A MUST read and watch the video… Music lives within and touches all…. always remember to allow the music to be played for all… always, thank you danLrene for this wonderful blog and the music…. dance on friends

Simply danLrene

♫♫I have always believed that music was a gift of life.  My son would swear that I had music notes instead of blood cells in my blood.  I use music to deal with pain, to lift my spirits, to inspire me to move a little more than I think I can each day. ♫♫♫

♫♫Thanks to Ann, who sent me this link for this video shows the power of music on people. It is powerful. It evokes wonderful memories if it is music we grew up with or music that was special to us. I love music from the fifties and sixties because the songs really mean something to me. Someone else may love music from the twenties or thirties or the nineties. It is all in what music triggers in us. ♫♫♫

♫♫♫You saw on an earlier post what music did for the 90 year old grandmother. See what…

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  1. If I can see past the tears–to tell ya this was wonderful. Thanks for posting.

  2. Waaaaay back in college I chose Music Therapy as my chosen topic for a paper to write. The professor TOLD me not enough information in ‘that’ field. So, I PLEASED him with a topic he ‘might’ know, Parkinson’s Disease. He said “Yes, that is well researched, do your paper on that.” So I wrote what HE wanted, all because he was not educated in Music Therapy like Dr. Oliver Sacks or E. Thayer Gaston and many more with proven stats.

    Oh me, oh my, what ‘our’ teachers (at times) tend to think instead of allowing the student to soar with spirit and knowledge.

    Thank you Dr. Sherry for posting the excellent video. I kept smiling throughout the entire presentation with joy.

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