Seems everyone is getting the Spring Crud!

Monday Flowers
to brighten the day!
Wishing all a day of beauty and brightness
as I hear from family in Southwest Virginia
who all have the
“spring crud” and are feeling like they wish they had gotten the license number of the truck that ran over them!
Little Kamryn has been sick for a week, but still manages to shoot threes from the hilltop of Granny’s house to the net
yesterday before running up that hill to visit
Mom/COB who was so sick she couldn’t join for the Easter dinner!
Then he took a long nap and by nightfall the entire tribe is now down with whatever bug is coursing across the country
with that all over
“yuk factor”
of congestion, cough, sneeze and over all misery feeling.
From DC, VA, FL to CA
it seems the “spring crud” is everywhere
the last couple of weeks!
Folks are just not feeling well
and we’re hearing about it from family, friends,
on Facebook, tweets, and those who still write old fashioned letters!
I do believe that there is a “spring flu” hittin here
or maybe it is brought about by all the ugliness in the news and affecting the nervous systems of all the good folks?
It may be brought about by the stress of the last several months
by the quickness of warm weather,
by excitement or great things
Good stress/bad stress
all bring about the same reactions in the brain, some set us up for immune reactions in the body!
Seems kids run harder, do more these days,
as do adults for that matter.
We tend to go wide open then stop quickly as a result of not feeling well
and then bugs and illness find their way to us rather quickly, or sneak in while we are busy living our lives!
Then it seems that those
famous through commercials
“little green men” set up residence within us, and we sneeze or cough
there ya go!
We’ve got it; the “crud”
and feel just awful for awhile,
and being the kind and generous folks we are,
we then share it!
Kamryn called yesterday to wish me a
“Happy Easter” and sounded so bad with his “crud” and immediately told me,
“Dot is sick too and I gave it to her!”
I let him know that was very sweet of him to share!
After all he is not a selfish kid!!!
For those who are immune compromised
or for those who are
chronic pain sufferers
it seems that after times of great joy
they will suffer even more.
They often will report that times of great joy, great excitement,
when the adrenalin surges to get them through an event, or time of gladness allows them to exceed their own limits to do more, go further, be more than their normal ….
It is after the rush and after the event,
they crash hard, the pain intensifies
and then they are prime targets for the “crud/little green men” to come in with their recliners and set up for a bit.
It is during these times
we must treat ourselves with great care,
with gentleness,
and sometimes cocoon ourselves
even through the sneezes, the cough, the headache that can be relentless.
Knowing that this too shall pass,
remembering to be as gentle to self
as we would to a child
or to one we loved
if the role was reversed.
Some when not feeling well like to be left ALONE, and when I say left alone I do mean just that!
They don’t like to be checked on, coddled over or hovered over!
And if you take them flowers, you might want to be sure you know the kind they like or do not like!!!
Some get rather testy or grumpy when they don’t feel well, so it’s best to ask before entering!!!
Others, like to know you care,
and most importantly
it is ok
to know you cannot fix it, cure it
or understand it.
The Easter Bunny left something more
than giggles grins and chocolate bunnies
this year,
the spring crud
is spreading all around,
so take best care.
EAt dark chocolate, it’s good for the heart,
drink lots of fluids,
take your VITAMINS
wrap up while getting rid of
“those little green men”!
Do you think
Jeepers has a headache
maybe he is just resting after chasing those
“little green men” away from the house!
Oh I hope that is it!
Sending you healing rays from the sun today!
Enjoy the flowers
Walk in Beauty,

7 comments on “Seems everyone is getting the Spring Crud!

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  2. Yes here in Virginia, I gave in and went to the doctor. 3 prescriptions later I feel like I dont feel anything. It is one of those prescriptions you take 4 for 2 days and then take 2 for 4 days. I guess. I may have taken too many cause I do feel loopy. Guess what? I am not coughing, blowing out the green stuff and running to the bathroom. The arm is weird, seems like some infection has set it, she is not sure it is poison oak, poison ivy etc.. Predisone is working for it. It looks bloody on the inside skin and a trail of red down the middle. Little bubbles all over it. Now I know you all know what I mean. I sure dont. It is not itchy now. Taking pills is so confusing. I thought just give me a pill a day and it will go away. I am looking for a tablet so I can write down what I am doing. Windy and a little warm today. Good to see all is up and well in Fl. I think I want Jeepers life. Oh what a cute one. Have a wonderful day. Blessings to all. Gotta get back to my writing about pills. Thanks Dr. SES, good day to all.

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  4. Happy Monday Dr. Sherry and friends. So good to see Anonymous, Irene and EE here today. Feel better EE – I still hold you in my prayers. I am late today. Still have a few days of vacation. I had to get up early this morning and get to the shelter to gather up a few cats to take them to the vet for testing and Rabies vaccine. One will be adopted tonight so we wanted to get him ready and fixed up before he is off to his new home. Got them all back in their cages and get their breakfasts on and just got back home. I'll head back there in a few hours for adoptions this evening. I am sorry to hear about so many suffering from that "Creeping Crud". Sure hope you all feel much better really soon. Wishing each one here a Blessed and peaceful day and the Spring sun continues to shine on you. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

  5. Greetings on the wind friends. Sorry I have been absent so much. Between health issues and having out of town company visit, I have been overwhelmed and just plain too tired to do more than read. Doc, as always ..great words.Hope you are feeling ok today doc and that crud is starting to leave you.hugs on the windEE

  6. Well good Monday morning to all, especially those crud suffers.Get well SOON, stay positive and try to keep it to yourself.The sunshine here in Fla keeps us healthy, happy and wise. A new season has begun, the SNOW-birds are exiting by the flocks and the traffic patterns, lines in stores, banks, restaurants, etc. are remarkably shorter. The heat/humidity has yet to return, so we get to lavish ourselves in gorgeous weather, comfortable temps and no sweating. Ahhhh April. Let''s have some ICESCREAM

  7. Yup, the creeping crud is here too. I think the early warm weather and all the spring pollen has added to the mix. If fever and chills are present with a fever, much the worse. Get well everyone! The sooner the better. Spring has sprung everywhere. Something about El Nino or whatever that is all about. Best to all this day. Be kind to someone, somewhere. Be kind to you.

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