REady for the Easter Bunny to HOP over?

bout time to shake your booty
I mean time to get a “shag on”
for the
Easter Bunny!
Well you know what I mean,
it’s almost time
that time of the year
for coloring the eggs,
eating lots of chocolate
time for remembering those cards
you’ve wanted to send,
well maybe it is a bit late to get those out in the mail.
It is that time of the year
when our Jewish friends are celebrating the holiday and festival of Passover.
And Easter
is right here upon us
spring is in the air.
Pagans, Christians alike
all colors and faiths
and many more will celebrate spring, will celebrate the newness and oldness of ritual
and will join in New Beginnings and time honored tradtions
over this week-end
around tables and fellowship
and grand conversations.
There are origins of Easter
and it doesn’t matter the faith
or your beliefs
to me
as much as that you are here,
that you will find your faith strong,
your HOPE in now
that will propel you in to the day,
and in goodness
in truth and honor with each step you make and choice you make
as you extend a hand to another.
There is something about coloring eggs and eating chocolate
and even hiding eggs that get folks excited isn’t there?
Probably not so much for the chicks though!
Spring is springing
and folks will be fighting traffic, and lines as they prepare to meet and be with those they love or like to join together in celebrations.
They will pay those high costs for airline tickets and at the pumps to travel to places and experience new and different moments to record in their memory books.
No matter the faith or the struggle,
many will have made plans to go and do as this holiday approaches.
Kids will be on the ever loved spring breaks
and the beaches and mountains will have joy ringing from coast to coast
as the Easter Bunny tries to find all with baskets full of special treats!
Wonder who will eat the ears first or go straight for the butt?
Maybe a wise dog or two will save a bunny that was stashed in a basket from harms way along the way!
With the beginning of any holiday
it seems is also a time of the old and new grief triggers
as people remember or bring forth those longings and missings of when a loved one was here, present and able to enjoy rituals and gatherings.
It is times of holidays when people find pain of grief strike hard at times,
grief is a life long process and at times like holidays it seems to sear us
as we reflect back in our memories to a kinder and more natural time.
The place at the table for example, or tasks or rituals that were so natural now different
become poignant; we must be mindful and remember to bring loved ones into the conversation during times like this.
Say their names!
It may be a great new tradition to light a candle during these holiday times of remembrance; share stories of times when; allowing others to do the same!
Embrace those moments; savor in the stories for they are the very things that allow the love to fill the pain of loss.
As you prepare for your weekend; take best care of you!
Put on some music
Laugh out loud
Be all that you can be
There is No One More You than YOU
If you are alone during this holiday time
I hope you will find memories to sustain you
faith to fill your days and nights.
I pray you will find courage to seek out another
along the path if that is what you desire.
I wish you enough.
Walk in Beauty

7 comments on “REady for the Easter Bunny to HOP over?

  1. Truly insightful. Continue to keep these discussions flowing.

  2. And it was indeed a GOOD FRIDAY! Hello to all. Great blog today doc. Got me thinkin about ears, and chocolate, and spring, and grief. Hard to believe when you are suffering a great loss, that you will ever feel any different than you do at that moment. I have learned how grief can settle more softly in your heart when you can indeed, say their name. Remember all the special moments that are treasures of the memory and heart. Time does play a role. To all who gather here, be well, treat yourself kindly.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry, Irene and all our friends here. Yes, Good Friday today and Easter is here. Wishing each of you the best of time to celebrate as you do. Be grateful for the memories of past Easter celebrations. Happy Springtime and I hope the sun is shining warm on you today. The sun is shining beautiful here in SE Michigan but is chilly 48° but my windows are open letting in the cool, fresh air. Sure enjoyed sleeping in again this morning. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your encouragement and uplifting words. I am so most grateful for you. Wishing each of you a very peaceful day and count the Blessings you have. /Sandy♥

  4. Leave your comment here…………………… okay y’all

    ” c-o-m-m-e-n-t ” left

  5. Sign in a Urologist's Office:"PEE all you can PEE", lol.Happy Friday to everyone reading.FULL Pink MOON tonite.Music on LOUD ova here, smiling up a storm, eating chocolate, chasing bunnies out from under my home, they are making MORE bunnies and I can hear them ! I have to see the pics of Fluffy the Clown on F B.Wishing everyone a calm and great weekend. Make it count and eat some FIRM EYESCREAM !

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