Remember when you word was …

Remember back when
words said what was meant,
were beautiful in the meaning,
strong enough to withstand
the seasons,
and even through the thorns one could rely on them for truth in understanding…
In honor from the person who stated them?
Words are powerful,
and there was a time we could take them to mean exactly as said.
They were said with honor, integrity and a place of trust from the one speaking.
Folks would shake hands on a deal
and it was sealed then,
with their “word” their honor had been extended in faith, trust by that word.
No lengthy contracts needed,
they had extended
something far more powerful…
they had their honor and integrity on the line.
I just had a conversation yesterday about that;
as we both delved into wondering what has happened to the authenticity of folks,
wondering how we have gone so far from the old days and times of “realness” in the world;
where people of like minds would gather with such kindness and realness and extend to one another for the greater good.
It seems we’ve gotten so far from that.
We now have to be subjected to those who stand and tell us how they plan to do things and help others once they gain power,
yet we know that ones that put down others only to advance themselves while putting money in their own pockets are not likely to have our very own interests at the top.
But still the talk is being talked and treaties are being broken, promises made.
It seems folks have forgotten the power of words, intentions, and the power of extending a hand to another.
Taking care of self first has been taken to a new level and one that is not pretty in situations like that!
Care of the caregiver doesn’t really apply in worlds like that does it?
Funny that in a world of contracts, litigious socieities and worlds that promise the moon but continually deliver manure when they feel that it appropriate,
there are still folks
who make arrangements to work together,
based on
and a genuine belief that working together with a desire to help each other exists out there.
Reach one, teach one still exists and for that I am glad.
We live in a fast paced and business world
where folks want and have to compete.
Yet, in a place of faith, good deeds, and competition
there seems to still be those who honor their work, their words on authentic dealings and relationships.
Yes, I know…
folks get burnt that way and get jaded.
Some get things suddenly yanked off the table, relationships end quickly, and they are left to wonder why and how, and feel betrayed along the way.
holding on to faith, and believing that there is still authentic people in the world
will help …
I do admit it is hard to find these days,
those who do not insist on lawyers, contracts, and agreements that cover this and that.
It is hard to find those that speak their truth with right way relations.
But I also remember a time
when your word was your truth, your honor
and stood rooted strongly in all that mattered.
For the power of ones’ honor determined the quality of their lives and their life’s work.
I still think that
Karma Bus would be fun to drive,
and do believe that the world is round!
But for today,
I am grateful that some still live their word
stand amazed that
the words of some
still fill my heart, my mind
Faith is strong
Believing is supreme
The Butterflies are surrounding my home
with all that
I wish you as many blessings that
I am feeling right here right now
video by
Prayers goin up to and for all this day
Walk in Beauty

8 comments on “Remember when you word was …

  1. I remember when your word was your Honor,My Father taught me that . I do my best to hold this to be true in my life. I make it a point not to promise something I do not believe I can deliver. And wish ,wish others would do the same instead of giving lip service, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could trust one another again especially in these the hardest of times. To know you don’t have to read between the lines with whomever you are dealing with , what a gental world it would be again if people would just say what they mean, mean what they say and not say it Mean. How much easier would we all have it today! Love you Sissy prayers on the wind for all who visit here .

  2. Just sayin, in professional worlds in personal worlds… used to be handshakes, used to be the words… now with phones, internets, and wireless connections…. still the words of others and committments made and honor…just sayin…Dr Sherry

  3. Day late in commenting. The Yanni piece / butterflies was very uplifting and calming. What sparked the blog yesterday? It sounded like an attack of sorts on people not of their word on a personal level. Or, were you just making a point of raising awareness? Wow, never know whatch gonna find on this page ! Luv you all, no matter what…..FIRM

  4. I couldn't say it any better if I tried. What is more important than our honor? Our word? What has happened to just being honest in our encounters? You do indeed keep it real doc.My best also to all who gather here.

  5. Hello Dr. Sherry, so good to always read your words. Thank you for telling it like it is. Yes, I remember a long time ago when someones word was what it was. Sure can't always trust that now. I hope all is well and our friends are having a good day. We are cold again here in SE Michigan and could not believe we have had snow flurries yesterday and this morning Brrrr, it is cold again. My last day off work. Back to work tomorrow. Oh well, it was nice being off a few days. Had to take my four legged furry friend cat to the vet this morning for a dental and a tooth pulled. He did well and picking him up shortly. Wishing all our friends a super pleasant day and the sun is shining on you today. /Sandy‚ô•

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