activate the brain in ways that drain our bodies at times!
I was reading Facebook yesterday,
and enjoyed the pictures that people post there, finding myself laughing enough to scare the 4 leggeds at times,
only to realize that for me it was comic relief from many of the negative postings I had been reading.
Some of them were not really that funny,
but they sure beat the negative and out right argumentative posts I had been reading on pages that were meant to be of support and goodness.
I couldn’t help but think of the news
and the flavor around the world these days.
Tragedies unfolding before our eyes,
shootings that just boggled the mind
and acts of meaness and acts of mother nature that leave one to wonder how/why
rambling in our heads.
Here in Florida we still wait for
Justice and for a man to be booked and arrested for killing a kid in a hoodie.
We’ve heard and watched facts and non-facts try to replace the acts of someone on a neighborhood “watch” act carelessly and willfully after pursuing an unarmed kid.
We also here in Florida just learned that a woman who killed triplets when her car lost control received 13 years as a result of it.
Many are shaking their heads,
many remembering Casey Anthony
and how that case went.
So much is happening in the world
and the world looks at the USA through different eyes now,
we as Americans need to stand together,
arm in arm
as opposed to standing on opposite sides of the street.
We have come to far for that,
to think CNN put out a t-shirt
(if that is true)
for sale saying 40 years no change
indicating that since Martin Luther King
and now Trayvon Martin
there has been no changes.
What a disgrace and disrespectful statement to a great leader of human/civil rights that is.
There have been tremendous strides, changes, and walks, through great struggles, many deaths, tremendous grief, over time,
and yes
we shall overcome.
What were they thinking?\
What would Martin, JFK think of this day,
these days we are in and the people who are now spewing such venom after their years of work, of walking together for peace, undersanding, and brother/sisterhood.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Haters cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”
Martin Luther King
So today,
I’m wishing you light, love, understanding,
I am hoping for you a
“razz-a-ma-tazz” kinda day
where good feelings flood your brain
and sunshine warms your body
and gentle winds kiss your skin.
I’m hoping you will find your strength and visualize yourself being like a WILLOW… strong enough to bend!
Plant your feet firmly
and then stand strong,
being flexible in your movements, in your actions,
STAND while noticing all the wonder that is yours and that is around you!
Walk In Beauty,

4 comments on “Have a Razz-A-Ma-Tazz Kinda Day

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry, I am on vacation from work starting today and so very happy to have 7 days for much needed R & R. I am not watching the TV except for fun shows – No News at all! I posted a couple Fluffee pictures for a colorful smiley day for you on your facebook page. Hope it brings a smile to you. Just for some good news. Our Clown alley meeting was last night and we learned a couple new balloon twists and enjoyed time together clowning around. We have clown education at every meeting, balloons, face painting, clown pocket tricks etc. I gave my new balloons to a little neighbor girl when I got home and she loved them and couldn't stop smiling. Sure makes the heart feel good. I am off to visit a local animal shelter with a friend who volunteers there. She has been wanting me to come and see the work in progress there. Just enjoying time, slept in this morning for much needed sleep deprivation. Had late breakfast for lunch. Loving being home with my furry best friends. Wishing you and all who stop by here a wonderful and colorful smiley day. Enjoy the Blessings for you. Take a day off from outside news and enjoy☺ /Sandy♥

  2. Hey there, Dr. SES and Dot/Mom/COBWhat a sad and tragic news of the young man passing. It's Thursday, great looking flowers in the post's picture.Breathe, STOMP, spring into life.I am immersed in Dancing with Starsand IDOL, shifts my focus from the media bad news/political, etc.Makes me smile, distracts from the negative and stupid. Raz-a-ma-taz'dand FIRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good Morning and thank you for the beautiful flowers. We have rain, rain here again today. Just when the last coat for now was being spread on the porch. Seems the rain man waits until they get ready to spread the coat and then it comes. We will back off right now for a later date. Sad news coming on the news last night of my friend Jon Fitzwater precious son 18 yrs. young and a senior killed, gone to soon on his way to work at 3:30pm. What a wonderful young man that was exploring the future. The news said it seemed weather related. I helped with the crew that cleaned the YMCA one year and he was one of the young men. It tugs heavily at my heart strings as my dear departed brother Doyle, gone to soon in a senseless car wreck when he was the same age. I guess it hurts more as his birthday approaches. Cameron Fitzwater and his family Jon needs all of our thoughts and prayers today and for the days to come. I am sure God took him in his arms and another Angel was taken from us. Thanks for the flowers and for the words of wisdom. Now hearts have to heal. Isnt it strange, I have our Kamryn last night and again tomorrow to help me with this tragic time. He said last night are you sad? I answered yes, a good son gone from his parents and they are very sad. Blessings to all.

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