Keepin It Real With Dr. Sherry–Living With Chronic pain


5 comments on “Keepin It Real With Dr. Sherry–Living With Chronic pain

  1. helloooo.
    often, as I live with type 1 diabetes, chronic neuropathy pain and reoccurring shingles “phantom” pain , I feel as if am cheating my loved ones by not always being able to ” go at it ” full speed ahead. I try to keep my complaints to myself , and I refuse to use my pain as an excuse to be cranky or unkind. I realize that many others suffer much more than I and I am thankful and grateful to be alive… Thank you for the message, it has reminded me that my efforts may need to be pumped up somewhat… I am with you here… I am not my disease, and I refuse to let it HAVE me…
    Wishing the best of today to everyone !!
    sign me,

    • Please be gentle with yourself, treat you as well as you continually treat others dear one… and as hard as it is, learn to ask for what you need! Hope you find time to get to your office on the water!

  2. Dr. Sherry, what a great video and your message on chronic pain is so good. Thank you for always Keepin it Real. Your messages are always most enlightening and helpful. The video was interesting and more than hearing from you singely I loved watching you in double LOL. The colors were very pretty and looks like you have been out in the Florida sunshine. You are doing a tremendous job reaching out to those who need to hear you. Have a wonderful weekend and as always – thank you for all you do. /Sandy♥

  3. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    Exactly on the money Sherry. I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for making this video. 🙂 hugs friend

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